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Her and film
Her stories have been retold in song, film, ballet and animation.
Her private discussions with Prime Minister Tony Blair were dramatised in Stephen Frears ' film The Queen ( 2006 ).
Her final feature, the comedy film With Six You Get Eggroll, was released in 1968.
Her deadite serves as the main antagonist of the film.
Her film credits also include a featured role in Marked For Death opposite Steven Seagal, Pass The Ammo with Tim Curry, and the CBS feature 83 Hours Till Dawn with Peter Strauss and Robert Urich.
Her film career began in earnest in 1937 when she appeared in the films Oh Doctor and Stage Door.
Her first film under RKO was The Most Dangerous Game ( 1932 ), co-starring Joel McCrea and shot at night on the same jungle sets that were being used for King Kong during the day, with the leads from both films, Wray and Robert Armstrong, appearing in both movies.
Her final public appearance was at an after-party at the Sardi's restaurant in New York City, following the premiere of the documentary film Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There.
Her character is usually renamed in film adaptations because of difficulties with pronunciation.
* Richard Dysart in both the television film Marilyn & Bobby: Her Final Affair ( 1993 ) and in the 1995 film Panther.
Her parents were the film producer Wilbur Stark ( 1912 – 1995 ) and New York television host Kathi Norris ( 1919 – 2005 ).
Her best known and most controversial performance was the lead role in the erotic film Emily
Her later film assignments included Father Goose ( 1964 ), with Cary Grant ; Ken Russell's Valentino ( 1977 ), in the role of silent-screen legend Alla Nazimova ; and Louis Malle's Damage ( 1992 ).
Her most famous film was Triumph of the Will, a documentary film made at the 1934 Nuremberg congress of the National Socialist, or Nazi, Party.
Her next film, The Taming of The Shrew, made with husband Douglas Fairbanks, was a disaster at the box office.
Her film credits also include Robert Altman's Kansas City ( 1996 ), Robert Duvall's The Apostle ( 1997 ) and Richard E. Grant's Wah-Wah ( 2005 ).
Her three act play, " The Whipping " was optioned by Paramount Studios, but never made into a film.
Her performance was well received by critics, with BBC film critic Brandon Graydon saying that Cruz " is an enchanting screen presence ," and Ethan Alter of the Film Journal International noting that Cruz and her co-star Cruise were " able to generate some actual chemistry.
" Her next film was Blow, adapted from Bruce Porter's 1993 book Blow: How a Small Town Boy Made $ 100 million with the Medellin Cocaine Cartel and Lost It All.
" Her final 2005 film was Don't Move playing Italia.
Her family pointed out that, although she had been omitted, R & B singer / actress Aaliyah, who died a few months earlier, was included though having been in only one moderately successful film, Romeo Must Die ( Queen of the Damned had yet to be released ).
As of August 2012, Jonze's next project is Her, a science fiction romance film starring Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Samantha Morton, Olivia Wilde, and Rooney Mara.
Her final screen appearance was in the 1991 film The Shepherd and the Women, directed by her ex-husband Ali Badrakhan.

Her and roles
Her contributions are mainly on the roles of antibodies directed against ion channel at the nerve-muscle junction in the pathogenesis of above mentioned diseases.
Her movie career included a bit part in It Happened One Night ( 1934 ) and roles in Outlaw Women ( 1952 ), Glen or Glenda ( 1953 ), Body Beautiful ( 1953 ), The Blue Gardenia ( 1953 ), Count the Hours ( 1953 ), Mesa of Lost Women ( 1953 ), College Capers ( 1954 ), Jail Bait ( 1954 ), The Raid ( 1954 ), This Is My Love ( 1954 ), The Opposite Sex ( 1956 ), The Ironbound Vampire ( 1997 ), and Dimensions in Fear ( 1998 ).
Her almost 60-year career crossed most media frontiers with both supporting and leading roles, but she may be best-remembered for playing the sardonic but engaging title character, a high school teacher, on Our Miss Brooks, and as the Rydell High School principal in the films Grease and Grease 2.
Her Stage Door portrayal of a fast-talking, witty supporting character, gained Arden considerable notice and was to be a template for many of Arden's future roles.
Her many memorable screen roles include a supporting role as Joan Crawford's wise-cracking friend in Mildred Pierce ( 1945 ) for which she received an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress, and James Stewart's wistful secretary in Otto Preminger's then-explicit murder mystery, Anatomy of a Murder ( 1959 ).
Her debut at Teatro alla Scala took place in 1842 as " Neocle " in the Italian version of Le siège de Corinthe, which was followed by roles in operas by Marliani, Donizetti ( as " Maffio Orsini "), Salvi and Pacini.
Her subsequent roles in the 1990s and 2000s included Open Your Eyes ( 1997 ), The Hi-Lo Country ( 1999 ), The Girl of Your Dreams ( 2000 ) and Woman on Top ( 2000 ).
Her other television roles include recurring appearances as Marelene on Dharma & Greg, and Penny in two episodes of Dead Like Me.
Her one scene role as pregnant checkout girl Nancy in 1991's City Slickers earned her " more attention than all previous roles combined ," and taught her that " that it's far better to have small parts in big movies that everyone sees.
Her other roles include parts in Barry Levinson's Toys and James L. Brooks ' As Good as It Gets.
Her best known film roles were " Susanne Wallner " in Wolfgang Staudte's film Die Mörder sind unter uns ( The Murderers Are Among Us ), the first film released after the Second World War in East Germany and produced by DEFA ); and in 1950, " Marina " in Die Sünderin ( The Sinner ), in which she performed a brief nude scene, the first in German film history, causing a scandal.
Her other notable film roles include Sara in Runaway Train in 1985, Helen McCaffrey in the thriller Backdraft in 1991, her portrayal of the chillingly twisted nanny Peyton Flanders in the popular 1992 thriller The Hand That Rocks the Cradle and as Wendy Torrance in Stephen King's 1997 television adaptation of The Shining.
Her best known roles include starring as Jacy in The Last Picture Show, as Betsy in Taxi Driver, as Madeleine Spencer in Psych, as Maddie Hayes in Moonlighting, as Cybill Sheridan in Cybill, and as Phyllis Kroll in The L Word.
Her friend Miriam Cooper helped Lombard land small roles in her husband Raoul Walsh's films.
Hawn is known for her roles in Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, Private Benjamin, Foul Play, Shampoo, Overboard, Bird on a Wire, Death Becomes Her, The First Wives Club, and Cactus Flower, for which she won the 1969 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.
With increasing interest in the war in Europe, the film performed well at the box office, but Shearer made errors in judgment, passing up roles in the highly successful films Now, Voyager and Mrs. Miniver, in order to star in We Were Dancing and Her Cardboard Lover ( 1942 ), which both failed at the box office.
Although Caine also took better roles, including a BAFTA-winning turn in Educating Rita ( 1983 ), and an Oscar-winning one in Hannah and Her Sisters ( 1986 ) and a Golden Globe-nominated one in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ( 1988 ), he continued to appear in notorious duds like the thinly veiled skin flick Blame It on Rio, the Dick Clement and Ian Le Frenais comedy Water and the critical-commercial flop Jaws: The Revenge ( 1987 ) ( in which he had mixed feelings about the production and the final cut ) and Bullseye!
Garbo had successfully made the transition to talkies and after three less profitable films, Romance ( 1930 ), Inspiration ( 1931 ), and Susan Lenox ( Her Fall and Rise ) ( 1931 ), she performed two of her most famous roles.
Her final years were marred by a long period of ill health, but she continued acting until shortly before her death from breast cancer, with more than 100 films, television and theater roles to her credit.
Her image was considered with more care ; although she continued to play character roles, she was often filmed in close-ups that emphasized her distinctive eyes.
Her film choices were often unconventional ; she sought roles as manipulators and killers in an era when actresses usually preferred to play sympathetic characters, and she excelled in them.
* Her notoriety intersected with the criminal obsessions and camp sensibilities of filmmaker John Waters, who has used Hearst in numerous small roles in films including Cry-Baby, Serial Mom, Pecker, Cecil B. DeMented, and A Dirty Shame.
Her other film roles included the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland ( 1972 ), Livia in the abortively-attempted I, Claudius ( 1937 ), Miss Milchrest in Murder at the Gallop ( 1963 ).
Rossellini is noted for her 14-year tenure as a Lancôme model, and for her roles in films such as Blue Velvet and Death Becomes Her.
Some other notable film roles include her work in Cousins, Death Becomes Her, Immortal Beloved, and Fearless.

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