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Her and reputed
Her aunt, a distinguished lady at the court, was reputed to be a lesbian and witch.
Her eldest brother, later George IV, was her godfather and is reputed to have requested her death mask.
Her father, a Congregationalist, was reputed to know most of the Welsh bible by heart.
" Her marketing of her own video singles, as opposed to marketing them in multiple-song video collections, is reputed to be another first in her innovative lifetime of doing things her own way, bucking the trends of standard industry practice.
Her grandmother Kamakshi was a reputed dancer, and her mother was a vocalist who trained under Subbaraya Sastri, the son of Syama Sastri of the Carnatic music composer trinity.

Her and last
Her husband, who was sentenced to 15 years in the federal prison at McNeil Island last April for robbery of the Hillsdale branch of Multnomah Bank, also was charged with the store holdup.
Her second and last novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, which is considered to be one of the first sustained feminist novels, appeared in 1848.
* Her fourth and last marriage was to Barry Comden ( born 1935 – died 2009 ), who was roughly a decade younger, from April 14, 1976 until 1981.
Her last courtship was with Francis, Duke of Anjou, 22 years her junior.
Her last novel was Daniel Deronda, published in 1876, whereafter she and Lewes moved to Witley, Surrey ; but by this time Lewes's health was failing and he died two years later on 30 November 1878.
Her last acting role before becoming a director was the 1933 U. S .- German co-productions of the Arnold Fanck-directed, German-language SOS Eisberg and the Tay Garnett-directed, English-language SOS Iceberg.
Her last Broadway appearance was as Mrs. Warren in George Bernard Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession, produced by Joseph Papp at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre in 1976.
Her work had tailed off during the last few years of her life because of her illness, and as some townspeople misinterpreted the effects of the increasing doses of laudanum she was taking for the pain, there had been gossip in Lyme that she had a drinking problem.
Her last feature film appearance was a cameo as herself in MGM's Main Street to Broadway in 1953.
Her last movie was Regina Roma ( 1982 ), a direct-to-video release.
Her last words ( to her housekeeper Carmen ), were reportedly, " I'm so tired ," before she died of pneumonia at the age of 67.
Her testament of June 6, 1939 states, " I beg the Lord to take my life and my death … for all concerns of the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary and the holy church, especially for the preservation of our holy order, in particular the Carmelite monasteries of Cologne and Echt, as atonement for the unbelief of the Jewish People and that the Lord will be received by his own people and his kingdom shall come in glory, for the salvation of Germany and the peace of the world, at last for my loved ones, living or dead, and for all God gave to me: that none of them shall go astray.
Her epitaph says, in part, " Her bright, energetic spirit, undaunted by suffering to the last, and ever working for the welfare of those around her, made a short life long.
Her last words were " Pardon me sir, I meant not to do it ", to Henri Sanson the executioner, whose foot she had accidentally stepped on after climbing the scaffold.
Her first three marriages ended in divorce ; the last ended with the death of husband Al Steele.
Her last public appearance was September 23, 1974, at a party honoring her old friend Rosalind Russell at New York's Rainbow Room.
Her last film of the 1980s was opposite partner Kurt Russell for the third time in the comedy Overboard ( 1987 ).
Edward wrote fondly of his mother in his memoirs: " Her soft voice, her cultivated mind, the cosy room overflowing with personal treasures were all inseparable ingredients of the happiness associated with this last hour of a child's day ...
Her last films made abroad were Beyond All Limits ( Mexican-American production, 1957 ) with Jack Palance, Faustina ( Spain, 1957 ), Sonatas ( Spain, 1957 ) directed by Juan Antonio Bardem and La Fievre Monte a El Pao ( French-Mexican production, 1959 ) directed by Luis Buñuel.
Her last husband was a French banker, Alex Berger, whom she married in 1956.
Her benefactors gone, and her own health in decline, she made her last appearance on the stage in Edinburgh in 1785.
Her first appearance on film is as the baby in the very last shot of her mother's film, In the Good Old Summertime ( 1949 ).
Her vociferous disapproval of Meg's impending engagement to the impoverished Mr. Brooke becomes the proverbial " last straw " that actually causes Meg to accept his proposal.

Her and words
Her words jumbled together and she all but ran from the office and from the question in Rev's face.
Her words remained with him, worrying him for hours.
Her answer was not in words.
Her cryptic words were " Do not loosen the bulging mouth of the wineskin until you have reached the height of Athens, lest you die of grief.
Her reported first words were, " Is the bloody man dead yet?
It was first performed in England on 24 May 1856 in Italian at Her Majesty's Theatre in London, where it was considered morally questionable, and " the heads of the Church did their best to put an injunction upon performance ; the Queen refrained from visiting the theatre during the performances, though the music, words and all, were not unheard at the palace ".
Her education was mainly supervised by her mother, who in the words of Randolph Churchill " never aimed at bringing her daughters up to be more than nicely behaved young ladies ".
Her sedentary lifestyle resulted in her gaining weight ; in Sarah's words, " she grew exceeding gross and corpulent.
In the words of her grandson, Edward VIII ( later the Duke of Windsor ), " Her generosity was a source of embarrassment to her financial advisers.
Her final words to the German Lutheran prison chaplain, Paul Le Seur, were recorded as, " Ask Father Gahan to tell my loved ones later on that my soul, as I believe, is safe, and that I am glad to die for my country.
Her gravestone bears the WSPU slogan, " Deeds not words ".
Her name comes from the Greek words τέρπω (" delight ") and χoρός (" dance ").
Her name is a contraction of Yoruba words: " Yeye omo eja " that mean " Mother whose children are like fish.
Her last words were, " Do not grieve, my friend, my dearest friend.
Her explanation of why Middleport was so called is told in her words:
Her 2002 album, Sean-Nós Nua, marked a departure in that O ' Connor interpreted or, in her own words, " sexed up " traditional Irish folk songs, including several in the Irish language.
Her four Twilight Zone appearances, in which she barely utters a couple of words, are spread between the beginning and the end of her brief career.
Her early death, when the boy was only five years old, was a traumatic experience that, in his own words, " deeply scarred " the future composer.
Her words have never faded — they become stronger.
This is further supported by the translation of the Japanese spoken words from the beginning of " The Canyon Behind Her ": " This album was inspired by a painting titled ' Dream Caused By the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate One Second Before Awakening '.
Her duties included proofreading, answering reader questions, provide proper pronunciation of certain words, translation of foreign phrases, identifying characters and defining words.

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