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Her and phrase
Her realm is a chaotic, constantly changing mass of colors and strange objects and shapes, and contains a sundial with the inscription " Tempus Frangit " (" time breaks ," a Latin pun on the phrase " Tempus Fugit ", " time flees ".
Her name, Rosamund, may have been influenced by the Latin phrase rosa mundi, which means " rose of the world.
Her second album, newly released at the start of the series, is called " Venus " and her most popular song is " C ' est La Vie ", which is a Japanese pun: in Japanese, the French phrase and the name of her alter-ego, Sailor V, are pronounced almost identically ( as sērāvī ).
Her trademark manner of speaking the show's title-by raising her voice an octave when saying the word " Up "... became a catch phrase.
Her last name, Phugly, is a reference to the phrase " fugly ", which is a shortened version of the phrase " fucking ugly.
Her name is a play on the phrase " I need a bidet.
Her authority was unquestioned, and her characteristic phrase, " Ah has spoken !," signaled the end of all further discussion.
Her most familiar phrase, however, is " Good is better than evil becuz it's nicer!
Her high voice can sound very similar to Kate Bush, and her highest recorded sung vocal phrase is D5, one octave above middle C ( C4 ) in a live performance of the Queen song " Lily of the Valley ".
Her nickname is The Singin ' Rage ( a phrase commonly followed by " Miss Patti Page ").
Her trademark phrase is " This is true.
Her trademark phrase is " Ooooohh, I'm tellin ' Mama!
The phrase is framed on the wall of Mrs. Peck's office in Deborah Eisenberg's short story ' The Girl Who Left Her Sock on the Floor ' in the collection Transactions in a Foreign Currency.
The title is a play on the phrase at Her Majesty's pleasure ( the show was performed at Her Majesty's Theatre, London ).
Her name came from the phrase Puea ahau i te ao, which means I shall rise to the surface of the world ; however, she was known to her family as Te Kirihaehae.
Also, in federal countries, such as Canada and Australia, the phrase Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition is also employed in provincial or state legislatures, in the same fashion as in other parliaments.
Her mispronunciation of " Newfoundland " became a popular internet catch phrase.
Her catch phrase was " How-w-w-DEE-E-E-E!
Her catch phrase is " Saiyūsen jikō yo!
Her name is the origin of the term " Dorothy Dixer ", a widely-used phrase in Australia meaning a question from a member of Parliament to a minister, that enables the minister to make an announcement in the form of a reply.
" Her biggest mantra was perhaps, ' in your choices lies your talent ,' she would encourage actors to find the most grand character interpretation possible in a scene, another favourite phrase of hers regarding this was ' don't be boring.
Her name is possibly a variant of Stella Maria, a pseudo-Latin phrase that approximates " star of the sea " ( see also Stella Maris ).
Her reports often contain the phrase " I couldn't believe my eyes!

Her and bread
Her prediction began to come true when bread prices started to rise due to the severe 1788 – 1789 winter.
Her first solo exhibition, " What a Farm Wife Painted ", opened October 1940 at Otto Kallir's New York City gallery Galerie St. Etienne, followed by a meet-and-greet with the artist and an exhibition of 50 paintings at Gimbel's Department Store November 15, followed by a third solo show in as many months, at the Whyte Gallery, Washington, D. C. " Gimbels had supplemented Moses ' art display with a table beneath the paintings spread samples of Grandma's culinary talents — homebaked bread, rolls and cake, plus some of the preserves which won her prizes at the county fair.
Her main argument was that sex and domestic economics went hand in hand ; in order for a woman to survive she was reliant on her sexual assets to please her husband so that he would bring home the bread.
Her head is made from melon bread.
Her father Peter drove a bread delivery truck, and her mother, Marguerite ( née Maltese ), started her in show business by putting her on the television show Juvenile Jury at the age of three-and-a-half.
The desserts consumed in the 17th century were described in the book Suor Celeste Galilei, Letters to Her Father, published by La Rosa of Turin, and they included " royal bread " made from flour, sugar, butter and eggs.
Her dog crossed the bridge for the bread, thus becoming the first life to cross the new bridge.
Her father suggested cutting the bread and putting everything on it like a sandwich, even if it was not typical Sicilian fashion.
Her patent was based on a certain size of bread crumb that makes the rehydration, or addition of water, work.
Her name is a pun on the popular Soviet phrase for women's rights, khleb i rozy ( Cyrillic: хлеб и розы ), which in turn was a direct Russian translation of the internationally used labour union slogan " bread and roses ".
Her last words to a paramedic were " bread and butter ", a message to Adrian meaning that she would never leave him, as this was something she always told her husband when they had to temporarily let go of each other for some reason or another.

Her and roses
Her chateau of Malmaison was noted for its magnificent rose garden, which she supervised closely, owing to her passionate interest in roses, collected from all over the world.
Her daylilies and those hybridized by a former GCKY president, roses and other flowers are featured, also.
Her relationship with Johnson improved, however ; just before Flagstad left the Met in 1941, on the night of her 100th performance of Tristan, she received 100 roses, courtesy of Melchior and Johnson.
Her parents grew roses and jasmine on their large property.

Her and ",
Her first appearance was in a short story published in The Sketch magazine in 1926, " The Tuesday Night Club ", which later became the first chapter of The Thirteen Problems ( 1932 ).
Her reputed last words, uttered as the assassin was about to strike, were " Smite my womb ", the implication here being she wished to be destroyed first in that part of her body that had given birth to so " abominable a son.
Her name is the Latinized form of the Greek ( Androméda ) or ( Andromédē ): " ruler of men ", from ( anēr, andrós ) " man ", and medon, " ruler ".
* Cradle of Filth, a popular British extreme metal band, has produced an album called Dusk ... and Her Embrace inspired by " Carmilla ", and have also recorded an instrumental track titled " Carmilla's Masque ".
Her nickname appears as a store name in the story " Christmas in Duckburg ", featured on page 1 of Walt Disney ’ s Christmas Parade # 9, published in 1958.
These skillfully rendered paintings encouraged fan Glenn Bray to ask Barks if he could commission a painting of the ducks (" A Tall Ship and a Star to Steer Her By ", taken from the cover of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories # 108 by Barks ).
*'" A Champion of Her Sex ", W. Minto in Macmillan's Magazine, Volume LXIII, Nov. 1885 – Apr.
Her popularity as a radio performer and vocalist, which included a second hit record " My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time ", led directly to a career in films.
Her familiar Homeric epithet Boôpis, is always translated " cow-eyed ", for, like the Greeks of Classical times, its other natural translation " cow-faced " or at least " of cow aspect " is rejected.
Her second collection, The Trouble with You Earth People ( Donning / Starblaze, 1980 ) contains " The Trouble with You Earth People ", " The Gambling Hell and the Sinful Girl ", " Syndrome Johnny ", " Trouble with Treaties " ( with Tom Condit ), " The Origin of the Species ", " Collision Orbit ", " The Fittest ", " These Truths ", " Contagion ", " Brain Wipe " and her Nebula Award-winning " The Missing Man ".
Her son Aubrey, a photographer and film-maker who is " committed to social justice ", received media attention in 2011, when he participated in Occupy Dame Street.
Her coronation took place in Székesfehérvár on 17 September, the day after her father's burial, and she was unprecedentedly crowned " king " rather than " queen ", in order to emphasise her role as monarch and possibly to reduce that of her future husband.
Her first single, " Cuff Links and a Tie Clip ", went unnoticed.
Her father bought this " machine ", of which Cruz recalls that it was very rare to own one in her neighborhood at the time.
Her common name as a vegetation goddess is Kore and in Arcadia she was worshipped under the title Despoina " the mistress ", a very old chthonic divinity.
Her second and final album for Arista was 1999's Love in the Real World, led off by the No. 29 " Never Been Kissed ", which was followed by " Little Bird.
Her beloved was identified with the male sephira Tiferet, the " Holy One Blessed be He ", central principle in the beneficent Heavenly flow of Divine emotion.

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