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Page "adventure" ¶ 1189
from Brown Corpus
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Here and couldn't
In a 1997 interview promoting Be Here Now, Noel Gallagher had the following to say about the first single: " I was going to make up some profound statement in the chorus but I couldn't come up with anything that fitted.
Here, as in the " Pick Yourself Up " and " Bojangles of Harlem " numbers from Swing Time, Kern belied his claim that he couldn't write in the Swing style.
Here, he was a self-repairing android ( getting crushed by a planet forming around him couldn't kill him ) created in the 41st-century by the sentient artificial intelligence known as K3NT ( the same one who created Superman X ).

Here and be
Here there may be an analogy with cancer: we can detect cancers by their rapidly accelerating growth, determinable only when related to the more normal rate of healthy growth.
Here he sketched, sitting in their flowing gowns of linen and silk, young girls not yet twenty, some about to be married, some married a year or two.
Here he would have free expression because the material could be moved to distort forms.
Here are some key areas to examine to make sure your pricing strategy will be on target:
Here, too, the reality of actual furniture must be experienced.
Here may be found regular and impact styrene, cellulose acetate, cellulose butyrate and cellulose propionate, acrylic, vinyl, expandable styrene foam, and polyethylene.
Here would be a powerful force for raising business activity.
Here he put a small man, whose missing hands might have left his function doubtful, until comparison with the first sketches showed that when the artist came back to the beginning, this was to be the closing figure of the party of `` forty-niners '', and was to hold a basket.
Here the absent sitter makes a `` date '' with a communicator ( someone close to him who is deceased ), asking him to `` come in '' at a certain hour, when a channel will be open for him.
Here again laboratory approaches are being evolved, for it is recognized how `` elastic '' these readings can be, how they can apply to many people, and are often stated in general terms all too easily applied to any individual's own case.
Here again we run into the roadblock that Negroes do not like to be designated as Negroes in the press.
Here again it was vacation time and there were many things I could not see, but I was able to visit with a professor who is famous in Japanese circles and be guided through the grounds by his assistant.
Here was what was called the American dream, namely, the effort to build a structure which would be something new in history and to do so in such fashion that God could bless it.
Here, too, must be placed Unitarianism and, less obviously from Christian inspiration, Emerson, Transcendentalism, and the idealism of Walt Whitman.
Here they did not need to be in ghettos.
Here Hume tackles the problem of how liberty may be reconciled with metaphysical necessity ( otherwise known as a compatibilist formulation of free will ).
Here the term yoga denotes a kind of " meta-theory " that can be used heuristically ; Michel Raynaud writes the other terms " Ariadne's thread " and " philosophy " as effective equivalents.
In 3 dimensions, a differential 0-form is simply a function f ( x, y, z ); a differential 1-form is the following expression: a differential 2-form is the formal sum: and a differential 3-form is defined by a single term: ( Here the a-coefficients are real functions ; the " wedge products ", e. g. can be interpreted as some kind of oriented area elements,, etc.
Here, the condensate continues to be heated by the rising hot vapors ; it vaporizes once more.
Here they were used before dialing the phone in order to give some calls priority, cutting in over existing calls if need be.
Here, a " specification " can be manifested as either a plan or a finished product, and " primitives " are the elements from which the design object is composed.
Here Gottfried says that Pliny is not Spinozist, but ' could be called a Pandeist ' whose Nature or God ' is not a being separate from the world.
Here should be mentioned the province of St. Joseph in the United States.
Here variables are still supposed to be integral, but some coefficients may be irrational numbers, and the equality sign is replaced by upper and lower bounds.

Here and seen
Here the " Ley del Vascuence " (" Law of Basque "), seen as contentious by many Basques, divides Navarre into three language areas: Basque-speaking, non-Basque-speaking, and mixed.
Here and there would be a Company post where Company agents seemed imprisoned, captive by the business of ivory ; now and then on shore an occasional native village would be seen, with a frenzied uproar by the natives.
Here the holders of the offices in 2011 are seen processing alongside on Liberation Day
Here Thomas would have seen poverty, crime and rampant disease at its worst.
Here, the use of the old and outdated Tuscan language is seen as a form of excess rather than a desirable trait.
Here, vibranium was seen to be an unusual metallic element with decidedly strange properties.
Here are the remains of a Roman town, belonging to the 1st and 2nd centuries, extending over an area of some 600 by 500 meters (( 2, 000 by 1, 600 ft ), and consisting of fine buildings along the lagoons, including a large open piscina or basin, surrounded by a double portico, while farther inland are several very large and well-preserved water-reservoirs, supplied by an aqueduct of which traces may still be seen.
Here, La Salle filled the Griffon with pelts and in late November 1679 sent the Griffon back to the site of modern day Buffalo, never to be seen again.
* English SS volunteers in the 1965 alternate history film It Happened Here are part of the Black Prince Division as seen briefly on their cuff titles at the end of the film when being massacred after surrendering.
Here the Dwarves became occasionally comedic and bumbling, but largely seen as honourable, serious-minded, but still portraying some negative characteristics such as being gold-hungry, overly proud and occasionally officious.
The Book of the SubGenius: Being the Divine Wisdom, Guidance, and Prophecy of J. R. " Bob " Dobbs, High Epopt of the Church of the SubGenius, Here Inscribed for the Salvation of Future Generations and in the Hope that Slack May Someday Reign on this Earth ( ISBN 0-671-63810-6 ) is seen as the " bible " of the Church of the SubGenius.
Here it is seen from Interstate 5 in California | Interstate 5 near Yreka, California | Yreka.
Here can be seen the remains of the British ship Augusta ( it is stored in a shed with windows for visitors to the park to look through to see the ship's pieces ), which sank during the battle.
Here, he is seen as a passenger going through Miami Airport security check-in and being frisked – several Virgin Atlantic planes appear soon after.
Dell's tagline ' Yours is Here ', as seen at their SM Mall of Asia | Mall of Asia branch in Pasay City, Philippines
He excelled in basketball and reportedly was once the New Jersey state foul shot champion ( his singular basketball prowess can be seen in Here Come The Co-Eds ( 1945 ), in which he performs all his own tricky hoop shots without special effects ).
Here Gawain partly retains the negative characteristics attributed to him by the later French, and partly retains his earlier positive representations, creating a character seen by some as inconsistent, and by others as a believably flawed hero.
Here, the Cascade Mountains | Cascade foothills can be seen behind a American Craftsman | Craftsman home typical of the district.
Here Irish wit is seen,
Here, Mirbeau can be seen as anticipating the theatre of Bertolt Brecht, Marcel Aymé, Harold Pinter, and Eugène Ionesco.
Here it can be seen that it would not be relevant for merger law in the U. S. ( being under 0. 18 ) or in the EU ( because there is not a change over 0. 025 ).
Here fur seals, frigates, marine iguanas, swallow-tailed gulls, sea lions, whales, marine turtles, and red-footed and Nazca boobies can be seen.
Here, fur seals, frigatebirds, Nazca and red-footed boobies, marine iguanas, sharks, whales, dolphins and swallow-tailed gulls can be seen.
Here, he receives a letter from Sophia stating she has seen his letter with his proposal of marriage to Bellaston.

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