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Page "learned" ¶ 874
from Brown Corpus
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Here and no
Here is truly a `` Great Recording of the Century '', and its greatness is by no means diminished by the fact that it is not quite perfect.
Here, as in `` Journal '', Mr. Louis has given himself the lion's share of the dancing, and there is no doubt that he is capable of conceiving and executing a wide variety of difficult and arresting physical movements.
Here again it is not anything like a legislative commission sitting down to discuss the pros and cons and drafting proposals, but the format is that of a trial, voting yes or no after a clash of speeches and such.
Here, he was assaulted by police in June 2001, with no particular reason stated.
His gravestone bears the simple epitaph: " Here lies Eric Arthur Blair, born 25 June 1903, died 21 January 1950 "; no mention is made on the gravestone of his more famous pen-name.
Here, no more than two or three notes are played at a time, and the full harmony is indicated by arpeggiation.
Murray Bookchin has put it this way " what of the syndicalist ideal of " collectivized " self-managed enterprises that are coordinated by like occupations on a national level and coordinated geographically by " collectives " on a local level ?... Here, the traditional socialist criticism of this syndicalist form of economic management is not without its point: the corporate or private capitalist, " worker-controlled " or not "” ironically, a technique in the repertoire of industrial management that is coming very much into vogue today as " workplace democracy " and " employee ownership " and constitutes no threat whatever to private property and capitalism ... In any case, " economic democracy " has not simply meant " workplace democracy " and " employee ownership.
" Mr. Thomas Scott, who had been so much deluded by the hypocrosy of Monk ... said: ' That though he knew not where to hide his head at that time, yet he durst not refuse to own, that not only his hand, but his heart also was in it ' and after he had produced divers reasons to prove the justice of it, he concluded, ' that he should desire no greater honor in this world, than that the folloing inscritption might be engraved on his tomb ; " Here lies one who had a hand and a heart in the execution of Charles Stuart late King of England.
Here the glottis moves downward, but the lungs may be used simultaneously ( to provide voicing ), and in some languages no air may actually flow into the mouth.
Here, the classical simulation of the experiment breaks down because there are no " directions " other than heads or tails to be measured in the coins.
Here he restricted it in this way: no language could contain its own truth predicate, that is, the expression is true could only apply to sentences in some other language.
Here methods like random self-reducibility can be used for some specific problems to show that the worst case is no harder than the average case, or, equivalently, that the average case is no easier than the worst case.
Here Mavrodes ' worry about X = " to make something its maker cannot lift " will no longer be a problem because " God does X " is not logically consistent.
Here Newton used what became his famous expression ' Hypotheses non fingo ', " I frame no hypotheses ", in response to criticisms of the first edition of the ' Principia '.
Here he says, "... in embryos, whilst the lungs are in a state of inaction, performing no function, subject to no movement any more than if they had not been present, Nature uses the two ventricles of the heart as if they formed but one for the transmission of the blood.
Here, research often involves low or no risk for participants, unlike in many medical experiments.
Here, the " constant " of integration is no longer a constant, but instead a function of all the variables of the original function except x.
Hence, François Rabelais, also of the 16th century, imagines an inscription over the door of his Utopian Abbey of Thélème, " Here enter no hypocrites, bigots ..." slipping in a slighting reference to " Gotz " and " Ostrogotz.
Here for real a, b and c, if Δ > 0, the polynomial has two real roots, if Δ = 0, the polynomial has one real root, and if Δ < 0, the polynomial has no real roots.
Here, the posterior pituitary is a simple flat sheet of tissue at the base of the brain, and there is no pituitary stalk.
Here Petruchio is specifically attacking the very function of Katherina's language, vowing that no matter what she says, he will purposely misinterpret it, thus undermining the very basis of the linguistic sign, and disrupting the relationship between signifier and signified.
Jesus immediately characterizes him as " Here is a man in whom there is no deception.

Here and attempt
Here is one attempt to formulate that:
Here, from 19 October until 22 November, the German forces made their final breakthrough attempt of 1914 during the First Battle of Ypres.
Here also he wrote Lucinde ( 1799 ), an unfinished romance, which is interesting as an attempt to transfer to practical ethics the Romantic demand for complete individual freedom, and Alarcos, a tragedy ( 1802 ) in which, without much success, he combined romantic and classical elements.
Here he began his political career, winning in his third attempt a seat in the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories.
Here, as in the Caucasus, he showed a decided preference for the employment of ordinary legal methods rather than exceptional extralegal measures, even after an attempt on his own life soon afterwards.
Here he was saved by a stranger from an assassination attempt.
Here however he did not attempt to maintain direct control.
* Killjoy was Here features Killjoy, a man who ruins any attempt at a funny dialogue by spouting out depressing facts on global issues such as poverty.
Here they would defend their bread, as the attackers would attempt to carry it off.
According to Korean folklore, a woman, in an attempt to soothe her crying child, said " Here comes a tiger to come and get you.
Here they would attempt to put into practice what Eberhard Arnold believed the Holy Spirit had revealed to him.
The plot called for Pompeianus ' nephew and stepson in law to stab Commodus, and the young assassin, during the attempt, declared to Commodus " Here is the dagger the senate sends to you!
Here, the engine was cosmetically restored, possibly the first such effort since the misguided attempt made whilst at Steamtown.
Here, chibi ( term ) | chibi versions of the main characters attempt to explain the concept of " Ice II ".
Here, however, no attempt was made by the copyist to group pieces in any way.
Here the Drode reveals ( in the form of complaining ) that the Animorphs were, in fact, not a random assortment who had found Elfangor but that they had been picked out by the Ellimist: Elfangor's son Tobias, his brother Aximili, Cassie — a kind of ' nexus point ' who by her very nature would disrupt any attempt to replace the true reality with an alternate one -, and the son of Visser One's host body ( Marco )— as he put it, the Ellimist had " stacked the deck " with them for their specific abilities and positions.
Now and Then, Here and There follows a young boy named Shuzo " Shu " Matsutani who, in an attempt to save an unknown girl, is transported to another world which is possibly the Earth in the far future.
Here, he claims to be an artist attached to Gladstone's staff in an attempt to provide an artistic view of the beginning of the war for Hyperion, which is under attack by the Ousters.
But with him, as the historian Jacob Burkhardt relates, " Here for the first time the attempt was openly made to found a throne by wholesale murder and endless barbarities, by the adoption in short, of any means with a view to nothing but the end pursued.
Here, Arcade and Baron Mordo divert the heroes from their attempt to attack Dr. Doom's castle to rescue the X-Men Nightcrawler and Jean Grey.
Here ' entered ' presents " the totality of the situation referred to [...]: the whole of the situation is presented as a single unanalysable whole, with beginning, middle, and end all rolled into one ; no attempt is made to divide this situation up into the various individual phases that make up the action of entry.
Here, his hair is used to symbolize his power — by growing it out and refusing to style it, Lionel's attempt to show that he is so powerful that he can do whatever he wants without any form of backlash.
Here, an attempt is made to associate a quantum-mechanical observable ( a self-adjoint operator on a Hilbert space ) with a real-valued function on classical phase space.
Here at the new River Cottage H. Q., the team would film the 2006 series The River Cottage Treatment where Hugh would attempt to convert junk food lovers ' eating habits.

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