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Her and stories
Her Journal was an important laboratory for her creativity serving as both sketchbook and literary experiment where in tiny handwriting she reported on society, recorded her impressions of art and artists, recounted stories, and observed life around her.
Her first stories appeared in pulp magazines in the 1930s, including two significant series in Weird Tales.
Her early stories were notable for their emphasis on the senses and emotions, which was highly unusual at the time.
Her work involves children's adventure stories, and fantasy, sometimes involving magic.
* The Infinite Moment ( 1961 ) ( US edition of Consider Her Ways, with two stories dropped, two others added )
Her story " The Autobiography of My Mother " was one of the 1977 O. Henry Prize stories.
* " Her stories and novels are humanistic, while her deep concern for male-female ( even human-alien ) harmony ran counter to the developing segregate-the-sexes drive amongst feminist writers ; What her work brought to the genre was a blend of lyricism and inventiveness, as if some lyric poet had rewritten a number of clever SF standards and then passed them on to a psychoanalyst for final polish.
Her stories have been included in numerous anthologies and a few have had radio and television adaptations.
Her 1951 marriage to Charles Dye ended in divorce a year later, but during that time, one of her stories was published under Dye's name.
Her earliest writings, some of which she adapted in Orsinian Tales and Malafrena, were non-fantastic stories of imaginary countries.
Her stories and images can never be forgotten.
Her distinctive colours of blue with buff stripes were carried by horses such as Special Cargo, the winner of the 1984 Whitbread Gold Cup, and Devon Loch, which spectacularly halted just short of the winning post at the 1956 Grand National and whose jockey Dick Francis later had a successful career as the writer of racing-themed detective stories.
Her works include novels, plays, stories, libretti and poems written in a highly idiosyncratic, playful, repetitive, and humorous style.
Her stories tended to be ecologically based and at one point featured giant killer flowers.
Her exit from the picture was also the most sympathetic when, after helping to assist two children to escape the disaster, her character fell 110 stories to her death from a scenic elevator on the outside of the building which was derailed following an explosion.
" Her story is part of the Ulster Cycle, the best-known stories of pre-Christian Ireland.
Her novels were romantic stories of the time and concentrated on women in the marriage market ; either beautiful and superficial, or unattractive with no hope of joining it, and the person telling the story and observing them is often an independent woman.
Her foibles are commonly featured in stories.
Her short stories were published in magazines and collected in four volumes.
Her long correspondence with the latter forms the subject of one of her short stories, " The Letter Writers " ( published in The Blush, 1951 ), but the letters were unfortunately destroyed, in line with her general policy of keeping her private life private.
) Her critically acclaimed short stories and novels have secured her reputation as a major American writer.
Hannah and Her Sisters is a 1986 American comedy-drama film which tells the intertwined stories of an extended family over two years that begin and end with a family Thanksgiving dinner.
Her first assignments were stories that did not interest " the big boys.
Her stories often focus on moments of disruption and frequently open rather abruptly.

Her and have
Her form was silhouetted and with the strong light I could see the outlines of her body, a body that an artist or anyone else would have admired.
Her hair was dyed, and her bloom was fading, and she must have been crowding forty, but she seemed to be one of those women who cling to the manners and graces of a pretty child of eight.
Her students have spoken of the exacting standards of scholarship and of manners and conduct she expected and achieved from the students ; ;
Her services to the School for many years were of a very high character, and I have often thought that one of the buildings should be named for her ''.
Her skin was stretched so tight that her cheekbones stuck out, and if looks could kill, Wally would have been dead.
Her first class wasn't until ten, but she always got up to have breakfast with me.
Her jealousy of Cassandra, and her wrath at the sacrifice of Iphigenia and at Agamemnon's having gone to war over Helen of Troy, are said to have been the motives for her crime.
Her views on the subject appear to have hardened over time.
Her cryptic words were " Do not loosen the bulging mouth of the wineskin until you have reached the height of Athens, lest you die of grief.
Her death certificate gives the cause of death as phthisis ( tuberculosis ), but many biographers suggest she may have died from dehydration and malnourishment, caused by excessive vomiting from severe morning sickness or hyperemesis gravidarum.
" Her father did have a natural aptitude for drawing and the sisters were charmed by his whimsical sketches of animals.
* Cradle of Filth, a popular British extreme metal band, has produced an album called Dusk ... and Her Embrace inspired by " Carmilla ", and have also recorded an instrumental track titled " Carmilla's Masque ".
Her name may have to do with the fact that Hylas was the son of Theiodamas, the king of the Dryopes.
Her early death may have inspired some of his writing.
Her lasting influence may have caused certain monasteries and churches in Saxony to be dedicated to this saint.
Her birthplace may have been Poitiers, Bordeaux, or Nieul-sur-l ' Autise, where her mother died when Eleanor was 6 or 8.
Her silence, however, strengthened her own political security: she knew that if she named an heir, her throne would be vulnerable to a coup ; she remembered that the way " a second person, as I have been " had been used as the focus of plots against her sister, Queen Mary.
Her books have enjoyed huge success in many parts of the world, and have sold over 600 million copies.
Her personal dilemma becomes entangled with darkly hinted suspicions and prejudices raised by the crimes at the college, which appear to have been committed by a sexually frustrated female don.
Governors-general ( and their spouses ) have the style " His / Her Excellency " during their tenure, but no style applies to former governors-general purely by virtue of their former office.
Her principal aim was to have Spain's lost territories in Italy restored.
Her representative on the isle is the Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man, but his role is mostly ceremonial, though he does have the power to grant Royal Assent ( the withholding of which is the same as a veto ).
A few have been filmed ( in some cases rather freely adapted ): Consider Her Ways, Random Quest, Dumb Martian, Jizzle ( filmed as Maria ) and Time to Rest ( filmed as No Place Like Earth ).

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