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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 90
from Brown Corpus
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Here and on
Here, she dropped the keys on a small table beside the door and went upstairs to her bedroom.
Here, on a desk, is a stack of pamphlets representing the efforts of some of the best men of the day to penetrate these questions.
Here we may observe that at least one modern philosophy of history is built on the assumption that ideas are the primary objectives of the historian's research.
Here in the cool darkness Mr. Podger could still feel the warmth of midday, could still see the yellow butterflies dancing over the road, could still see the friendly grin on the young, sun-browned face as the driver looked back over his shoulder for a moment before the car streaked out of sight.
Here, as in all sectors of the economy, quality and justice are both dependent on the right of the individual to deal directly with his employer if he so chooses.
Here are some key areas to examine to make sure your pricing strategy will be on target:
Here again, in the written language it is possible to help the reader get his stresses right by using underlining or italics, but much of the time there is simply reliance on his understanding in the light of context.
Here no attempt is made, first to determine out-of-pocket or marginal costs and then to superimpose on these costs `` reasonably distributed '' residues of total costs.
Here, at the Ravine Lodge, President Dickey acts as host every year to about a hundred freshmen who are being introduced by the Dartmouth Outing Club to life on the trails.
Here is the world of the chauffeured limousine and the gossip reporter, of caviar on stale crackers and the warm martini, of the poseur, the spy, the party crasher, and the patriot, of the rented tails, the double cross, and the tired Lothario.
And, Here, I'll take this, I was before her, you wait on me now or I don't bother with it, see!!
Here '' -- She thrust a bundle of keys strung on a thick red cord into Sarah's hand.
Here and there on work table or pedestal stood a shape with a sheet or a tarpaulin draped over it.
Or have a sign on his car that says, ' Here Comes the Paxton Kidnapper ' ''??
Here I took my leave of my learned friends to step out on another path, to which we might give the modern name of Pragmatism, or the thing that works.
Here the peoples spoke the tongue of Iceland because that island had gotten the jump on the Hawaiian-Americans who were busy resettling North America and the western half of South America after the Apocalyptic War.
Here, souls rest, recuperate from life, and reflect on the experiences they had during their lives.
Here, the lord Krishna says that just as a man discards his old clothes and wears new ones ; similarly the soul discards the old body and takes on a new one.
The slab on top carries the inscription (" Here lies a French soldier who died for the fatherland 1914 – 1918 ").
Here, Steiner developed a concept of free will based on inner experiences, especially those that occur in the creative activity of independent thought.
Here, the Nebel was less of an obstacle, but the great battery positioned on the edge of the village enjoyed a good field of fire across the open ground stretching to the hamlet of Schwennenbach.
Here, two points on a sphere are called antipodal if they are in exactly opposite directions from the sphere's center.
Here, Jesus plays on the imagery of Sheol found in Jonah ’ s prayer.
Here are found the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Office of the Dead ( obligatory on All Souls ' Day ), and offices peculiar to each diocese.

Here and day
Here, in the cool, autumn-touched evening, Mr. Podger mentally retraced a day that had left him greatly contented and at peace.
Here the nymphs came to converse with Dryope, who had become a priestess of the temple, but one day Apollo again returned in the form of a serpent and coiled around her while she stood by a spring.
Here stood the oak tree, on which an arrow shot by Sir Walter Tyrrell at a stag, glanced and struck King William the Second, surnamed Rufus, on the breast, of which he instantly died, on the second day of August, anno 1100.
Here he wrote the first of his great historical tragedies, Hakon Jarl, which he sent off to Copenhagen, and then proceeded for the winter months to Berlin, where he associated with Humboldt, Fichte, and the leading men of the day, and met Goethe for the first time.
Here, La Salle filled the Griffon with pelts and in late November 1679 sent the Griffon back to the site of modern day Buffalo, never to be seen again.
During an off day in Berlin they performed two songs in the Caterina Valente movie Hier Bin ich Hier Bleib Ich ( Here I Am Here I Stay ).
Here, a mix of several Mexican traditions come together with traditional Aztec dancers, regional Mexican music, and other Mexican artisans to celebrate the day.
Here the British line had not progressed significantly since the first day of the battle, and the two armies were in echelon, making progress impossible until the villages were captured.
Here, we take the first letters of only the words " Head Office " ( ho ) and we take the " end " of the word " day " ( y ).
Here, intense solar radiation by day, which raises the surface when dry to a temperature approaching 27 ° C ( 80 ° F ), alternates with severe frost by night.
Here sojourn day and night.
Here is a complete list of Bologna presidents from 1909 until the present day.
The " Classic Gong " line-up retired from regular touring in 2001, but there were one-off reunions subsequently, most notably at the " Gong Family Unconvention " ( Uncon ), the first of which was held in 2004 in the Glastonbury Assembly rooms as a one day event and featured many ex members and Gong family bands including Here and Now, House of Thandoy, Thom the Poet, Invisible Opera, Andy Bole, Bubbledub and Joie Hinton.
Here viewers could take in a play or listen to a popular orchestra of the day.
It was announced on 7 November 2007 that McLaren would be one of the contestants in the seventh series of the ITV reality show I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here !, set in the outback of Australia and premiering on British television on Monday 12 November 2007, but he pulled out the day he had flown to Australia.
Here also are the sonnet, If Music and sweet Poetrie agree, and the beautiful ode beginning As it fell upon a day, which were once attributed to Shakespeare himself.
Here individuals of all nations are melted into a new race of men, whose labors and posterity will one day cause great changes in the world.
Here lies the Body of JOHN EVELYN Esq of this place, second son of RICHARD EVELYN Esq who having served the Publick in several employments of which that Commissioner of the Privy Seal in the reign of King James the 2nd was most Honourable: and perpetuated his fame by far more lasting Monuments than those of Stone, or Brass: his Learned and useful works, fell asleep the 27th day of February 1705 / 6 being the 86th Year of his age in full hope of a glorious resurrection thro faith in Jesus Christ.
Here Shunryu became head monk for a 100 day retreat, after which he was no longer merely considered a novice.
Here, he uses a young widow to influence a political figure ( modeled after Baron Haussmann ) in order to have frontage access to a huge thoroughfare ( the present day rue de Quatre-Septembre ) for the store.
Here was a place where people could meet to discuss the matters of the day and enjoy entertainment.
Here the re-reader is examining the proof from the perspective of typographical and formatting accuracy alone, ignoring how many other pages the first reader had read that day, and had yet to read, and how many pages were successfully read and how many deadlines were met under a given day's specific conditions.

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