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Her and correspondence
Her letters, consisting of her correspondence with the writer Guy de Maupassant, were published in 1891.
Her secret correspondence with her brother Philip IV of Spain passed beyond the requirements of sisterly affection.
Her long correspondence with the latter forms the subject of one of her short stories, " The Letter Writers " ( published in The Blush, 1951 ), but the letters were unfortunately destroyed, in line with her general policy of keeping her private life private.
Her son ’ s correspondence with Tushratta, the king of Mitanni, speaks highly of the political influence which Tiye wielded at court.
Her campaign began in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1982, through a correspondence she maintained with two convicted murderers.
Her images characteristically draw from the Australian flora and fauna, yet contain a mythic substrata that probes at the poetic process, limitations of language, and the correspondence between inner existence and objective reality.
Her influence on Gambetta was absorbing, both as lover and as politician, and the correspondence which has been published shows how much he depended upon her.
Her correspondence with both Catherine the Great of Russia and King Stanislaw August of Poland, as well as several other dignitaries and heads of state often centered around the commission of several paintings that were often hung in her salon.
Her diaries and correspondence are an important source of information about Samuel Johnson and 18th-century life.
Her works, with those of Marie-Madeleine de La Fayette, were edited by Etienne and Jay ( Paris, 1825 ); her novels were reprinted, with introductory matter by Lescure, in 1885 ; and her correspondence in the Lettres de Mmes.
Her archive of historical, literary, art, tape, and extensive correspondence materials ( including many prominent literary correspondents, such as: William S. Burroughs, Robert Creeley, Diane Di Prima, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, and Ken Kesey ) resides at the University of Michigan's Special Collections Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Her correspondence, which contained encoded material addressing significant naval vessel movement in Pearl Harbor, was analyzed and solved by Mrs. Friedman.
Her affection was not returned, but she entered on a correspondence with him in which she plays the part of director.
Her mental and emotional instability is revealed through her paranoia, her correspondence with the " invisible doctors ", and her irrational behavior towards Aureliano, whom she tries to isolate from the whole world.
Her correspondence with her longtime secret confidante, the American dancer Loie Fuller, revealed " the distaste, which grew to revulsion " that Marie felt for her husband.
Her vast correspondence provides a detailed account of the personalities and activities at the court of her brother-in-law, Louis XIV.
After considerable correspondence the details of the new constitution were settled, and a bill, approved by Her Majesty's Government, finally passed the local legislature in 1889.
Her work — the numerous stories for books and periodicals, with her drawings and woodcut illustrations ; the correspondence from western outposts ; her novels and nonfiction — gained her notice as a skilled observer of the frontier and an accomplished writer.
Her landlord, John McCarthy, claimed that Kelly received infrequent correspondence from Ireland.
Her correspondence with John Cairns provides a framework for understanding her life and work and is shortly to be published by Ki Publishing as CORRESPONDENCE.
Her long correspondence with Bishop Chrysanthos, Metropolitan of Trebizond, provided the material for her 1925 book, The Life of Christ.
Her correspondence is short but touching, considerate, patient and respectful towards all.
Her correspondence and some literary papers are held at Trinity College, Cambridge.
Her husband, Karl August, edited and published her correspondence in the twenty years following her death.
Her correspondence with David Veit and with Karl August was published in Leipzig, in 1861 and 1874 – 1875 respectively.

Her and with
Her form was silhouetted and with the strong light I could see the outlines of her body, a body that an artist or anyone else would have admired.
Her face was pale but set and her dark eyes smoldered with blame for Ben.
Her miraculous progress in material achievements flows from other qualities far more worthy and substantial: adherence to principles and methods consonant with our religious philosophy ; ;
Her quarters were on the right as you walked into the building, and her small front room was clogged with heavy furniture -- a big, round, oak dining table and chairs, a buffet, with a row of unclaimed letters inserted between the mirror and its frame.
Her mother wrote Kate of her grief at the death of Kate's baby and at Jonathan's decision to go with the South `` And, dear Kate '', she wrote, `` poor Dr. Breckenridge's son Robert is now organizing a militia company to go South, to his good father's sorrow.
Her voice shook with feeling, and he thought it lovely.
Her father, James Upton, was the Upton mentioned by Hawthorne in the famous introduction to the Scarlet Letter as one of those who came into the old custom house to do business with him as the surveyor of the port.
Her education in the United States, not just in a classroom, but also in an American house with an American housekeeper, stands her in good stead.
Her eyes were bright with anticipation.
Her fiance, who is with a publishing firm, translates many books from English into Italian.
Her husband, who was sentenced to 15 years in the federal prison at McNeil Island last April for robbery of the Hillsdale branch of Multnomah Bank, also was charged with the store holdup.
Her acting began with the Birmingham Repertory Company and she soon became the toast of the West End.
Her words remained with him, worrying him for hours.
Her little brown face wrinkled up, her brown eyes gleamed, and with her little gestures she said all the courteous things.
Her face turned pink with pleasure and a smothered cough.
Her first class wasn't until ten, but she always got up to have breakfast with me.
Her little speech was totally out of character with the sort of person I thought she was.
Her friends and professional associates would sympathize with her, not because she had lost a beloved husband, but because she had been married to a man who thought unrealistically.
Her whole body is made of highly advanced synthetic jelly silicon and with 60 artificial joints in her face, neck, and lower body ; she is able to demonstrate realistic facial expressions and sing while simultaneously dancing.
Her unhappiness with her marriage caused Aphrodite to seek out companionship from others, most frequently Ares, but also Adonis.
According to Ben Pimlott, biographer of Queen Elizabeth II, the Aga Khan presented Her Majesty with a filly called Astrakhan, who won at Hurst Park Racecourse in 1950.
Her mother and her siblings had travelled with Agrippa.
Her practice of accompanying Germanicus on campaigns was considered inappropriate, and her tendency to take command in these situations was viewed with suspicion as subversively masculine.
Her friend, Acerronia Polla, was attacked by oarsmen while still in the water, and was either bludgeoned to death or drowned, since she was exclaiming that she was Agrippina, with the intention of being saved, unfortunately she did not know that this was an attempt of Agrippina's life, not a mere accident.

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