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Here and eggs
Here she would work day in and day out at her precious eggs.
Here, the eggs hatch into nymphs that resemble small, wingless adults ( images right and below ).

Here and are
Here in an evening Persians enjoy many of the things which are important to them: poetry, water, the moon, a beautiful face.
Here are the two Preambles: Federal Constitution, 1789
Here artistic realism involves the audience in an impassioned participation in events whose overtones and implications are transcendent.
Here, in two nations alone, are almost five hundred million people, all working, and working hard, to raise their standards, and in doing so, to make of themselves a strong bulwark against the spread of an ideology that would destroy liberty.
Here we may observe that at least one modern philosophy of history is built on the assumption that ideas are the primary objectives of the historian's research.
Here, as in all sectors of the economy, quality and justice are both dependent on the right of the individual to deal directly with his employer if he so chooses.
Here then is our problem: aircraft are vital to winning a war today because they can perform those missions which a missile is totally incapable of performing ; ;
Here they are, with my comments and judgments.
Here are the brands ( in alphabetical order ) and the new models.
Here are a couple of the latest, highly styled ways to fix skinless franks in your own back yard!!
Here are suggestions for the frankfurter trimmings: 1.
Here are some key areas to examine to make sure your pricing strategy will be on target:
Here are some of the newer items currently available:
Here a variety of meanings and emotions are concentrated, or reduced, in their communicative expression, to some comparatively simple-seeming verbal or nonverbal statement.
Here again laboratory approaches are being evolved, for it is recognized how `` elastic '' these readings can be, how they can apply to many people, and are often stated in general terms all too easily applied to any individual's own case.
Here I do not speak of military power where our advantage is obvious and overwhelming but of political power -- of influence, if you will -- about which the relevant questions are: Is Soviet influence throughout the world greater or less than it was ten years ago??
Here, at the Ravine Lodge, President Dickey acts as host every year to about a hundred freshmen who are being introduced by the Dartmouth Outing Club to life on the trails.
Here are hatched plans for getting a share of the American bounty, the secret of the anti-missile missile, or an invitation to dinner.
`` Here are two old men, mad at each other and too proud to pick up the phone '', said a House Democratic leader.
Here are several:
Here are a few facts and figures I've assembled.
Here are some examples:
Here are some statements that require the axiom of choice in the sense that they are not provable from ZF but are provable from ZFC ( ZF plus AC ).

Here and segment
Here, the syrinx or cyst develops in a segment of the spinal cord damaged by one of these conditions.
:* The " Na-Na-Na-Na " segment of " All Around the World " from Be Here Now ( 1997 ) is very similar to that of " Hey Jude "
" During Curtin's tenure as host, she opened each Weekend Update segment with Roger Grimsby's " Here now the news " sign-on, and closed with Chase's " That's the news.
Here the sign of the distances is taken negative if and only if the line segment DX ( X = F, G, H ) lies completely outside the triangle.
Here C is either empty or Prikry generic over K ( so it has order type ω and is cofinal in κ ) and unique except up to a finite initial segment.
The KCET 1997 documentary More Things That Aren't Here Anymore has a segment on Muntz and is broadcast by the station regularly during pledge periods.
Hokey's theme music for his segment of the show was composed by Hoyt Curtin and used an instrumental version of the refrain from Hail, Hail, the Gang ’ s All Here.
* " Wish You Were Here ", the fourth segment of the 1972 horror film Tales from the Crypt
For instance, the ex-prime minister ’ s wife Norma Major, as voiced by Whitfield, seemed to bear an uncanny resemblance to Eth, her character in The Glums, a widely-remembered segment in the 1950s series Take It From Here.

Here and so
Miriam Noel Wright said, `` Here I am at my own home, locked out so I must stand in the road ''!!
Here was what was called the American dream, namely, the effort to build a structure which would be something new in history and to do so in such fashion that God could bless it.
Here I sit and there you are lying ; we have so much to say, and we shall never say it.
Here Vernon and Irene Castle were important, and so was a generation of English dancers in the 1920s, including Josephine Bradley and Victor Silvester.
Here K denotes the field of real numbers or complex numbers, I is a closed and bounded interval b and p, q are real numbers with 1 < p, q < ∞ so that
Here, i is the complex number whose square is the real number − 1 and is identified with the point with coordinates ( 0, 1 ), so it is not the unit vector in the direction of the x-axis ( this confusion is just an unfortunate historical accident ).
Here,, so.
Here, each vertex ( pole ) is associated with a face plane ( polar plane or just polar ) so that the ray from the center to the vertex is perpendicular to the plane, and the product of the distances from the center to each is equal to the square of the radius.
Here, the focus is not on finding precise solutions to the equations defining the dynamical system ( which is often hopeless ), but rather to answer questions like " Will the system settle down to a steady state in the long term, and if so, what are the possible attractors?
Here, X is a set, and Σ is a sigma-algebra on X, so that the pair ( X, Σ ) is a measurable space.
Here alone is preserved a summary of the writings of the Phoenician priest Sanchuniathon of which the accuracy has been shown by the mythological accounts found on the Ugaritic tables, here alone is the account from Diodorus Siculus's sixth book of Euhemerus ' wondrous voyage to the island of Panchaea where Euhemerus purports to have found his true history of the gods, and here almost alone is preserved writings of the neo-Platonist philosopher Atticus along with so much else.
Here, transaction costs are low, so mutually beneficial agreements are found, and the person who values the service the most will hold it ( Browning and Browning 1979 ).
" Mr. Thomas Scott, who had been so much deluded by the hypocrosy of Monk ... said: ' That though he knew not where to hide his head at that time, yet he durst not refuse to own, that not only his hand, but his heart also was in it ' and after he had produced divers reasons to prove the justice of it, he concluded, ' that he should desire no greater honor in this world, than that the folloing inscritption might be engraved on his tomb ; " Here lies one who had a hand and a heart in the execution of Charles Stuart late King of England.
:" Here are all the minstrels rare Who now acquit themselves so fair In playing on their pipes whate ' er The dances be that one may do.
Here along the sea shore Gosse began serious experimentation with ways to sustain sea creatures so that they could be examined " without diving to gaze on them.
Here, the Chinese character 至 means " extreme ", so the terms for the solstices directly signify the summits of summer and winter.
Here, the task is akin to psychological recovery, and the mental hospital, so long a refuge for the discarded and the dispossessed, is now itself discarded.
Here the lake is considered so environmentally sensitive that steam and motor boats have been prohibited since 1909.
As he did so, he was supposed to have declaimed: Here I stand and here I rest.
: Here again, instructions have to be scheduled so that the various functional units are fully fed with instructions to execute.
Opening to rave reviews, From Here to Eternity proved to be an instant hit with critics and the public alike, the Southern California Motion Picture Council extolling: " A motion picture so great in its starkly realistic and appealing drama that mere words cannot justly describe it.
Here the contestants had been asked to modify their weapons so that they could use the standard size of cartridge used by the Austrian infantry.

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