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Her and report
Her report showed that the letter contained statements similar to those made by Zinoviev to other communist parties and at other times to the CPGB, but at the time ( Anglo-Soviet trade talks and a general election ) when Zinoviev was being more restrained towards the British.
Her report corroborated what the campaigner Emily Hobhouse had said about conditions in the camps.
Her sisters spread the report that she had only endeavored to conceal unmarried sex with a mortal man, by pretending that Zeus was the father of her child, and said that her destruction was a just punishment for her falsehood.
Her surname was " Hamilton " on her report card, as was her father's when he tosses aside a piece of mail.
Contains the extracts from the report of Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary, which was submitted to the Home Office in 1964.
Her report, later published in book form as Ten Days in a Mad-House, caused a sensation and brought her lasting fame.
Her case was reported in detail by Dr. Edmundo Escomel in the medical journal La Presse Médicale, including the additional details that her menarche had occurred at eight months of age, in contrast to a past report stating that she had been having regular periods since she was three years old ( or 2½ according to a different article ).
In May 2003, an inspection report from Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons blamed overcrowding for poor standards at HMP Pentonville.
In September 2001, an inspection report from Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons claimed that Holloway Prison was " failing " many of its inmates, mainly due to financial pressures.
Progress and improvements by local probation services, the National Probation Service, Her Majesty's Prison service and the National Offender Management Service ( NOMS ) are regularly compared to the recommendations in this report.
In December 1999, an inspection report from Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons severely criticised the regime at Wandsworth Prison.
In April 2009 Her Majesty ’ s Inspectorate of Education ( HMIE ) published a report on Fettes that evaluated the school as “ excellent ” in four out of five Quality Indicators and “ very good ” in the other one.
In June 2006, an inspection report from Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons criticised staff at Whitemoor Prison for ignoring prisoners, and not responding to their queries and requests for help promptly enough.
Her revelations led to the Martin government establishing the Gomery Commission to conduct a public inquiry and file a report on the matter.
Her 1967 report suggested a museum dedicated to the building arts.
Her subsequent report The Stern Review has attracted significant approval.
Her mother remarried to the writer Xu Chi ( 徐迟 ), renowned for his report titled Goldbach's Conjecture, about Chinese mathematician Chen Jingrun.
Her gravesite was sparsely marked until July 2008, when a report by WRAL-TV of Raleigh, North Carolina highlighted deteriorating conditions at the cemetery and efforts by the city of Belhaven to have it restored.
Her first assignment is to investigate and report on the theft of the Dagger of Amon Ra, taking over from the reporter Crodfoller T. Rhubarb.
Her organization's efforts have led to legislation in more than 25 states requiring hospitals to report infections.
Her son Michael died in 1997 ; causes were unknown, although a Santa Barbara Police report contains concerns about possible foul play.
Her resulting positive report was criticised by Media Watch.
Her clinic is later re-opened, but Carol has to report to her former assistant there.
Her maiden speech was about the implications of the Fitzgerald report for Victoria, especially in regard to police corruption.

Her and Work
Her Life and Work, Muriel Spark and Derek Stanford
" Elizabeth I and Her Parliaments: The Work of Sir John Neale ," Journal of Modern History Vol.
" Determinate Politics of Indeterminacy: Reading Joanna Russ's Recent Work in Light of Her Early Short Fiction " in Future Females, the Next Generation: New Voices and Velocities in Feminist Science Fiction Criticism.
* Graham, Laurel D. Managing On Her Own: Dr. Lillian Gilbreth and Women's Work in the Interwar Era.
* Environmental Design Library, University of California, Berkeley Beatrix Farrand: a Bibliography of Her Life & Work
“ She in Herland: Feminism as Fantasy .” Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The Woman and Her Work.
Lady Anne Clifford Countess of Dorset, Pembroke and Montgomery 1590-1676: Her Life, Letters, and Work.
* Simon Sanders House and Urban Farmstead – A program entitled " Her Work Is Never Done " presented at the Sanders House is a demonstration of the endless tasks assigned to a household slave during the antebellum years in Washington.
" Composer Chose ‘ Life ’ over Work: Ruth Crawford-Seeger Never Revived Her Promising Musical Career
Appointed to Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council in 2003, she became Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and Shadow Minister for Women before being appointed to her current positions in Prime Minister David Cameron's Cabinet on 12 May 2010.
Her enthusiasm also aided her election as vice-chairman of Highways and Work on 28 June 1977.
Since 1983 they have published and distributed over 400, 000 copies of the book, Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words, and over one-and-a-half-million copies of the booklet, Steps Toward Inner Peace.
* Peace Pilgrim, Her Life and Work in her Own Words ( 1983 )
In 1905 Carleton issued a new edition of Fannie Crosby, Her Life Work, which was both expanded and " newly illustrated ", and despite " the greater expense of production, the price remains One Dollar a copy ", with Crosby to " receive the same liberal royalty ", as the book was "".
There is a video available for " Revenge ", which was one of three singles pulled from the album, the others being " Work for Love " and " I Wanted to Tell Her ".
Her father was Edmund Roche, 4th Baron Fermoy, a friend of King George VI and the elder son of the American heiress Frances Work and her first husband, the 3rd Baron Fermoy.
Ting Ling, Her Life and Her Work.
Theodate Pope Riddle: Her Life and Work.
Her book is titled How Do You Work This Life Thing?
Her next release Aan: Men at Work was also a flop in India.
In 2004, Philip Leibfried and Chei Mi Lane's exhaustive examination of Wong's career, Anna May Wong: A Complete Guide to Her Film, Stage, Radio and Television Work was published, as well as a second full-length biography, Anna May Wong: From Laundryman's Daughter to Hollywood Legend by Graham Russell Hodges.
Her rendition of Bob Dylan's work, " It Takes a Lot to Laugh ", was first recorded in studio on Chinese Work Songs, and became a favorite in live appearances with Murphy as lead singer prior to her departure in 2009.

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