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Her and refusal
Her refusal to love him more than a husband is often interpreted as a resistance from incest, but Kahn also inserts the image of a rejecting mother.
Her refusal to recognize her limitations and face reality gets her in trouble.
Her refusal to be placed in a particular category, whether social or literary, was characteristic of her determination to come across as an individual rather than a stereotype.
Her refusal led to her demise and the selection of Esther as the new queen of the Persian Empire.
Her refusal to be Miss Goody Consumer borders on the truly subversive.
Her defiance was another Churchillian moment in her premiership which seemed to encapsulate both her own steely character and the British public's stoical refusal to submit to terrorism ".
Her subsequent refusal to explicitly recognise Taiwan as a part of the PRC during an interview again drew criticism from more conservative sectors of the Hong Kong society.
Her refusal to answer " three questions " for a grand jury about whether President Bill Clinton lied in his testimony during her Whitewater trial led her to receive a jail sentence of 18 months for contempt of court.
Her refusal to treat the Tower Aes Sedai with the deference and courtesy expected of a novice leads to repeated corporal punishment, which she takes in stride.
Her refusal caused the Tribunal to seek High Court orders compelling her to provide details of the source.
Her refusal to accept Torak's dominance ( At Vo Mimbre and in the volume 5 of the Belgariad, Enchanters ' End Game ), due to her previously unrealized love for Durnik, was a key point ( an Event ) in the fight between the two competing Prophecies.
Her petulant refusal to accept the truth of her past, in both life and love, is her downfall throughout the play.
Her refusal to elaborate on key policy statements drew further criticism.
Her contract with Fox was abruptly cancelled in 1936 as a result of her refusal to accept a particular role.
Her advice was an important factor in his refusal to sign the " Southern Manifesto " opposing desegregation and his opposition to the Vietnam War which were critical issues in his bid for re-election as a Senator in 1970.
Her reasons for being in Hell are unclear, though she denies it is due to her previous refusal to save the Phantom Rider, hinting that her presence in Hell is serving some purpose.
Her husband refused to let her travel with him when Mammoth business took him to cities farther South, fearing an incident on the train or the refusal to be rented a hotel room, since Kidd was often mistaken for white.
Her refusal drew her personally into the Churchill controversy, and she resigned soon afterward.
Her refusal resulted in the British Court awarding a default judgment against her.

Her and give
Her father eventually allowed her to work in the temple, but asked the monks to give her the toughest chores in order to discourage her.
The development of the British constitution, which is not a codified document, is based on this fusion in the person of the Monarch, who has a formal role to play in the legislature ( Parliament, which is where legal and political sovereignty lies, is the Crown-in-Parliament, and is summoned and dissolved by the Sovereign who must give his or her Royal Assent to all Bills so that they become Acts ), the executive ( the Sovereign appoints all ministers of His / Her Majesty's Government, who govern in the name of the Crown ) and the judiciary ( the Sovereign, as the fount of justice, appoints all senior judges, and all public prosecutions are brought in his or her name ).
Her father owned a hat store, made successful investments in the oil industry, and became affluent enough to give Margaretha a lavish early childhood that included exclusive schools until the age of 13.
Charles also gave Charlotte the title " Duchess of Albany " in the peerage of Scotland and the style " Her Royal Highness ", but these honours did not give Charlotte any right of succession to the throne.
Her motivation is that the Huhsz religious cult regard it as a sacred object, and that if she can find it and give it to them, their vendetta against her will lapse.
Her recollection of the documentary is transcribed into first person to give the impression of a witness account of the events captured in the film.
A portion of the final production sequence is used near the end of the Woody Allen film Hannah and Her Sisters to give Allen's character a motivation to carry on with life.
Her function was to ensure cows give milk.
Her sister tells her Marta is planning to give her their grandmother's brooch as a gift, so Katrin is surprised when she receives the desired dresser set instead.
Her response deflates Holden's mood and prompts his remark: " You give me a royal pain in the ass, if you want to know the truth.
Upon discovering her tangled in a tree, Captain Tardivat greeted her remarking, " I hope that all the trees in France bear such beautiful fruit this year ," to which she replied, " Don't give me that French shit .”" Her duties included allocating arms and equipment that were parachuted in and minding the group's finances.
Her wealth enabled her to give financial support to struggling writers, including Joyce and Edith Sitwell.
Her parents were married in 1708, but for nearly three years the queen did not give birth to any children.
Her superiors eventually ordered her to, at which point she complied, satisfied that the decision to " give away the kitchen sink " to Jobs and his team was then their responsibility.
* Her biography: I give you my life
Her " qualities of painterly skill and vision [...] enabled her to give form to a Pacific mythos that was so carefully distilled in her imagination ".
It was to this church on 2 March 1984 that the kings, heralds and pursuivants of Her Majesty's College of Arms, together with the Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England, the Earl of Arundel, and the heralds extraordinary, processed from the College of Arms to give thanks on the occasion of the Quincentenary of their incorporation as a College in 1484.
Her ship, Ginkei, is modified by the people of Ikaruga to give it identical capabilities to Shinra's ship.
Now Therefore, We The Government of Rhodesia, in humble submission to Almighty God who controls the destinies of nations, conscious that the people of Rhodesia have always shown unswerving loyalty and devotion to Her Majesty the Queen and earnestly praying that we and the people of Rhodesia will not be hindered in our determination to continue exercising our undoubted right to demonstrate the same loyalty and devotion, and seeking to promote the common good so that the dignity and freedom of all men may be assured, Do, By This Proclamation, adopt, enact and give to the people of Rhodesia the Constitution annexed hereto ;
Her studio was above this shop until 1948, when the three partners decided to give up the shop and Twort moved to a studio in the nearby Church Path.
Her daughter Julie Eisenhower reflected, " she invited so many groups to the White House to give them recognition, not famous ones, but little known organizations ..."
Her official biography written as part of the canonization process describes how she ministered to the sick and continued to give money to the poor.
Her proposals for a Birmingham Baccalaureate, designed to give local youngsters the skills and abilities that city businesses are seeking, is central to this new approach.
Her affection for Honey is obvious, but she realizes it is not to be — she cannot give him children or sustain him in his work.

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