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Some Related Sentences

Her and name
Her name was L'Turu and she told me many things.
Her name was Esther Peter.
Her name was Mollie.
Her lips, moist and parted, spoke his name.
Her name was Sabella, and the strip of seaweed around her neck was an emerald necklace the King gave her as a token of his undying love.
Her name was Suzanne, and mine Stephen.
Her father was a man of consular rank ; her grandfather's name was Catulus.
Her name was clearly spelled Boudicca in the best manuscripts of Tacitus, but also Βουδουικα, Βουνδουικα, and Βοδουικα in the ( later and probably secondary ) epitome of Cassius Dio.
His mother, Paula ( born Paula Voit ), had German as a mother tongue, but was ethnically of " mixed Hungarian " origin: Her maiden name Voit is German, probably of Saxon origin from Upper Hungary ( Since 1920 in Czechoslovakia, since 1993 in Slovakia ), though she spoke Hungarian fluently.
Her name is Carmilla.
In November 2011 there was an Australian tour by various artists involved with the " She Will Her Way " and " He Will Have His Way " projects, under the name " They Will Have Their Way.
Her nickname appears as a store name in the story " Christmas in Duckburg ", featured on page 1 of Walt Disney ’ s Christmas Parade # 9, published in 1958.
Her first name, Drew, was the maiden name of her paternal great-grandmother, Georgie Drew Barrymore ; her middle name, Blyth, was the original surname of the dynasty founded by her great-grandfather, Maurice Barrymore.
Her name was Angélique, after both Diderot's dead mother and sister.
Her character as mother-goddess is identified in the second element of her name meter () derived from Proto-Indo-European * méh₂tēr ( mother ).
Speaking of his wife, Desdemona, Othello the Moor says, " Her name that was as fresh / As Dian's visage, is now begrim'd and black / As mine own face.
and those followers who " chant the name of the Lord " are cleared as outlined thus: " Her account is cleared by the Righteous Judge of Dharma, when she chants the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.
Her name may have to do with the fact that Hylas was the son of Theiodamas, the king of the Dryopes.
Her name was Patrice Amati del Grande, and she became his companion after he separated from his wife.
Her name is Mary spelled backwards.
Her name is Aroluz backwards.
Her name is an anagram of Grundy ( from Mrs. Grundy, a character in Thomas Morton's play Speed the Plough ).

Her and is
Her clothes, her hair, everything about her is both graceful and simple.
-- Her choice of one color means she is simply enjoying the motor act of coloring, without having reached the point of selecting suitable colors for different objects.
Her mother wrote Kate of her grief at the death of Kate's baby and at Jonathan's decision to go with the South `` And, dear Kate '', she wrote, `` poor Dr. Breckenridge's son Robert is now organizing a militia company to go South, to his good father's sorrow.
Her best time to date is about 2:30.
Her conclusion has been borne out in the experience of many practitioners: `` short-contact interviewing is neither a truncated nor a telescoped experience but is of the same essential quality as the so-called intensive case work ''.
Her pride is as much at stake as her virtue ; ;
Her fiance, who is with a publishing firm, translates many books from English into Italian.
Her day starts early, but no matter how many pressing letters there are to be written ( and during May, which is National Salvation Army Week, there are plenty ), schedules to be made or problems to be solved, Mrs. Marr's office is always open and the welcome mat is out.
Her husband, who is the son of Alton John Mason of Shreveport, La., and the late Mrs. Henry Cater Parmer, was president of Alpha Tau Omega and a member of Delta Sigma Pi at Lamar Tech, and did graduate work at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, on a Rotary Fellowship.
Her mother is the former Miss Stella Hayward.
Her favorite cocktail dress is a Norell, a black and white organdy and silk jersey.
Her invitation from Premier Joseph Smallwood is reported to be the only one extended to a woman.
Her hair was the color of those blooms which in seed catalogues are referred to as `` black '', but since no flower is actually without color contain always a hint of grape or purple or blue -- he wanted to draw the broad patina of hair through his fingers, searching it slowly for a trace of veining which might reveal its true shade beneath the darkness.
Her whole body is made of highly advanced synthetic jelly silicon and with 60 artificial joints in her face, neck, and lower body ; she is able to demonstrate realistic facial expressions and sing while simultaneously dancing.
Her time spent at the many locations featured in her books is very apparent by the extreme detail in which she describes them.
Her Roman equivalent is the goddess.
Her daughter, born from her head as she was from Zeus's, demigod Annabeth Chase is one of the principal characters.
Her second and last novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, which is considered to be one of the first sustained feminist novels, appeared in 1848.
Her feast day, December 16, is still kept in many German dioceses.
Her medism in 491 is to be explained by her commercial relations with the Persian Empire.

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