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Here and difference
Here Keys and others, such as Dr. A. E. Ahrens of the Rockefeller Institute, took over to demonstrate the chemical difference between vegetable and animal fats -- and even between different varieties of each.
Here the left-hand side represents the true difference between the value of g at a and at, whereas the right-hand side represents the approximation determined by the derivative plus an error term.
Here are two Japanese sword nakago ( tang ), the top one is from a katana, the bottom is from a tachi, you can see the difference in the placement of the mei ( signature ), if you follow the curve of the blades you can see that if the tachi was worn tachi style with the cutting edge down the mei would be pointing away from the wearer and if the katana was worn with the cutting edge up in katana style the katana mei would also be pointing away from the wearer.
Here u might describe the displacement of a stretched string from equilibrium, or the difference in air pressure in a tube, or the magnitude of an electromagnetic field in a tube, and c is a number that corresponds to the velocity of the wave.
Here is a quotation describing emf as an open-circuit voltage difference:
Here Δk is the field-dependent difference between LCP and RCP absorption, α is the electric permeability, n is the index of refraction, H is the applied magnetic field, k is the Boltzmann constant and T is the temperature.
Here, too, a difference will be made as to whether these divisions are made directly on the ecliptic, or on the celestial equator or some other great circle, before being projected on the ecliptic.
Here it is similar to the real cat, the most notable difference being that is a promotional deal with the Twilight franchise and it is supposed to be a vampire cat.
Here we see most immediately the conflict between the two predominant traits of the Compson family, which Jason's mother Caroline attributes to the difference between her blood and her husband's: on the one hand, Miss Quentin's recklessness and passion, inherited from her grandfather and, ultimately, the Compson side ; on the other, Jason's ruthless cynicism, drawn from his mother's side.
Here, established firms ' use of advertising creates a consumer perceived difference in its brand from other brands to a degree that consumers see its brand as a slightly different product.
Here a major difference is evident from the one-variable theory: while for any open connected set D in C we can find a function that will nowhere continue analytically over the boundary, that cannot be said for n > 1.
Here, the effect is caused by free electrons and can be characterized as a difference in the refractive index seen by the two circularly polarized propagation modes.
Here are two examples to illustrate the difference.
Here it ascends from the Fuhne valley, so the difference in height is about on a short distance.
" Here reciprocal understanding is not only furthered, but Christianity and Buddhism in their immiscible difference are led into a common reality.
Here,, the hypothetical difference in shoe sizes between upper and middle-class people in the whole population, is a parameter.
Here, the difference in pK < sub > b </ sub > between the base and the enolate is so large that the reaction is essentially irreversible, so the equilibration leading to the thermodynamic product is likely a proton exchange occurring during the addition between the kinetic enolate and as-yet-unreacted ketone.
Here, and are the dimensions of the plate, and is the difference in forces.
Here it makes a difference at whom the critique is directed.

Here and between
Here, in the old days -- when they had come to see the moon or displays of fireworks -- sat the king and his court while priests, soldiers, and other members of the party lounged in the smaller alcoves between.
Here, the choice is that between the horns of a dilemma.
Here we see Hersilia between her father and husband as she adjures the warriors on both sides not to take wives away from their husbands or mothers away from their children.
Here is the center of the ellipse, and is the angle between the < math > X </ Math >- axis and the major axis of the ellipse.
Here the relation between genotype and phenotype is illustrated, using a Punnett square, for the character of petal colour in pea.
Here, according to an allegorical parable, " The Choice of Heracles ", invented by the sophist Prodicus ( c. 400 BC ) and reported in Xenophon's Memorabilia 2. 1. 21-34, he was visited by two nymphs — Pleasure and Virtue — who offered him a choice between a pleasant and easy life or a severe but glorious life: he chose the latter.
Here English may serve as a useful lingua franca between ethnic and language groups.
Here Marx is drawing a distinction between exchange value ( which is the subject of the LTV ) and use value.
Here, Mies explored the relationship between people, shelter, and nature.
Here constant α quantifies the strength of the interaction between adjacent molecules.
Here, the term " parallax " is the angle or semi-angle of inclination between two sight-lines to the star.
Here Z is atomic number and n is a number which varies between 4 and 5.
Here Steiner suggests that there is an inconsistency between Kant's philosophy, which posits that knowledge is representation and that the essential verity of the world is inaccessible to human consciousness, and modern science, which assumes that all influences can be found in what Steiner termed the “ sinnlichen und geistlichen ” ( sensory and mental / spiritual ) world to which we have access.
Here the slope of the road between the two points is simply described as the ratio of the altitude change to the horizontal distance between any two points on the line.
Here, symptoms usually begin between the ages of 25 and 40 and may worsen with straining or any activity that causes cerebrospinal fluid pressure to fluctuate suddenly.
Here the terminology is different between the UK and the USA:
Here the authors make an explicit connection between urban legends and popular folklore, such as Grimm's Fairy Tales where similar themes and motifs arise.
Here ( RV 10. 75. 5 ), the sequence " Ganges, Yamuna, Sarasvati, Shutudri " places the Sarasvati between the Yamuna and the Sutlej, which is consistent with the Ghaggar identification.
Here d is the spacing between diffracting planes, is the incident angle, n is any integer, and λ is the wavelength of the beam.
Here the filament absorbs soft X-rays between 100 and 300 eV, indicating that the hot gas is located behind the filament.

Here and two
Here are the two Preambles: Federal Constitution, 1789
Here, in two nations alone, are almost five hundred million people, all working, and working hard, to raise their standards, and in doing so, to make of themselves a strong bulwark against the spread of an ideology that would destroy liberty.
Here the two leaders, DePugh and Lauchli, hastened to put the group through its paces.
Here he sketched, sitting in their flowing gowns of linen and silk, young girls not yet twenty, some about to be married, some married a year or two.
`` Here are two old men, mad at each other and too proud to pick up the phone '', said a House Democratic leader.
Here Xerxes built two pontoon bridges later known as Xerxes ' Pontoon Bridges and crossed the strait in 480 BC when he invaded Greece.
Here, two points on a sphere are called antipodal if they are in exactly opposite directions from the sphere's center.
The entry says " Here Ceawlin and Cutha fought against Aethelberht and drove him into Kent ; and they killed two ealdormen, Oslaf and Cnebba, on Wibbandun.
Five of the album's tracks were Neil's solo compositions and two were by Hester, the exuberant " Italian Plastic ", which became a crowd favourite at concerts and the hidden track " I'm Still Here ".
Here are two approaches to describing this case.
Here, purines form hydrogen bonds to pyrimidines, with A bonding only to T, and C bonding only to G. This arrangement of two nucleotides binding together across the double helix is called a base pair.
Here the superscript is one of the two musical isomorphisms, and is the Hodge dual.
Here are two typical examples.
White Limozeen ( 1989 ) produced two number-one hits in " Why'd You Come in Here Lookin ' Like That " and " Yellow Roses ".
He appeared in an episode of Here Come the Brides, as well as two episodes each of Love, American Style and My Two Dads.
Capra directed two films at Paramount Pictures starring Bing Crosby, Riding High ( 1950 ) and Here Comes the Groom ( 1951 ).
He famously put the point into dramatic relief with his 1939 essay " Proof of an External World ", in which he gave a common sense argument against scepticism by raising his right hand and saying " Here is one hand ," and then raising his left and saying " And here is another ," then concluding that there are at least two external objects in the world, and therefore that he knows ( by this argument ) that an external world exists.
Here the river splits into two, with the northern part being the Nordre älv and the southern part keeping the name Göta älv.
Here the Tigris and Euphrates rivers lie above the level of the plain in many places, and the whole area is a river delta interlaced by the channels of the two rivers and by irrigation canals.
Here are two well known games:
Here, no more than two or three notes are played at a time, and the full harmony is indicated by arpeggiation.
Here we have the composite number 90 made up of one atom of the prime number 2, two atoms of the prime number 3 and one atom of the prime number 5.
Some of the early comic book competitors were Nuts !, Get Lost, Whack, Riot, Flip, Eh !, From Here to Insanity, and Madhouse ; only the last of these lasted as many as eight issues, and some were canceled after an issue or two.

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