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Her and reasons
Her unwillingness to commit herself to the cause, Leicester's own shortcomings as a political and military leader and the faction-ridden and chaotic situation of Dutch politics were reasons for the campaign's failure.
He sings " Treat Your Mother Right ( Treat Her Right )," in which he enumerates the reasons why it is important to treat your mother right, and also raps a song about growing up in the ghetto and praising God.
Her council, particularly the man she trusts most Sir William Cecil, urges her to marry quickly, ( to ensure the succession, among other valid reasons ).
Deupree briefly left the group for health reasons in 1991 and was temporarily replaced by Treat Her Right drummer Billy Conway.
In real life, Diana Rigg had chosen to leave the series for a number of reasons, one of which was to accept a role in the James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
Her career in Kittie started after Talena Atfield left Kittie in 2002 without citing any official reasons.
Her debut album was expected to be released in 2007, but production of the album halted for unknown reasons.
Her marriage to Tarannon Falastur is believed to have been arranged for political reasons.
Margaret Thatcher chose not to include any representation of Her Majesty's Treasury on the advice of Harold Macmillan, that the security and defence of the armed forces and the war effort should not be compromised for financial reasons.
Her responses are never less than opaque, though, and when she finally does complete the marriage ceremony in Knife of Dreams, just before her return to Ebou Dar to reassert control over the Seanchan, it is entirely for political reasons, though Tuon expresses interest in the idea of affection growing between them.
Her brief stay in the House of Mystery is notable for two reasons: first, the House of Mystery is established as being the same House throughout its publication history.
Her happy childhood is suddenly interrupted when, in 1938, for reasons she can never quite fathom, her father shoots her mother and then himself, leaving her to be raised by her aunt and uncle, Caroline and Holt Porter.
Her writing style and her tendency to use social science research in her reasons made for opinions that were often notable for their sheer length.
Her health, however, broke down, for a number of reasons including a near-fatal miscarriage and a serious carriage accident, and her activities had to be reduced, but she continued to write.
" Her trust is easily broken, particularly in Duke's case, and as she sees it, for some very good reasons.
Her father and his siblings had to later change their last names for specific political reasons.
Her terms " the battering cycle " and " battered woman syndrome " has since been largely eclipsed by " cycle of abuse " and " battered person syndrome ," respectively, for many reasons: to maintain objectivity ; because the cycle of abuse doesn't always lead to physical abuse ; because symptoms of the syndrome have been observed in men and women, and are not confined to marriage and dating.
Her resignation for moral reasons is rejected, and an American general calling himself " Mr. Stolz " tries to force her to go and work in Texas.
Her fame soared in Puerto Rico, but her career was interrupted because of personal reasons.
Her father had emigrated to Greece for political reasons.
Her son reportedly renounced his rights and went to England, for unknown reasons.
Her transformation is one of the reasons why Felix stayed out of the Old World for two decades.
Her reasons for leaving were based on her love for Cyclops, not wanting to fall back into old habits and to make a positive change in her life.
Her strong will is one of the main reasons Luke is alive.
Her reasons for becoming a gal is because, when she was younger, she was picked on by some guys.

Her and for
Her impact in the zing commercials had led to her being considered for an excellent part in an upcoming TV series, Underwater Western Eye, a documentary-type show to be sponsored by Oatnut Grits.
Her face was pale but set and her dark eyes smoldered with blame for Ben.
-- Her choice of one color means she is simply enjoying the motor act of coloring, without having reached the point of selecting suitable colors for different objects.
Her mother had done it before her, and even her old grandmother, who had collected money for smallpox and unwed mothers.
Her presence only made Letch more distant and irritable and, in the hurry of buying Chateau Belletch, I had neglected to consider a room for Baby-dear, so there was no place to put her, anyhow.
Her services to the School for many years were of a very high character, and I have often thought that one of the buildings should be named for her ''.
Her concern for the natives of Borrioboola-Gha was so intense that she quite forgot and neglected her son Peepy!!
Her ostensible indifference to and rebellion against suggestions and criticisms by anyone except peer friends during adolescence are the manifestations, in her adolescence, of her having been indoctrinated in childhood to feel shame, if not guilt, for failing to behave in a manner acceptable to, and judged by, the performance of her nursery- and elementary-school peer friends.
Her mother and father, for instance.
Her young British lawyer, James Dunlop, pleaded that she was sorely needed at her Portland home by her widowed mother, 80, her maiden aunt, also 80 and bedridden for 20 years, and her uncle, 76, who once ran a candy shop.
`` Her basic hull form ( a teardrop ) and her nuclear power plant will be used for almost all new submarines, including the potent Polaris missile submarines '', the statement went on.
Her husband, who was sentenced to 15 years in the federal prison at McNeil Island last April for robbery of the Hillsdale branch of Multnomah Bank, also was charged with the store holdup.
Her mouth, soft and full, was something for any man to dream about.
Her words remained with him, worrying him for hours.
Her hair was the color of those blooms which in seed catalogues are referred to as `` black '', but since no flower is actually without color contain always a hint of grape or purple or blue -- he wanted to draw the broad patina of hair through his fingers, searching it slowly for a trace of veining which might reveal its true shade beneath the darkness.
Her first actual flight, for she and her kind had made mock flights on dummy panels since she was eight, showed her complete mastery of the techniques of her profession.
Her book titles, changed by American publishers, for example Ten Little Niggers to Ten Little Indians, were kept the same across the Atlantic, after bushels of fan mail.
Her second husband, Pere Milà, was a developer who was criticized for his flamboyant lifestyle and ridiculed by the contemporary residents of Barcelona, when they joked about his love of money and opulence, wondering if he was not rather more interested in " the widow ’ s guardiola " ( piggy bank ), than in " Guardiola ’ s widow ".
Her death appeased Artemis, and the Greek army set out for Troy.
Her jealousy of Cassandra, and her wrath at the sacrifice of Iphigenia and at Agamemnon's having gone to war over Helen of Troy, are said to have been the motives for her crime.
Her husband Casimir is known for his romantic affairs: after Aldona's death he married three more times.
He would sometimes write songs with someone in mind, for instance, " I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face " from My Fair Lady was written with Rex Harrison in mind to complement his very limited vocal range.
Her French-language films were dubbed for international release.
Her father was " the sort of rebel destined to transform colonial America "; as clerk of the court, he was jailed for disobeying the local magistrate in defense of middle-class shopkeepers and artisans in conflict with wealthy landowners.

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