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Here and further
Here, the twin assumptions of rationality and market efficiency lead to modern portfolio theory ( the CAPM ), and to the Black – Scholes theory for option valuation ; it further studies phenomena and models where these assumptions do not hold, or are extended.
Here, the nine heavens are further divided into left and right, and each stage is associated with a stage in the evolution of the earth that is portrayed below.
Here Albert Speer erected Hitler's enormous new Reich Chancellery building, and yet even this was little more than a dry run for an even larger structure some distance further away.
Twain had further hits from the album, including the title track which peaked at No. 14 and three additional No. 1 hits: "( If You're Not in it for Love ) I'm Outta Here!
Three further punk singles ; " Jimmy Jimmy ", " Here Comes the Summer " and " You've Got My Number ( Why Don't You Use It )?
Here, I only want my dispositions to be known: it is a means to avoid further ills.
Here a further clarification should be made regarding the use of the term " worship " in relation to the categories of adoration and veneration.
Here two characteristics are manifest: in general, Modern Orthodoxy places a high national, as well as religious, significance on the State of Israel, and institutions and individuals are, typically, Zionist in orientation ; relatedly, involvement with non-orthodox Jews will extend beyond " outreach " to include institutional relations and cooperation ; see further under Torah Umadda.
Here a further clarification should be made regarding the use of the term " worship " in relation to the categories of adoration and veneration.
Around the same time, a live LP, split with commune-dwelling hippy band Here and Now was released ( a document of their tour together ), marking the band's movement further away from the ever more predictable punk / new wave scene.
Here are further pages centrally relevant to it:
Here Kasparov played 8. d5 exd5 9. cxd5 a few times early in his career, increasing his space advantage further but falling behind in development.
Here, there are further banks, public houses, shops ( again, mostly independent ), restaurants and takeaways.
Here the place is further back in the mouth, in the postalveolar or prepalatal region.
) Here the contact is also laminal, but further back, spanning the alveolar to postalveolar, or the postalveolar to prepalatal regions.
Here, as the result of further successful exploits, Peace found a reward of £ 50 offered for his capture.
Here standardisation was taken a step further with the bodies on 9 hp four-cylinder and 15 hp six-cylinder being almost indistinguishable except for bonnet length.
In May 2002, Ant & Dec took the helm of a further reality series, entitled I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here !.
Here the newly-opened junctions with the A27 and further new road building takes the A22 into Eastbourne.
Here, again, the description in the three first books is somewhat different, and carried out into further details.
Here, the electrons are sent around an oval racetrack of electromagnets, providing further acceleration.
Tolkien further commented, Here is a scion of an Ulster prot.
Here, the Taff Bargoed and then down into Abercynon in the Cynon Valley where the Afon Cynon merge with the Taff and, slightly further downstream the Nant Clydach joins.
Here he had occasion to further associate with David Hume who was a principal actor in one of the plays.

Here and explores
Here Camus explores the absurd creator or artist.
Here Ryden explores the line between attraction and repulsion to kitsch.
The issues with memory which Sarraute highlighted in her autobiography carried through to her last novel, Here, published in 1995, in which the author explores a range of existential issues relating to the formlessness of both individual and social reality.
Here, he explores the connection between man and nature and the conflict between the forces of nature and the forces of the human mind, especially guilt, passion and fear.
Here Rye ’ s explores the re-direction of art and strives to reveal art practice that has moved far beyond the White Cube.
In May 2010 a book about Bruceploitation was published by Carl Jones, entitled Here Come the Kung Fu Clones ; it primarily focuses on a particular Lee-a-like, Ho Chung Tao, but also explores the actors and movies among the best and worst the genre has to offer.
Here, gravity no longer applies as Glover explores an alien planet and flies in a spaceship.
Here, Hanuman explores the demon's city and spies on Ravana.

Here and within
Here, we examined the role of sleep in the object-place recognition task, a task closely comparable to tasks typically applied for testing human declarative memory: It is a one-trial task, hippocampus-dependent, not stressful and can be repeated within the same animal.
Here, poetry alone provides a consolation for personal grief, much less philosophy or politics ( as in Dante ), for Petrarch fights within himself ( sensuality versus mysticism, profane versus Christian literature ), not against anything outside of himself.
( Here, formalizing accurately and completely means that all true propositions — and only true propositions — are derivable within the mathematical system.
Here the eggs are fertilized and segment so that the young embryos are formed within their mother's body.
Here, in 313 AD, emperor Constantine issued the famous edict that gave freedom of confession to all religions within the Empire.
Here, two of the separate forms of Horus that exist in Egyptian tradition have been given distinct positions within Plutarch's version of the myth.
Although earlier BBC radio shows such as Much Binding in the Marsh, Take It From Here and Beyond Our Ken had conditioned listeners to a mix of music, sketches and jokes within a 30 minute show, and Round the Horne was also doing this, ISIRTA ( as it was known to its friends ) accelerated the transitions, and it certainly seemed more improvised.
Here, Durkheim outlines how totemism within an Australian aboriginal religion is an example of how collective representations are enacted through religion.
Here the temperature field within the object begins to change as a function of time, as the heat is removed from the metal, and the interest lies in analyzing this spatial change of temperature within the object over time, until all gradients disappear entirely ( the ball has reached the same temperature as the oil ).
Here, guests may converse among themselves or with the Magic Mirror that is located just within the entrance.
Here his free utterance of extreme Arian views led to popular complaints, and Eudoxius was compelled, by command of the emperor, Constantius II, to depose him from the bishopric within a year of his elevation to it.
Here, Iðunn is described as Bragi's wife and keeper of an eski ( a wooden box made of ash wood and often used for carrying personal possessions ) within which she keeps apples.
* Here documents using < code ><<< code > to embed a block of input text within a script.
Here, as Papyrus Wilbour notes in its wealth of taxation records and land assessments, the temple of Nephthys was a specific foundation by Ramesses II, located in close proximity to ( or within ) the precinct of the enclosure of Set.
Here he remained until 1840, encountering many difficulties, due both to the distrust of those within the congregation who suspected the piety of a rabbi able to speak grammatical German, and who was a graduate of a German university, and to the peculiar legislation which in Prussia under Frederick William III regulated the status of the Jewish congregations.
Here you will find playground, tables and benches within the park.
Here one assumes that the changes are quasistatic, so slow that there is at each instant negligible departure from thermodynamic equilibrium within the system.
The songs that didn't reach the top spot peaked within the Top 10 during this time, " I Wanna Be Free ", " You're Lookin ' At Country " and 1972's " Here I Am Again ", all released on separate albums.
Here his evangelistic fervour attracted multitudes to his preaching, including Roman Catholics, but at the same time excited the anger of his opponents ; and the result of their opposition was that after a ministry of fifteen months he was commanded by the civil authorities ( September 27, 1691 ) to leave Erfurt within forty-eight hours.
Here, Spare attended St. Agnes School, attached to a prominent High Anglican church, and as a child he was brought up within the Anglican denomination of Christianity.
Here humans are the primary governing force for organisms within planned and managed, mostly terrestrial, environments.
Here, Merton argues, people must be willing to admit that there exist various structural and functional alternatives within society.
Here he lays charges that Smith and his son-in-law, Alderman Robert Johnson, were running a company within a company to skim off the profits from the shareholders.

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