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Here and information
( Here an entry is a form plus the information that pertains to it.
Here information is stored and retrieved.
Here policies are directed towards promoting an open and competitive digital economy, research into information and communication technologies, as well as their application to improve social inclusion, public services, and quality of life.
( Here the adverb together provides information about how the kids are playing.
Here it is convenient to follow the terminology used by the Cochrane Collaboration, and use " meta-analysis " to refer to statistical methods of combining evidence, leaving other aspects of ' research synthesis ' or ' evidence synthesis ', such as combining information from qualitative studies, for the more general context of systematic reviews.
Here is his note of the man's information:
Here is more information.
Here Q < sub > Y | X </ sub >( y | x ), sometimes called a test channel, is the conditional probability density function ( PDF ) of the communication channel output ( compressed signal ) Y for a given input ( original signal ) X, and I < sub > Q </ sub >( Y ; X ) is the mutual information between Y and X defined as
Here, information is understood to be instantly available for everybody at no cost and being complete.
1967 saw the beginning of the Vauxhall relationship and not wanting to go over what's written in Only Here for the Beer I hope we have provided a little bit more information about Gerry's beginnings in motorsport and his racing in the 1960s.
Here is some information on the format of the VCD itself, as well as the audio and video stored on these discs:
Here are equivalent formulas of the Fisher information metric.
Here the manner in which the information is presented might be more important than which information is presented ; the questioner may even already know all of the information contained in the right answer, and merely needs it to be expressed in a more useful form.
Here, signification ( and sign ) is understood in a very general sense, that is, not simply the transfer of information from one place to another, but the generation of the very content and meaning of that information in human as well as non-human sign producers and sign receivers.
Here he served with Lt. George E. Goldwaithe as a gunner and aerial observer, gathering information and taking photographs in reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines.
Here, companies have developed in the construction industry and information technology, in addition there is also a company that manufactures kitchen appliances.
Here he had access to top secret information on the atomic development program
Here you can find valuable information on attractions, accommodations, entertainment and dining.
Here at regular intervals, technological and information exchanges occurred.
The eighteenth edition of the book ( 2005 ) was billed as a " Special Collector's Edition " as it featured detailed information on the 1, 000 Number Ones in the UK Singles Chart from Al Martino's " Here in My Heart " on 14 November 1952 to Elvis Presley's " One Night / I Got Stung " ( Limited Edition Collector's re-issue ), 22 January 2005.
Here at the centre of power, he would undoubtedly be aware of all significant events or could easily have access to the relevant information.

Here and is
Here, on the hottest day, it is cool beneath the stone and fresh from the water flowing in the sluices at the bottom of the vaults.
Here in these little rooms -- or stages arched open to the sky and river -- they choose a few lines out of the hundreds they may know and sing them according to one of the modes into which Persian music is divided.
Here, on a desk, is a stack of pamphlets representing the efforts of some of the best men of the day to penetrate these questions.
Here, if anywhere, it is not wholly incontrovertible.
Here we may observe that at least one modern philosophy of history is built on the assumption that ideas are the primary objectives of the historian's research.
Here an important caveat is in order.
Here, then, is what Swift would have called a modest proposal by way of a beginning.
But this we know: Here is a great life that in every area of American politics gives the American people occasion for pride and that has invested the democratic process with the most decent qualities of honor, decency, and self-respect.
Here is a word of advice when you go shopping for your pansy seeds.
Here then is our problem: aircraft are vital to winning a war today because they can perform those missions which a missile is totally incapable of performing ; ;
Here is truly a `` Great Recording of the Century '', and its greatness is by no means diminished by the fact that it is not quite perfect.
Here is an original kedgeree recipe from the Family Club's kitchen:
Here is the promise of a vacation trip they can afford.
Here is where things stand today:
Here the Af distance is 2.44 Aj.
Here the pulmonary vein, as in type 2,, is noted to draw away from the bronchus, and to follow a more direct, independent course to the hilum ( figs. 23, 24 ).
Here the number of trials is a random variable, not a fixed number.
Here there is a specific preventive component which applies in a more generalized sense to any casework situation.
Here again, in the written language it is possible to help the reader get his stresses right by using underlining or italics, but much of the time there is simply reliance on his understanding in the light of context.
Here is the best short explanation of the origins of the Cold War that has been written.

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