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Her and classical
Other prominent academics associated with the University include Geoffrey Bennington, the creator of the MA programme in Modern French Thought ( Derrida, Lyotard ); Homi K. Bhabha ( postcolonialism ); Rachel Bowlby ( feminism, Woolf, Freud ); Geoff Cloke FRS ( Inorganic Chemistry ); Jonathan Dollimore ( Renaissance literature, gender and queer studies ); Katy Gardner ( social anthropology ); Gabriel Josipovici ( Dante, the Bible ); Michael Land FRS ( Animal Vision-Frink Medal )); Michael Lappert FRS ( Inorganic Chemistry ); Alan Lehmann FRS ( Genetics and Genome Stability ); ( Laura Marcus ( Woolf ); John Murrell FRS ( Theoretical Chemistry ); Peter Nicholls ( Pound, modernism ); John Nixon FRS ( Inorganic Chemistry )); Laurence Pearl FRS ( Structural Biology ); Guy Richardson FRS ( Neuroscience ); Jacqueline Rose ( feminism, psychoanalysis ); Nicholas Royle ( modern literature and theory ; deconstruction ); Alan Sinfield ( Shakespeare, sexuality, queer theory ); Norman Vance ( Victorian, classical reception ); Richard Whatmore & Knud Haakonssen ( intellectual historians ); Gavin Ashenden ( Senior Lecturer in English, University Chaplain, and Chaplain to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ; Cedric Watts ( Conrad, Greene ); Marcus Wood ( postcolonialism ).
Her work often utilizes classical music, jazz and contemporary pop music.
Her pose is impossible: although she stands in a classical contrapposto stance, her weight is shifted too far over the left leg for the pose to be held.
Her classical educational background is clearly seen in her poetry, which captures her literary talent.
Central to fertility rites in classical Greece was ' Demeter, goddess of fertility ... Her rites celebrated the procession of the seasons, the mystery of the plants and the fruits in their annual cycle of coming to be and passing away '.
Her theory was based upon the morphological data of classical embryology, and has since been confirmed by molecular sequence analysis.
Her paternal grandfather was Arthur Charles Ziegler, a classical musician and the first violinist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Her version was nominated for a classical Grammy Award.
Her paternal grandfather Antonio Cansino was renowned as a Spanish classical dancer ; he popularized the bolero and his dancing school in Madrid was world famous.
Her musical training was strictly classical and theatrical.
Her mother is not named ; according to classical rabbinical literature, Serach's mother was named Hadurah, and was a descendant of Eber, but although Hadurah was a wife of Asher, it was her second marriage, and Serach's father was actually Hadurah's first husband, who had died.
In reviewing her performance for the Christian Science Monitor, David Sterritt said, " Her body sways like a reed in the emotional storms of her own scatter-brained creation, and her off-hand manner becomes still more off-handed when the most explosive matters are at stake ... Miss Loudon gives a comic characterization in the most classical tradition.
Her first album, Voice of an Angel, was a collection of arias, sacred songs, and traditional pieces that sold millions worldwide and made her the youngest artist with a No. 1 album on the British classical crossover charts.
Her preferred music was jazz, classical, opera and especially film scores.
Her classical training gave her an advantage over the many theremin performers who lacked this background.
Her grandfather Colin Wall was a classical pianist, her father Derek worked as a railway signalman and then as a schoolteacher at Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School, eventually going on to become a headmaster.
Her style of play is solid, but aggressive and well grounded in classical principles ; it was influenced by Eduard Gufeld, a top Soviet trainer, who was her coach early in her career.
Her skill as a translator consist of translating classical Japanese into modern Japanese, for example books such as the Man ' yōshū and the Taketori Monogatari.
Her training was based on the Cecchetti method of classical dance.
Ginette Neveu was born in Paris into a musical family: Her brother Jean-Paul Neveu became a classical pianist, and the composer and organist Charles-Marie Widor was their great-uncle.
Her drawings from that period mainly depict casts of classical sculptures drawn in pencil or ink ( two of these drawings survived and are kept on display at the Croatian School Museum at Marshal Tito Square in Zagreb ).
Her father was a newspaper publisher who composed music on the side, and her mother was a classical pianist.
Her parents provided a wide range of musical experience, " At home, we always had different styles of music playing ... y mom used to play classical music, traditional Turkish and pop music, but she was also into jazz and soul.
Her classical good looks won her a role as the Bond girl Melina Havelock in the 1981 movie For Your Eyes Only, but she also acted in a number of mainstream European films throughout the 1980s and continues to do so in France.

Her and education
Her education in the United States, not just in a classroom, but also in an American house with an American housekeeper, stands her in good stead.
Her education included how to spin and weave and she was forbidden to say or do anything, either in public or private.
Her admirer, Mark Twain, had introduced her to Standard Oil magnate Henry Huttleston Rogers, who, with his wife Abbie, paid for her education.
Her elder sister Agnes married King Philip II of France ( annulled in 1200 ) and her sister Gertrude ( killed in 1213 ) King Andrew II of Hungary, while the youngest Matilda ( Mechtild ) became abbess at the Benedictine Abbey of Kitzingen in Franconia, where Hedwig also received her education.
Her ideas regarding education were largely influenced by Francisco Ferrer.
Her major initiatives included education and women's health.
Her family moved frequently, so her early education alternated between home-schooling and traditional schools.
" Her campaign focused on drug education and informing the youth of the danger of drug abuse.
Her aristocratic father made sure that Anguissola and her sisters received a well-rounded education that included the fine arts.
Her education was extremely limited.
Her education was mainly supervised by her mother, who in the words of Randolph Churchill " never aimed at bringing her daughters up to be more than nicely behaved young ladies ".
Her academic education was limited to arithmetic, her family genealogy, grammar, history, reading, spelling, and writing.
Her father, a rabbi, opposed the Zionist movement and sent Rosa to a Christian high school for girls in Homel, which gave her a broad general education.
Her temperament was more suited to personally directing the education of her children.
Her mother took care of her education and may have arranged for her to have lessons with the scholar Antoine de la Sale, who taught her brothers.
Her education was overseen by Jesuits.
Her father Oscar-Raymond Bonheur was a landscape and portrait painter and an early adherent of Saint-Simonianism, a Christian-socialist sect that promoted the education of women alongside men.
Her education included a bachelor's degree in economics and political science and culminated in a law degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
Her establishment of Mount Holyoke Female Seminary was part of a larger movement to create institutions of higher education for young women during the early half of the 19th century.
Her mother believed in education and supported Larsen in attending Fisk University, in Nashville, Tennessee, a historically black university.
Her adult night school was a forerunner of the continuing education classes offered by many universities today.
Her maternal grandmother sent Zita and her sister Franziska to a convent on the Isle of Wight to complete her education.
Her further education continued at St Hugh's College, Oxford from which she graduated as BA with a third-class degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
Her education was spotty, consisting of a short stint at a " dame school ", some home schooling under the " capable, slightly impatient, somewhat sporadic " instruction of Albion Bradbury ( her stepfather ), a brief spell at the district school, a year as a boarder at the Gorham Female Seminary, a winter term at Morison Academy in Baltimore, Maryland, and a few months ' stay at Abbot Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, where she graduated with the class of 1873.

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