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Her and husband
Her husband recently was appointed vice president of the university, bringing them back here from the east.
Her husband, who is the son of Alton John Mason of Shreveport, La., and the late Mrs. Henry Cater Parmer, was president of Alpha Tau Omega and a member of Delta Sigma Pi at Lamar Tech, and did graduate work at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, on a Rotary Fellowship.
Her husband was lying on the kitchen floor, police said.
Her husband, who was sentenced to 15 years in the federal prison at McNeil Island last April for robbery of the Hillsdale branch of Multnomah Bank, also was charged with the store holdup.
Her days as an art student at the University of Budapest came to a sudden end during the Hungarian uprisings in 1957 and she and her husband Stephen fled to Vienna.
Her friends and professional associates would sympathize with her, not because she had lost a beloved husband, but because she had been married to a man who thought unrealistically.
Her husband, then Ivo Bligh, took a team to Australia in the following year.
Her second husband, Pere Milà, was a developer who was criticized for his flamboyant lifestyle and ridiculed by the contemporary residents of Barcelona, when they joked about his love of money and opulence, wondering if he was not rather more interested in " the widow ’ s guardiola " ( piggy bank ), than in " Guardiola ’ s widow ".
Her husband died, apparently in the early years of her marriage, leaving her with two children, Athalaric and Matasuntha ( c. 517 – after 550 ), wife c. 550 of Germanus.
Her husband Casimir is known for his romantic affairs: after Aldona's death he married three more times.
Her husband Guiler is not mentioned anywhere in the published edition of the 1930s parts of her diary ( Vol.
Her husband Torvald comes out of his study to banter with her.
Her husband left her no money, so she has tried different kinds of work, and now hopes to find some work that is not too strenuous.
Her husband Bernard d ' Ormale is a former adviser of the Front National, the main nationalist party in France.
Her husband, Prasutagus, was the king of Iceni, people who inhabited roughly what is now Norfolk.
Her husband was succeeded by their son, Richard I, who immediately released his mother.
Her husband ran the business end of the company and she managed the artistic side, often starring in the productions.
Her husband cited " illicit conduct " during the divorce proceedings.
Her husband would ultimately join her in Bologna.
Her husband, Geoffroy V of Anjou, conquered Normandy but did not cross the channel to help his wife, satisfied with Normandy and Anjou.
Her actions promoted the reign of her husband: Upon the death of the Polish High Duke Władysław III Spindleshanks in 1231, Henry also became Duke of Greater Poland and the next year prevailed as High Duke at Kraków.
Her husband, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan I, will spend the next 17 years building her mausoleum, the Taj Mahal.
Her husband, President Juan Peron, had delegated responsibility due to weak health and died two days later.
Her second memoir, Nothing Was the Same, examines her relationship with her second husband, the psychiatrist Richard Jed Wyatt, who was Chief of the Neuropsychiatry Branch
Her husband described the family as interested in progressive social causes.

Her and refused
Her father Thomas refused marriage because of Stephenson's lowly status as a miner.
Her cynicism grew when one of the two pictures she submitted in 1875 was refused by the jury, only to be accepted the following year after she darkened the background.
Her character was originally written as a sarcastic and sharp-tongued temptress, but Louise argued that this was too extreme and refused to play it as written.
In 1960, they refused to release " Tell Laura I Love Her " by Ray Peterson and even destroyed thousands of copies of the single.
Her open defiance of the occupation forces made her grandfather, King Gustav of Sweden, worry about the risks, and in 1941, he sent a demand to her to be more discreet " for the sake of the dynasty " and its safety, but she reacted with anger and refused to obey, and she had the support of her spouse, who shared her views.
Her mother, a devout Christian Scientist, refused to take her to a doctor.
Her parents, James Sullivan and Edith Lanchester, were considered Bohemian, and refused to legalise their union in any conventional way to satisfy the era's conservative society.
Her husband reportedly died believing she was five years younger than he ( as she had told him ), and refused to believe anything to the contrary, although several magazine profiles on the stars reported her true age.
Her request was refused.
Her husband wanted her to wait until he could travel with her, but she refused.
Her insurance company refused to pay for her damages, notably the concussion that caused memory loss and loss of concentration, which prevented her from writing songs.
Her second album was to be named " The First Of The New Red Hot Mamas " but she refused to do so as long as Tucker was alive.
Her novels and stories, which by 1940 were considered merely fashionable, flimsy stuff with no lasting significance, can now be seen as the illumination of a class of people who were made irrelevant by the First World War but who refused to accept their irrelevance.
Her legal successor was her half-sister Isabella, who was forced to end her marriage to Humphrey of Toron and instead to marry Conrad, but Guy refused to relinquish his crown until an election in 1192.
Her new family did not approve of her piety and devotion when she refused to worship their family deity-Tulaja Bhawani ( Durga ).
Her court was the center of the Gylleborg party, which opposed Arvid Horn, who had opposed her position as mistress, but she herself favoured Horn, as she had been opposed to her position herself, and refused to be influenced to be anything but neutral during the 1739 election.
Her own sentiments towards him were less intense, and she refused to marry him.
Her son William refused to pay her alimony so she then battled for the power in Holland and Hainaut for some years with her son.
Her crew, however, refused to weigh the anchor until they were paid their advance ; and as this could not be done in time, the Monarch was still in Portsmouth harbour when the signal for the court-martial was made ; so that, sorely against the wishes of the admiralty, Duncan sat on this court-martial also.
Her husband said that she refused to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in case she was recognised.
Her marriage was arranged as a part of the traditional Swedish policy of alliance with Holstein-Gottorp against Denmark ; her brother had earlier been expected to marry Frederick's sister, but he refused.
Her appearances collected mixed reviews: her dancing ( in particular the Merry Widow Waltz ) was well received, but Murray refused to acknowledge her age, wearing heavy layers of makeup and fitting her mature figure into short skirted costumes with plunging necklines.
Her husband had arranged the marriage himself because she was the sister of the Russian Empress, which made a form of alliance with Russia even after he refused to marry the Russian Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna, but mostly because he wanted a beautiful consort ; in 1795, he refused a marriage with a Princess of Mecklenburg, Duchess Louise Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, because he had heard that she was not beautiful.
Her father positively refused citing Táhirih would never leave her home.

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