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Her and letters
Her quarters were on the right as you walked into the building, and her small front room was clogged with heavy furniture -- a big, round, oak dining table and chairs, a buffet, with a row of unclaimed letters inserted between the mirror and its frame.
Her day starts early, but no matter how many pressing letters there are to be written ( and during May, which is National Salvation Army Week, there are plenty ), schedules to be made or problems to be solved, Mrs. Marr's office is always open and the welcome mat is out.
Her personal letters to leaders of the Revolution influenced policy ; in addition, she often hosted political gatherings of the Brissotins, a political group which allowed women to join.
Her history is told in the first person through several letters to friends detailing her life as a courtesan.
Her illness and death depressed him, and in letters to his sister, Dzerzhinsky explained that he no longer saw any meaning for his life.
Her letters to Jean Cocteau were published after the death of both correspondents.
Use of the style His Royal Highness or Her Royal Highness ( HRH ) and the titular dignity of Prince or Princess are governed by letters patent issued by George V on 30 November 1917 and published in the London Gazette on 11 December 1917.
Her papers, letters, memoirs, and notebooks were burned.
Her nickname for Dudley was " Eyes ", which was symbolised by the sign of ôô in their letters to each other.
Her letters indicate that she had taken on Tyneside speech and become deeply concerned with the people around her.
Her letters, consisting of her correspondence with the writer Guy de Maupassant, were published in 1891.
Her story was recorded in the letters of Pliny the Younger, who obtained his information from Arria's granddaughter, Fannia.
Queen's Counsel ( postnominal QC ), known as King's Counsel ( postnominal KC ) during the reign of a male sovereign, are lawyers appointed by letters patent to be one of Her His Majesty's Counsel learned in the law.
Her shrewd but affectionate portrayals of middle-class and upper middle-class English life won her an audience of discriminating readers, as well as loyal friends in the world of letters.
Her long correspondence with the latter forms the subject of one of her short stories, " The Letter Writers " ( published in The Blush, 1951 ), but the letters were unfortunately destroyed, in line with her general policy of keeping her private life private.
Her sudden, unexplained appearance in the pulps annoyed readers and generated a flurry of hate mail printed in The Shadow Magazines letters page.
Immediately after her divorce she retained the style Her Royal Highness ; however on 21 August 1996 letters patent were issued which removed the title from divorced former wives of princes.
Her letters home will be published in a book titled Great Need over the Water ; Archibald Reekie of the Canadian Baptist Ministries arrives in Oruro as the first Protestant missionary to Bolivia.
Her letters written to Dundas, then secretary for war and the colonies, and her diaries of travels into the interior have become an important source of information about the people, events and social life of the time.
Her letters in those days to do well despite the intrepid Marshal, in this trance, he could not be entitled to their confidence.
Consequently, on the advice of Her Majesty's Government, Queen Elizabeth II for a time addressed letters of credence to the President of Ireland by name ( e. g., " President Robinson ," " President McAleese ," etc .).
His Lettres galantes du chevalier d ' Her ..., published anonymously in 1685, was a collection of letters portraying worldly society of the time.
When the Duke married Wallis in France on 3 June 1937, she became the Duchess of Windsor, but, much to Edward's disgust, his brother issued letters patent the week before that denied her the style of Her Royal Highness.
' Her songs would hardly be finished when chairs, flowers, bouquets and beribboned letters.

Her and her
Her blond hair was frowzy, her dress torn in several places, and her shoes were so completely worn out that they were practically no protection.
Her hat had come off and fallen behind her shoulders, held by the string, and he could see her face more clearly than he had at any time before.
Her own body protested, aching painfully where the blood in her veins had congealed, where cold demon wisps still clung and caressed.
Her impact in the zing commercials had led to her being considered for an excellent part in an upcoming TV series, Underwater Western Eye, a documentary-type show to be sponsored by Oatnut Grits.
Her form was silhouetted and with the strong light I could see the outlines of her body, a body that an artist or anyone else would have admired.
Her heart, her maternal feeling, in fact her being was too busy expressing itself, as quietly thrilled by this sight of her Nicolas curled asleep under a blanket, in a park like a scene from Poussin.
Her white blond hair was clean and brushed long straight down to her shoulders.
Her face was pale but set and her dark eyes smoldered with blame for Ben.
Her long thin arms moved in a slow rhythmical gesture over the family possessions which were placed in front of her.
Her clothes, her hair, everything about her is both graceful and simple.
Her mother called her Paus'l, a Luxemburg endearment meaning `` pussycat ''.
Her parents, pious Roman Catholics, christened her Mary Anne Elizabeth Magdalene Steichen.
Her brother Karl was a very gentle soul, her mother was a quiet woman who said little but who had hard, probing eyes.
Her mother, now dead, was my good friend and when she came to tell us about her plans and to show off her ring I had a sobering wish to say something meaningful to her, something her mother would wish said.
Her mother wrote Kate of her grief at the death of Kate's baby and at Jonathan's decision to go with the South `` And, dear Kate '', she wrote, `` poor Dr. Breckenridge's son Robert is now organizing a militia company to go South, to his good father's sorrow.
Her house stood on a rise of ground, and before she got into her car she looked at the houses below.

Her and son
Her concern for the natives of Borrioboola-Gha was so intense that she quite forgot and neglected her son Peepy!!
Her husband, who is the son of Alton John Mason of Shreveport, La., and the late Mrs. Henry Cater Parmer, was president of Alpha Tau Omega and a member of Delta Sigma Pi at Lamar Tech, and did graduate work at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, on a Rotary Fellowship.
Her reputed last words, uttered as the assassin was about to strike, were " Smite my womb ", the implication here being she wished to be destroyed first in that part of her body that had given birth to so " abominable a son.
Her son only venerated Ares and was fully devoted to war, neglecting love and marriage.
Her first marriage, at the age of fifteen, was to the son of her father's rival in Italy, Lothair II, the nominal King of Italy ; the union was part of a political settlement designed to conclude a peace between her father and Hugh of Provence, the father of Lothair.
Her only child, son Terry Melcher, resulted from this marriage.
Her name may have to do with the fact that Hylas was the son of Theiodamas, the king of the Dryopes.
Her husband was succeeded by their son, Richard I, who immediately released his mother.
Her son, Prince Hisahito, is the third in line to the throne under the current law of succession.
Her son Naka no Ōe planned a coup d ' état and slew Soga no Iruka at the court in front of her throne.
Her son, Prince Obito became Emperor Shōmu.
Her first son Nicholas was born in 1937, followed by twin boys Sam and Andrew, born in 1939.
Her son, Paul Sills, along with David Shepherd, started The Compass Players.
Her son Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was born in 1805 with the help of the expedition.
Her father, John Charles Smith, was the son of English Methodist immigrants, and worked a variety of odd jobs.
Her father is Bernard Lewinsky, an oncologist, who is the son of German Jews who escaped Nazi Germany and emigrated to El Salvador and later the United States.
Her son Aubrey, a photographer and film-maker who is " committed to social justice ", received media attention in 2011, when he participated in Occupy Dame Street.
Her husband was a son of Savji Bey and through him grandson of Osman I.
Her son from the affair eventually became Bishop of Ostia, and ordered her entombement in his cathedral when she died.
Her only son, the long-awaited heir to the throne, Alexei inherited the gene and developed hemophilia.
Her son, Wyatt, makes an appearance on the song " Lullaby for Wyatt ," which is featured in the movie Grace Is Gone.
Her son would return at times to see his father, who later moved to join them around 1910. Divorce followed and Julia deserted the family to live in France.
Her son was named Donald Duck and her daughter Della Duck.

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