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Her and lectures
Her sister Millicent recalled Elizabeth ’ s weekly lectures, “ Talks on Things in General ”, when her younger siblings would gather her while she discussed politics and current affairs from Garibaldi to Macauley ’ s History of England.
Her seminal book The Psycho-Analysis of Children, based on lectures given to the British Psychoanalytic Society in the 1920s, was published in 1932.
" Her lectures were seen as anti-clerical since nearly all of the Congregationalist churches in the North continued to refuse to take a stand on the question of slavery.
Her tireless efforts for women's suffrage and prohibition included a fifty-day speaking tour in 1874, an average of 30, 000 miles of travel a year, and an average of four hundred lectures a year for a ten year period, mostly with her longtime companion Anna Adams Gordon.
Her lectures on the theme Fear and Public Policy have since been published as a book titled Fear and Politics ( listed in Publications section, below ).
Her lectures were met with controversy.
Her boyfriend Bill Martin ( Peter Brown ) has been invited to dinner but while Jerry lectures Bill on football plays, Bill only has eyes for Helen.
Her first mathematics course was taught by Andrzej Mostowski ; later she attended topology lectures of Karol Borsuk and became fascinated by topology.
Her major lectures include an AMS Plenary Lecture in March 1995, an MAA Plenary Lecture in January 1996, and an ICM invited talk in 1998.
Her mother lectures her on how she should be more forgiving.
Her death notices, published in a variety of New England newspapers in 1788, quickly provoked moral lectures for young women.
Her lectures were republished by the Boston Evening Transcript and were picked up by newspapers nationwide.
Her description of the Oxford lectures give readers a unique insight as to what impact the Anglo-Catholic movement was having upon the Church during a difficult time of transition, especially in her book entitled, The Table of the Lord, addressing divisive issues held by opposing parties in regard to the theology of the sacraments.
Her keynotes and lectures are frequently published.

Her and arguments
" and " Her own reviews of Ewen's work in the Folk-Lore Society's periodical were amazingly ungracious, avoiding any engagement with his actual arguments or evidence and dismissing him completely in general terms as ' unscientific ', ' uncritical ', ' dull ', and so valueless and worthy only to be ignored.
Her dream is to be a mother and dedicated housewife and often fantasizes about the possibilities, which often leads to arguments with Mafalda.
Her arguments made in that debate did not stand the test of time, as a review of that video now ( 2012 ) demonstrates.
Her arguments with Martin tend to normally rise to some sort of bet, which she usually loses to.
Her first few encounters with Saravanan went with arguments, as she later had interest in him, also needing his help to prove herself not guilty.
Her writings gave suffrage workers such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott several arguments and ideas that they would need to help end slavery and begin the women ’ s suffrage movement.
Her self-sacrifice in sleeping with the German officer underlines her personal courage and the blind hypocrisy of the other travellers ; the travellers go to great lengths to persuade Boule de Suif to sleep with the officer in order that he will let the coach continue its journey, and the travellers fill Boule de Suif's head with arguments, arguing that it is for the good of the country, that it is not morally wrong to sleep with the officer in order to let the travellers leave, and that the longer she waits, the more young French soldiers will die as the nuns are not there to look after them.
Her second book, Human Nature After Darwin: A Philosophical Introduction ( Routledge, 2001 ) explores the so-call Darwin Wars, including what implications Darwinism raises for philosophy and the application of critical thinking to various arguments put forward in the debate.
Her co-hosts, impressionist Jim Ward and producer Chris Lavoie, often share their own opinions and arguments.
Her arguments were rebutted in a rejoinder by Collon ( 2007 ), noting in particular that the whole relief was created in one unit, i. e. there is no possibility that a modern figure or parts of one might have been added to an antique background ; she also reviewed the iconographic links to provenanced pieces.
Her logical and articulate arguments always lead to the explanations of the scientific points.

Her and were
Her eyes were glazed as if she didn't hear or even see him.
Her blond hair was frowzy, her dress torn in several places, and her shoes were so completely worn out that they were practically no protection.
Her legs were the full, sexy kind, full bodied like a rare wine and just as tantalizing to the appetite ; ;
Her glance swung past the trailer where the two drivers were standing.
Her long thin arms moved in a slow rhythmical gesture over the family possessions which were placed in front of her.
Her quarters were on the right as you walked into the building, and her small front room was clogged with heavy furniture -- a big, round, oak dining table and chairs, a buffet, with a row of unclaimed letters inserted between the mirror and its frame.
Her thoughts were not discrete.
Her eyebrows were definite and heavy and formed two lines moving upward toward a high forehead and a great head of brown hair that fell to her shoulders.
Her services to the School for many years were of a very high character, and I have often thought that one of the buildings should be named for her ''.
Her eyes were bright with anticipation.
Her `` Rockabye Your Baby '' was as good as it can be done, and her really personal songs, like `` The Man That Got Away '' were deeply moving.
Her hesitation was only momentary and she hoped he didn't notice it, as she settled herself, asked quickly how Miss Jenny and the babies were getting on.
Her nose was higher of bridge, her complexion so pale as to be quite susceptible to sunburn, and the fish and vegetable diet of her forebears had given her teeth that were white and regular and strong.
Her bright eyes were twinkling.
Her hair never seemed to be in place and her skirts were never quite the correct length.
Her eyes were wild.
Her dark cool caresses were sweeter than any woman's ; ;
Her eyes were smiling, too, but so sadly, and there was tiredness and infinite wisdom in them.
Her extendibles were diverted, connected or augmented and the final, delicate-beyond-description brain taps were completed while Helva remained anesthetically unaware of the proceedings.
Her book titles, changed by American publishers, for example Ten Little Niggers to Ten Little Indians, were kept the same across the Atlantic, after bushels of fan mail.
Her two children by Philip II, Philip, count of Clermont ( died 1234 ), and Mary, who married Philip I of Namur, were legitimized by the pope in 1201 at the request of the king.
Her remaining children were raised between her, Livia Drusilla and Germanicus ’ mother Antonia Minor.
Her reputed last words, uttered as the assassin was about to strike, were " Smite my womb ", the implication here being she wished to be destroyed first in that part of her body that had given birth to so " abominable a son.

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