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Here and term
Here the left-hand side represents the true difference between the value of g at a and at, whereas the right-hand side represents the approximation determined by the derivative plus an error term.
In 3 dimensions, a differential 0-form is simply a function f ( x, y, z ); a differential 1-form is the following expression: a differential 2-form is the formal sum: and a differential 3-form is defined by a single term: ( Here the a-coefficients are real functions ; the " wedge products ", e. g. can be interpreted as some kind of oriented area elements,, etc.
Here, again, a new term appears in the record, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for the first time using the word scottas, from which Scots derives, to describe the inhabitants of Constantine's kingdom in its report of these events.
In December 2004 Joe Pasquale, winner of the fourth series of ITV's I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here !, became well known for his frequent use of the term " Jacobs ", for Jacob's Crackers, a rhyming slang term for knackers i. e. testicles.
Here, the focus is not on finding precise solutions to the equations defining the dynamical system ( which is often hopeless ), but rather to answer questions like " Will the system settle down to a steady state in the long term, and if so, what are the possible attractors?
Here, the coefficients χ < sup >( n )</ sup > are the n-th order susceptibilities of the medium and the presence of such a term is generally referred to as an n-th order nonlinearity.
Here, the term " parallax " is the angle or semi-angle of inclination between two sight-lines to the star.
Here the term " reincarnation " is not strictly applicable, yet Hindu gods are said to have reincarnated ( see Avatar ): Lord Vishnu is known for his ten incarnations, the Dashavatars.
Here the term " races " is used as an alternative for " varieties " and does not carry the modern connotation of human races — the first use in the book refers to " the several races, for instance, of the cabbage " and proceeds to a discussion of " the hereditary varieties or races of our domestic animals and plants ".
Here the notion of causality is one of contributory causality as discussed above: If the true value, then a change in will result in a change in y unless some other causative variable ( s ), either included in the regression or implicit in the error term, change in such a way as to exactly offset its effect ; thus a change in is not sufficient to change y.
Here, the major term is die, the minor term is men, and the middle term is mortals.
* " Not Invented Here " a term and label developed in the computer industry referring to organizations incapable of using technology from other organizations.
Here a further clarification should be made regarding the use of the term " worship " in relation to the categories of adoration and veneration.
Here, the denominator appearing in the n < nowiki >' th </ nowiki > term of the perturbative expansion could become arbitrarily small, causing the n < nowiki >' th </ nowiki > correction to be as large or larger than the first-order correction.
( LAWS OF MARYLAND, NOVEMBER 1804 ~ ROBERT BOWIE, ESQUIRE, GOVERNOR, CHAP, LXX ; Passed January 19, 1805 ) Here again the term of art references " limits " which are used only in incorporated towns and must exist to specify jurisdictional limits and the points from which they may extend.
Here were taught the three " R's ," the average term being six months per year and the salary $ 40 to $ 45 per month.
According to Joseph Nye, the term is defined asthe ability to use the carrots and sticks of economic and military might to make others follow your will .” Here, “ carrots ” are inducements such as the reduction of trade barriers, the offer of an alliance or the promise of military protection.
The band took their name from Steve Marriott's slang term for being high, a term he used in the song " Here Come the Nice ".
Here a further clarification should be made regarding the use of the term " worship " in relation to the categories of adoration and veneration.
Here, the term energy is used in the generalized sense of signal processing to denote a variance of the signal.

Here and yoga
Here, the Burton Pavilion also hosts dance, yoga and pilates classes.
She was bemused by her husband's interest in yoga and when his tutor, the famous Moshé Feldenkrais would show up she would say: " Here comes Mr. Hocus Pocus.
Here, Swami Satchidananda taught yoga, conceived and implemented innovative interfaith approaches to traditional Hindu festivals and modernized the ancient mode of living that renunciates had followed for many years.
Be Here Now ( or Remember, Be Here Now ) is a seminal 1971 book on spirituality, yoga and meditation by the Western born yogi and spiritual teacher Ram Dass.

Here and denotes
Here, < sub > n </ sub > denotes the sample mean of the first n samples ( x < sub > 1 </ sub >, ..., x < sub > n </ sub >), s < sup > 2 </ sup >< sub > n </ sub > their sample variance, and σ < sup > 2 </ sup >< sub > n </ sub > their population variance.
Here K denotes the field of real numbers or complex numbers, I is a closed and bounded interval b and p, q are real numbers with 1 < p, q < ∞ so that
Here highbit ( S ) denotes the most significant bit of S ; the '< tt >*</ tt >' operator denotes unsigned integer multiplication with lost overflow ; '< tt >^</ tt >' is the bitwise exclusive or operation applied to words ; and P is a suitable fixed word.
# If A is a cartesian product of intervals I < sub > 1 </ sub > × I < sub > 2 </ sub > × ... × I < sub > n </ sub >, then A is Lebesgue measurable and Here, | I | denotes the length of the interval I.
Here is the particle's velocity and × denotes the cross product.
Let ρ, θ, and φ be spherical coordinates for the source point P. Here θ denotes the angle with the vertical axis, which is contrary to the usual American mathematical notation, but agrees with standard European and physical practice.
Here denotes the maximum-likelihood estimate, and is the sample mean of the observations.
Here, denotes the natural logarithm.
Here C < sub > b </ sub >( X ) denotes the C *- algebra of all continuous bounded functions on X with sup-norm.
Here denotes vertical composition of natural transformations, and denotes horizontal composition.
Here the t denotes the matrix transpose.
( Here V0, V1, and V2 denote verbs and Ny denotes a noun.
Here y *( w ) denotes the value of the linear functional y * ( which is an element of the dual space of W ) when evaluated at the element w ∈ W. This scalar in turn is multiplied by x to give as the final result an element of the space V.
Here, || ||< sub > 2 </ sup > is the matrix 2-norm, c < sub > n </ sub > is a small constant depending on n, and ε denotes the unit round-off.
Here 0 denotes the trivial abelian group with a single element, the map from Z to Z is multiplication by 2, and the map from Z to the factor group Z / 2Z is given by reducing integers modulo 2.
Here, denotes the radical of J and I ( U ) is the ideal of all polynomials which vanish on the set U.
Here, " prequel " denotes status as a " franchise-renewing original " that depicts events earlier in the ( internally inconsistent ) narrative cycle than those of a previous installment.
Here N < sub > m </ sub > denotes the number of turns in loop m, Φ < sub > m </ sub > the magnetic flux through this loop, and L < sub > m, n </ sub > are some constants.
( Here K ( a ) denotes the smallest subfield of L containing K and a )
Here denotes the standard complex inner product on and.
Here it also denotes a hand gesture, now linked to three other hand mudrās — the action ( karma ), pledge ( samaya ), and dharma mudrās — but also involves " mantra recitations and visualizations that symbolize and help to effect one ’ s complete identification with a deity ’ s divine form or awakening mind ( bodhicitta ).
Here, denotes the resolution limit in arcseconds and is in millimeters.

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