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Her and mission
Her symbolic role in this unique mission to the Spanish Court was intended to emphasize the international links which were forged by her 16th-century ancestor, Ieyasu Tokugawa.
Her continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds ; to seek out new life and new civilizations ; to boldly go where no human has gone before.
Her first space mission began on November 19, 1997 as part of the six-astronaut crew that flew the Space Shuttle Columbia flight STS-87.
Her husband ( whose mission had been in abeyance and himself in Holland for three years ) was accredited to the French republic by the regent of Sweden ; his wife reopened her salon and for a time was conspicuous in the motley and eccentric society of the Directory.
Her initial mission, killing a foreign diplomat in a crowded restaurant and escaping back to the Centre from his well-armed bodyguards, doubles as the final test in her training.
Her career as an assassin goes well until a document-theft mission in an embassy goes awry, requiring the Centre to send in Victor " The Cleaner " ( Jean Reno ), a ruthless assassin.
Her sense of loyalty went so far as to compel her to resign her position with Vulcan High Command and join Enterprise as a non commissioned officer during its mission in the Delphic Expanse.
Her connections to New York society and the accompanying social pressures to leave the new life she had created for herself did not deter her from embracing her religious vocation and charitable mission.
Her many guesses over the first two days fail, but before the final night, her messenger ( though he doesn't know the significance of his mission ) comes across the imp's remote mountain cottage and watches, unseen, as the imp hops about his fire and sings.
Her self-appointed mission was to investigate the fate of the 118 F section agents who had disappeared in enemy territory.
Her on-going mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Her ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Her judges try to make her say something that will discredit her claim or shake her belief that she has been given a mission by God to drive the English from France, but she remains steadfast.
Her influence in the Kentish court was instrumental in the success of St. Augustine of Canterbury's mission in 597.
Her first space mission was in 2002, with an extended stay aboard the International Space Station as a member of Expedition 5.
Her second mission launched October 10, 2007, as the first female commander of the ISS with Expedition 16.
Her first mission with the Brotherhood led her to battle the mutant strike force called X-Force.
Her first known mission for the Covenant was the assassination of Andrian Lazarey.
* Buck ' Book ' Riley-Schofield's close friend who also led Scarecrow's rescue mission in Bosnia, fed to killer whales by Brigadier Trevor Barnaby of the Her Majesty's Special Air Service who had never previously failed a mission.
Her supply mission was eventually carried out by ARA Forrest, which towed her to Darwin.
Her focus on mission resulted in one of the largest missionary organisations in the world.
Her part of the mission complete, Furious returned to Gibraltar with her escorts.
Her technical assignments have included working with flight software verification in the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory ( SAIL ), and coordinating mission development activities for the Inertial Upper Stage ( IUS ), deployable payloads, and Spacelab missions.

Her and training
Her European training did influence her palette, however, and she adopted more white and paler coloration in her oil painting, particularly in depicting female subjects, an approach favored by Sargent as well.
Her first course began in January 1925, and it offered to " prepare a member of an organization, who has adequate training both in scientific method and in plant problems, to take charge of Motion Study work in that organization.
Her academic training emphasized development of an alla prima technique and painting out of doors, which inspired her to produce bold impasto works quickly.
" Her teacher was Anita " Neta " Snook, a pioneer female aviator who used a surplus Curtiss JN-4 " Canuck " for training.
Her training was in history and political thought, a subject she was forced to study by her father, although her passion was literature and writing.
Her funds began to run low, and although her training was not yet complete she began to look for work to help support her schooling.
Her plan to rejoin the tour at the beginning of 2005 was delayed when she fractured her kneecap in a December 2004 training session.
Her training with J. C. Williamson led to a succession of theatre roles with the company.
Her training would be as elaborate as the training of a Mata Hari.
Her musical training was strictly classical and theatrical.
Her successful Channel swim-this time training with Tom Burgess ( who had successfully swam the Channel )-began approximately one year later at Cape Gris-Nez in France at 07: 08 on the morning of August 6, 1926.
Her superiors held mixed opinions on her suitability for secret warfare, and her training was incomplete.
Her parents opted for local training, hiring Ernst Perabo and later Carl Baermann as piano teachers.
Her concerns about white guilt led her to move from black-white group encounters to all-white groups in her anti-racism training.
Her previous dance training is also called into play, not only in the two dance numbers she performs with Astaire but also for a Bohemian-style solo dance in a nightclub, which has since often been replayed in retrospectives of her career.
Her classical training gave her an advantage over the many theremin performers who lacked this background.
Her role in The Matrix: Path of Neo is relatively similar to her appearances with Neo in the films ; she has a spar with him during his sword-fighting training, accompanies him during the raid on the military building to rescue Morpheus ( subsequently helping him to defeat an Agent on the rooftop ), and is later rescued by him from some attacking Agents after the last meeting with the assorted ship captains.
Her lectures and arguments were specifically designed to introduce prophylaxis as a subject within the teachers ' training syllabus.
Her work included teacher training and syllabus implementation, bi-centenary and other special music projects such as regional bands and choirs, and special arts projects including working with indigenous Australians on the far west border of NSW.
Her involvement with fleet is indirect but extensive from both these training commands as she is also tasked with modeling and simulating the mix of advanced weapons that have suddenly become available from development of a small fusion reactor that can ride on a missile or other small platform.
Her training led to appearances in Max Reinhardt's The Miracle in London and Fifinella, directed by Basil Dean, for the Liverpool Repertory Theatre.

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