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Her and first
Her temper sparked like charcoal when it first lights up.
Her first day at work she was puzzled by an entry in the doctor's notes on an emergency case.
Her first class wasn't until ten, but she always got up to have breakfast with me.
Her first actual flight, for she and her kind had made mock flights on dummy panels since she was eight, showed her complete mastery of the techniques of her profession.
Her first appearance was in a short story published in The Sketch magazine in 1926, " The Tuesday Night Club ", which later became the first chapter of The Thirteen Problems ( 1932 ).
Her first appearance in a full-length novel was in The Murder at the Vicarage in 1930.
Her mother ’ s marriage to Agrippa was her second marriage, as Julia the Elder was widowed from her first marriage, to her paternal cousin Marcus Claudius Marcellus and they had no children.
Her reputed last words, uttered as the assassin was about to strike, were " Smite my womb ", the implication here being she wished to be destroyed first in that part of her body that had given birth to so " abominable a son.
Her second and last novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, which is considered to be one of the first sustained feminist novels, appeared in 1848.
Her first marriage, at the age of fifteen, was to the son of her father's rival in Italy, Lothair II, the nominal King of Italy ; the union was part of a political settlement designed to conclude a peace between her father and Hugh of Provence, the father of Lothair.
Her goal was to become the first Christian singer-songwriter who was also successful as a contemporary pop singer.
Her father's grandfather had fled France during the Revolution, going first to Saint-Domingue, then New Orleans, and finally to Cuba where he helped build that country's first railway.
Her first published work was a critical evaluation of D. H. Lawrence called D. H. Lawrence: An Unprofessional Study, which she wrote in sixteen days.
Her work was selected for exhibition in six subsequent Salons until, in 1874, she joined the " rejected " Impressionists in the first of their own exhibitions, which included Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Alfred Sisley.
Her first school was located in a 17th-century house.
Her first act surprises Odrade greatly.
Her mother, Kay Calista, reversed her own first and middle names in naming her Calista Kay.
Her report, Work Accidents and the Law ( 1910 ), became a classic and resulted in the first workers ' compensation law, which she drafted while serving on a New York state commission.
Her first stories appeared in pulp magazines in the 1930s, including two significant series in Weird Tales.
Her first name, Drew, was the maiden name of her paternal great-grandmother, Georgie Drew Barrymore ; her middle name, Blyth, was the original surname of the dynasty founded by her great-grandfather, Maurice Barrymore.
Her recording of " Sentimental Journey " was the first song placed in the Grammy Hall of Fame.
Her first country single, " Dumb Blonde " ( one of the few songs during this era, that she recorded but did not write ), reached number twenty-four on the country music charts in 1967, followed the same year with Something Fishy, which went to number seventeen.

Her and entirely
Her 1998 country-rock album Hungry Again was made up entirely of her own compositions.
Her birth name ( maiden name ) may be reflected in her children's middle names ; her own middle name ; or dropped entirely.
Her 1986 album, The Power of Gloria Gaynor, was almost entirely composed of cover versions of other songs that were popular at the time.
Her nudity is not addressed throughout the rest of the play, so it cannot be determined whether she retrieved her robe and covered herself or discarded her clothing entirely to appear fully nude when presenting herself before Paris.
Her motive for wanting an annulment, to be free to marry her true love, is entirely fictional, as Anne of Cleves never remarried, and converted, later in life, to Roman Catholicism.
Her album Medúlla is composed entirely of processed and acoustic vocal music, including beatboxing, choral arrangements and throat singing.
:" I may observe that the communications which had previously been received from you had not entirely prepared them " ( Her Majesty's Government ) " for the course which you have deemed it necessary to take.
During her first performance since the Uh Huh Her tour, at the Hay Festival of Literature & Arts on 26 May 2006, Harvey revealed that her next studio album would be almost entirely piano-based and in October, released The Peel Sessions 1991 2004 ; a compilation of songs recorded from 1991 to 2000 during her radio sessions with John Peel.
Her lead vocals on songs like " Letter from an Occupant " are straightforward, full-volume power-pop performances, entirely shedding any country elements.
Her 2000 release I Hope You Dance, however, was an entirely different sound, using pop music elements instead of traditional country, helping to establish Womack as a pop crossover artist.
Her handmaid status is regarded by some biblical scholars as indicating that the authors saw the tribe of Asher as being not of entirely Israelite origin ; scholars believe that Asher consisted of certain clans affiliated with portions of the Israelite tribal confederation, but which were never incorporated into the body politic.
Her handmaid status is regarded by some biblical scholars as indicating that the authors saw the tribe of Naphtali as being not of entirely Israelite origin ; this may have been the result of a typographic error, as the names of Naphtali and Issachar appear to have changed places elsewhere in the text, and the birth narrative of Naphtali and Issachar is regarded by some textual critics as having been spliced together from its sources in a manner which has highly corrupted the narrative.
Her daughter-in-law Priscilla Cooper Tyler remembered her as being " the most entirely unselfish person you can imagine ... Notwithstanding her very delicate health, mother attends to and regulates all the household affairs and all so quietly that you can't tell when she does it.
Her first series of large-scale, sometimes more than 30 ft-long canvas paintings, Infinity Nets, were entirely covered in a sequence of nets and dots that alluded to hallucinatory visions.
Furthermore, " Her direct work on behalf of the government consisted, she claimed, entirely of volunteer welding, making hearing aids, and emergency medical care.
" Her friend Constance Coolidge described Bert as " untamed " and " entirely ruled by impulse.
Her marriage endured to the end of her life, but was not entirely tranquil.
Her poems and hymns were composed entirely in her mind and she worked on as many as twelve hymns at once before dictating them to an amenuensus.
Her next album, released on May 30, 2011, was entirely made up of covers of songs that were important to her when younger.
Her responses are never less than opaque, though, and when she finally does complete the marriage ceremony in Knife of Dreams, just before her return to Ebou Dar to reassert control over the Seanchan, it is entirely for political reasons, though Tuon expresses interest in the idea of affection growing between them.
Her role in this conclusion is not made entirely clear in the TV series, but is one of the principal plot points of The End of Evangelion.
Her initial work was done entirely electronically, and attracted a goth / electropop / electro-industrial following.
Her plays have a feminist undertone in them and she has even written plays ( like More Light which has only one male speaking role ) with almost entirely female casts.
Her first programme for television, Dance Ballerina, Dance, was screened at Christmas 1999 as part of BBC 2's Dance Night, an evening devoted entirely to dance which she co-presented along with the comedian Alexei Sayle.

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