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Her and son
Her mother wrote Kate of her grief at the death of Kate's baby and at Jonathan's decision to go with the South `` And, dear Kate '', she wrote, `` poor Dr. Breckenridge's son Robert is now organizing a militia company to go South, to his good father's sorrow.
Her concern for the natives of Borrioboola-Gha was so intense that she quite forgot and neglected her son Peepy!!
Her husband, who is the son of Alton John Mason of Shreveport, La., and the late Mrs. Henry Cater Parmer, was president of Alpha Tau Omega and a member of Delta Sigma Pi at Lamar Tech, and did graduate work at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, on a Rotary Fellowship.
Her reputed last words, uttered as the assassin was about to strike, were " Smite my womb ", the implication here being she wished to be destroyed first in that part of her body that had given birth to so " abominable a son.
Her son only venerated Ares and was fully devoted to war, neglecting love and marriage.
Her first marriage, at the age of fifteen, was to the son of her father's rival in Italy, Lothair II, the nominal King of Italy ; the union was part of a political settlement designed to conclude a peace between her father and Hugh of Provence, the father of Lothair.
Her only child, son Terry Melcher, resulted from this marriage.
Her name may have to do with the fact that Hylas was the son of Theiodamas, the king of the Dryopes.
Her husband was succeeded by their son, Richard I, who immediately released his mother.
Her son, Prince Hisahito, is the third in line to the throne under the current law of succession.
Her son Naka no Ōe planned a coup d ' état and slew Soga no Iruka at the court in front of her throne.
Her son, Prince Obito became Emperor Shōmu.
Her first son Nicholas was born in 1937, followed by twin boys Sam and Andrew, born in 1939.
Her son Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was born in 1805 with the help of the expedition.
Her father, John Charles Smith, was the son of English Methodist immigrants, and worked a variety of odd jobs.
Her father is Bernard Lewinsky, an oncologist, who is the son of German Jews who escaped Nazi Germany and emigrated to El Salvador and later the United States.
Her letters to her son and his family have since almost all been lost ; but in one that survives, she wrote to Nicholas: " You know that my thoughts and prayers never leave you.
Her son Aubrey, a photographer and film-maker who is " committed to social justice ", received media attention in 2011, when he participated in Occupy Dame Street.
Her husband was a son of Savji Bey and through him grandson of Osman I.
Her son from the affair eventually became Bishop of Ostia, and ordered her entombement in his cathedral when she died.
Her only son, the long-awaited heir to the throne, Alexei inherited the gene and developed hemophilia.
Her son, Wyatt, makes an appearance on the song " Lullaby for Wyatt ," which is featured in the movie Grace Is Gone.
Her son would return at times to see his father, who later moved to join them around 1910. Divorce followed and Julia deserted the family to live in France.
Her son was named Donald Duck and her daughter Della Duck.

Her and Paul
Her work was selected for exhibition in six subsequent Salons until, in 1874, she joined the " rejected " Impressionists in the first of their own exhibitions, which included Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Alfred Sisley.
Her portrait of Queen Elisabeth of Valois with a zibellino ( the pelt of a marten set with a head and feet of jewelled gold ) was widely copied by many of the finest artists of the time, such as Peter Paul Rubens.
Her final words to the German Lutheran prison chaplain, Paul Le Seur, were recorded as, " Ask Father Gahan to tell my loved ones later on that my soul, as I believe, is safe, and that I am glad to die for my country.
Her first marriage, to Paul Drucker in 1981, lasted 40 days ( though they were not formally divorced until 1985 ); she subsequently married Jean-Paul Gourges in 1989.
Her first actual appearance however was in " The River Pirates " ( first published September, 1968 ) by Carl Fallberg and Paul Murry.
Her court painter was Peter Paul Rubens.
Her younger brother Paul Claudel was born there in 1868.
Her position in the Court of the King was such that when Pope Paul III sent the new Queen Catherine the " Golden Rose ", he did not forget to present the royal mistress Diane with a pearl necklace.
Also on loan to the museum, from Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, are the Raphael Cartoons: the seven surviving ( there were ten ) full scale designs for tapestries in the Sistine Chapel, of the lives of Peter and Paul from the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles.
Her removal to Orvieto and Viterbo in 1541, on the occasion of her brother Ascanio Colonna's revolt against Paul III, produced no change in their relations, and they continued to visit and correspond as before.
Her husband, since 1963, is Paul Pelosi.
Her maternal grandfather was Prince Paul of Württemberg, a son of King Frederick I of Württemberg and his ill-fated consort Augusta of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel ( 1764 – 88 ).
Her maternal grandfather was actor Paul Burke.
Her eldest son, Paul, was killed on 13 February 1953 in a plane crash while serving with the Royal Air Force in Thailand.
Her siblings were Edna, George, Helen, Leo, and Paul.
She was born as the eighth child and sixth daughter of Paul I of Russia and Empress Maria Feodorovna ( born Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg ), and thus was Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna of Russia.
Her best known works are probably the monumental Pope John Paul II in St Patrick's College Maynooth and the carved altar in the University College Cork chapel.
Her Amazing 3 coworkers ( Neil Patrick, Paul Brown, Kurt Nagel, and Jerry Burke ) also provided various voices on Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot.
Her ' wild child ' performance, described as " naive and knowing ", exotically " puffed out " her image, according to Paul Morley.
Government House, Governor's Road, Onchan is the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor Vice Admiral Sir Paul Haddacks, Her Majesty's representative on the Island.
Her children are Charles, Charlene, Paul, Patrice, Francis, and Lurlene.
At fifteen she was a pupil at the ballet school connected with Her Majesty's Theatre, in the Haymarket, conducted by Paul Taglioni, and became a dancer.
Her father is director Paul Annett, who has directed a large number of episodes of the British soap opera, EastEnders.
Her parents, Paul M. Fleiss and Elissa ( née Ash ), are divorced.

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