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from Brown Corpus
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Her and presence
Her apartment was ransacked and all items connected to Pasternak were piled up in her presence.
Her influence on her husband became particularly notable ; her presence at rallies, luncheons, and receptions increased his confidence.
Her performance was well received by critics, with BBC film critic Brandon Graydon saying that Cruz " is an enchanting screen presence ," and Ethan Alter of the Film Journal International noting that Cruz and her co-star Cruise were " able to generate some actual chemistry.
Guru Arjan, Nanak V, says, " God is beyond colour and form, yet His / Her presence is clearly visible " ( GG, 74 ), and " Nanak's Lord transcends the world as well as the scriptures of the east and the west, and yet He / She is clearly manifest " ( GG, 397 ).
Her presence causes him unspeakable joy, but his unrequited love creates unendurable desires, inner conflicts between the ardent lover and the mystic Christian, making it impossible to reconcile the two.
Her " incredible controversy " is characterized by David Hartwell in the opening sentence of a book chapter entitled " New Wave: The Great War of the 1960s ": " Conflict and argument are an enduring presence in the SF world, but literary politics has yielded to open warfare on the largest scale only once.
Her name in Greek (" tender goddess ") is clearly an epithet, signifying the presence of an earlier nurturing goddess, whom the Hellenes, whose myths we know, knew to be located in Crete, where Minoans may have called her a version of " Dikte ".
Her presence almost immediately gained attention, both as a woman and as someone who did not follow the rules.
Her presence creates an awkward situation, but when Samia, a pompous family friend, ridicules Rayette's background, Robert gives a fiery defense of her.
Her presence began a slow thawing in the overt brutality and energy of the Swans ' early work.
Her presence in a motion picture was said to have ensured investors, by odds of almost 2-to-1, a " safe return ".
Her best friend, a younger boy named Johnny who lived in her building, burned to death in her presence after an accident.
The deserted and solitary aspect of the island was brought out with a strange and startling effect by the presence of so many steamers ; and as Her Majesty's barge with the Royal Standard floated into the cave, the crew dipping their oars with the greatest precision, nothing could be more animated and grand than the appearance which the vast basaltic entrance, so solemn in its proportions, presented.
Modern swing dance bands active in the U. S. during the 1990s and 2000s include many contemporary jazz big bands, swing revival bands with a national presence such as Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers ( based in San Francisco ), and local / regional jazz bands that specialize in 1930s-1940s swing / Lindy dance music, such as The Swingout Big Band, White Heat Swing Orchestra, and Beantown Swing Orchestra ( Boston ), The Boilermaker Jazz Band ( Pittsburgh ), the Southside Aces ( Minneapolis ), Gordon Webster Septet ( New York ), Jonathan Stout and His Campus Five ( Los Angeles ) and The Jonathan Stout Orchestra featuring Hilary Alexander ( Los Angeles ), The Flat Cats ( Chicago ), The Gina Knight Orchestra ( Chicago and Joliet, IL ), the Solomon Douglas Swingtet and the Tom Cunningham Orchestra ( Washington, D. C .), Sonoran Swing ( Arizona ), and The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra ( Los Angeles ).
Her first preference was Constantine Dalassenos, who had been her father ’ s first choice as her husband back in 1028, but after he displayed his contempt for the empress, she threw him out of her presence.
Its glorious course was marked by the presence of Her Holy Child, Gregory the Theologian, one the greatest Fathers of our Church.
Her girlish good looks gave her an appealing stage presence, which added to her celebrity status.
Her presence was a guarantee of the virtue of the young woman in question.
Her Vita Sanctae Genovefae attests the presence of a shrine near the present basilica by the close of the fifth century, though the names of Rusticus and Eleutherius are non-historical.
Her presence and profile grated in parts of the Indian political world, as she often opposed the Hindu Right.
Her words are accompanied by stuttering, fluctuating voice pitch, shifts of timbre, and the presence of three voices speaking the same words with the constituent voices alternately lagging behind and leading ahead, as well as computer glitches resembling a sound card malfunction.
Her presence can be recognized by wet footprints.
Her presence is all the more striking because of how tiny her husband the King is ( he barely comes up to her knee ).
Her trip was heralded in newspapers around the world for her acts of compassion and disregard for her personal safety or comfort, and her presence was a direct boost to political relations.

Her and only
Her invitation from Premier Joseph Smallwood is reported to be the only one extended to a woman.
Her hesitation was only momentary and she hoped he didn't notice it, as she settled herself, asked quickly how Miss Jenny and the babies were getting on.
Her son only venerated Ares and was fully devoted to war, neglecting love and marriage.
Her only income was Napoleon's meagre salary.
Her paper has only recently been rediscovered, along with the rich, artistic illustrations and drawings that accompanied it.
Her work is only now being properly evaluated.
Her only departure from the standard male versions of this orthodoxy is that she insists on the necessity of educating girls and women.
Her father, unable to bear the grief of his loss, and feeling adrift in a foreign country, returned to his native France for 16 years, with only one visit back to Philadelphia.
Her secrecy isn't the only mysterious thing about her.
A 2003 compilation album, Classic Masters, was released only in the US, while 2005 saw the release of the album She Will Have Her Way, a collection of cover versions of Crowded House, Split Enz, Tim Finn and Finn Brothers songs by Australasian female artists.
Her only child, son Terry Melcher, resulted from this marriage.
Her first success was in Ireland as Lady Townley ( in The Provok'd Husband by Vanbrugh and Cibber ), and it was only after five years, on the pressing invitation of David Garrick, that she returned to Drury Lane.
On the advice of her New South Wales Premier only, the Queen appoints the Governor to carry out most of her constitutional and ceremonial duties for an unfixed period of time — known as serving At Her Majesty's pleasure — though five years is the normal convention.
The incumbent will generally serve for at least five years, though this is only a developed convention, and the governor still technically acts at Her Majesty's pleasure ( or the Royal Pleasure ).
Her classical education left its mark ; Christopher Stray has observed that " George Eliot's novels draw heavily on Greek literature ( only one of her books can be printed correctly without the use of a Greek typeface ), and her themes are often influenced by Greek tragedy ".
Her writings and essays garnered her attention not only in Brazil, but also in Argentina and Uruguay.
Her writings and essays garnered her attention not only in Brazil, but also in Argentina and Uruguay.
Her father was Czech Jewish and her mother was Austrian-Slovene Catholic — she was Ludwig's maternal grandparent and only non-Jewish grandparent, whose ancestry was Austrian < ref >
" Her only release of 1985 was Awara Baap that turned out to be another failure for Dixit.
" and " Her own reviews of Ewen's work in the Folk-Lore Society's periodical were amazingly ungracious, avoiding any engagement with his actual arguments or evidence and dismissing him completely in general terms as ' unscientific ', ' uncritical ', ' dull ', and so valueless and worthy only to be ignored.
Her cynicism grew when one of the two pictures she submitted in 1875 was refused by the jury, only to be accepted the following year after she darkened the background.
Her role was to not only be a symbol of imminent death, but to also influence the outcome of war.
Her mother died in 1671, and her father remarried in 1673, taking as his second wife Mary of Modena, a Catholic who was only four years older than Mary.
In modern practice, when the Government party has an absolute majority in the House, only the express vote " that this House has no confidence in Her Majesty's Government " is treated as having this effect ; dissentients on a minor issue within the majority party are unlikely to force an election with the probable loss of their seats and salaries, and any future in the party.

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