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Here and Person
and Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century for Jones and Person to Bunny ( the final time Arthur Q. Bryan voiced Elmer Fudd ) and Here Today, Gone Tamale ( the only Speedy Gonzales cartoon he ever wrote ) for Freleng.
Here is the definition of the " Person " Data Element in the Global Justice XML Data Model 3. 0 *:

Here and x
Here, < sub > n </ sub > denotes the sample mean of the first n samples ( x < sub > 1 </ sub >, ..., x < sub > n </ sub >), s < sup > 2 </ sup >< sub > n </ sub > their sample variance, and σ < sup > 2 </ sup >< sub > n </ sub > their population variance.
In 3 dimensions, a differential 0-form is simply a function f ( x, y, z ); a differential 1-form is the following expression: a differential 2-form is the formal sum: and a differential 3-form is defined by a single term: ( Here the a-coefficients are real functions ; the " wedge products ", e. g. can be interpreted as some kind of oriented area elements,, etc.
Here, x is the angle that a line connecting the origin with a point on the unit circle makes with the positive real axis, measured counter clockwise and in radians.
Here ( x, y | x ', y ') means that instead of ψ we are writing a different formula, in which x and y are replaced with x ' and y '.
Here, we have < tt >( λx. xx )( λx. xx )( xx ):= λx. xx = ( x := λx. xx )( x := λx. xx ) = ( λx. xx )( λx. xx )</ tt >.
Here the summation is over all prime powers up to x.
Here m is the particle's mass and V ( x ) is the applied potential.
Here x is the node on which the splay operation is performed and root is the root node of the tree.
The Wildhearts song ' 29 x The Pain ', which namedrops the bands major influences, opens with the lyrics ' Here, sitting in my room, with the Replacements and Hüsker Dü '.
Here u ( x ) measures the distance from the equilibrium of the mass situated at x.
Here N < sub > x </ sub > is the number of x atoms per volume, λ the electron escape depth, θ the analyzer angle, T the transmission of the analyzer, I ( t ) the electron excitation flux at depth t, dΩ the solid angle, and δt is the thickness of the layer being probed.
Here e ( xa ) is the evaluation which gives x the
Here u ( x, t ) is the temperature of the rod at position x and time t and α is a constant that depends on how fast heat diffuses through the rod.

Here and is
Here, on the hottest day, it is cool beneath the stone and fresh from the water flowing in the sluices at the bottom of the vaults.
Here in these little rooms -- or stages arched open to the sky and river -- they choose a few lines out of the hundreds they may know and sing them according to one of the modes into which Persian music is divided.
Here, on a desk, is a stack of pamphlets representing the efforts of some of the best men of the day to penetrate these questions.
Here, if anywhere, it is not wholly incontrovertible.
Here we may observe that at least one modern philosophy of history is built on the assumption that ideas are the primary objectives of the historian's research.
Here an important caveat is in order.
Here, then, is what Swift would have called a modest proposal by way of a beginning.
But this we know: Here is a great life that in every area of American politics gives the American people occasion for pride and that has invested the democratic process with the most decent qualities of honor, decency, and self-respect.
Here is a word of advice when you go shopping for your pansy seeds.
Here then is our problem: aircraft are vital to winning a war today because they can perform those missions which a missile is totally incapable of performing ; ;
Here is truly a `` Great Recording of the Century '', and its greatness is by no means diminished by the fact that it is not quite perfect.
Here is an original kedgeree recipe from the Family Club's kitchen:
Here is the promise of a vacation trip they can afford.
Here is where things stand today:
Here the Af distance is 2.44 Aj.
Here the pulmonary vein, as in type 2,, is noted to draw away from the bronchus, and to follow a more direct, independent course to the hilum ( figs. 23, 24 ).
Here the number of trials is a random variable, not a fixed number.
Here there is a specific preventive component which applies in a more generalized sense to any casework situation.
( Here an entry is a form plus the information that pertains to it.
Here again, in the written language it is possible to help the reader get his stresses right by using underlining or italics, but much of the time there is simply reliance on his understanding in the light of context.
Here is the best short explanation of the origins of the Cold War that has been written.

Here and interpreted
Here the role and place of music needs to be interpreted through a broader framework in which tradition and ritual are understood as processes of identity and identification, as encoded and embodied forms of collective meaning and memory.
The motto can also be interpreted as a Brussels dialect rendering of the Dutch phrase " Hier ben ik, hier blijf ik " (" Here I am, here I stay ").
Here the god is called Cenncroithi, interpreted as " the head of all gods ", and when his image falls the silver and gold covering it crumble to dust, with the imprint of the crozier left on bare stone.
Here he first interpreted the process of digestion, which he proved to be no mere mechanical process of trituration-that is, of grinding up the food-but one of actual chemical solution, taking place primarily in the stomach, by the action of the gastric juice.
Here the US Supreme Court has interpreted the issue as revolving around the degree of a government ’ s ability to indoctrinate its citizens.
Here, Chhinnamasta is interpreted as the severed-headed one as well as the foreheaded-one.
Here, is interpreted as the dimensionless mass, defined by.
Here the word ' random ' must be interpreted as subject to correct symmetry considerations.
Here ' restriction ' is interpreted by means of fiber product, applied to f and the inclusion map of Y ′ into Y.
Here the rank of Q < sub > i </ sub > should be interpreted as meaning the rank of the matrix B < sup >( i )</ sup >, with elements B < sub > j, k </ sub >< sup >( i )</ sup >, in the representation of Q < sub > i </ sub > as a quadratic form:
The latter track, with lyrics by Edwards, can also be interpreted as an exploration of his mental state before his disappearance ; the line " Here chewing your tail is joy " for instance may be as much about Richey's self-harm as it is the tormented self-injury of zoo animals.
Here, klauhi probably means " hear " (< PIE * kleu -, " to hear "); Zis has been interpreted as the Messapic Zeus ; Dekias is a first name ( compare Latin Decius ); Artahias is a patronym or nomen gentile with the Messapic genitive-as suffix ; Thautori is inferred to be an infernal god because of its placement next to what appears to be an adjective, andirahho ( perhaps from PIE * ndher -, " under ").
Here, the left-hand side is the Malliavin derivative of the random variable in the direction and the integral appearing on the right hand side should be interpreted as an Itô integral.
Here, with respect to identity diffusion for example, an optimal level is interpreted as the norm, as it is unrealistic to expect an individual to resolve all their conflicted identifications with others ; therefore we should be alert to individuals with levels which are much higher or lower than the norm – highly diffused individuals are classified as diffused, and those with low levels as foreclosed or defensive.
Here, b can be interpreted as the distance of closest approach.
Here, the discrete probability distribution is interpreted as a vector in with and.
In particular, the exclusion of popular and highly regarded Clark-penned songs such as " Set You Free This Time " and " Here Without You " was interpreted by many fans as an attempt on McGuinn's part to downplay Clark's importance in the group.

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