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Here and u
Here | u | and | v | denote the length of the strings respectively.
( Hereu is a new function.
Here u ( x ) measures the distance from the equilibrium of the mass situated at x.
Here u might describe the displacement of a stretched string from equilibrium, or the difference in air pressure in a tube, or the magnitude of an electromagnetic field in a tube, and c is a number that corresponds to the velocity of the wave.
Here, is density, u, v, and are the components of wind velocity, and is the 2-dimensional ( i. e. horizontal-component-only ) del.
Here he published his earliest work ( Historisch-kritischer Versuch über die Entstehung u. die frühesten Schicksale der schriftlichen Evangelien ), a treatise which had considerable influence on subsequent investigations as to the origin of the gospels.
Here is Leibniz's argument: Let u ( x ) and v ( x ) be two differentiable functions of x.
Here < u > n </ u > is the numeral corresponding to the natural number n, which is defined to be the closed term 1 + ··· + 1 ( n ones ), and < u > f ( n )</ u > is the numeral corresponding to f ( n ).
Here is the character table of, the cyclic group with three elements and generator u:
Here is the character table of C < sub > 3 </ sub > = < nowiki >< u ></ nowiki >, the cyclic group with three elements and generator u:
Here y is the variable of interest, and u is the externally determined variable.
Their new one webpage < u > Here </ u >.
< u > New York Times </ u > 25 Oct. 1941 </ ref >< ref >" 2 Texas Merchants Held With Thieves ; Supposedly Reputable Men Seized Here, Accused of Buying Stolen Goods Linked to Ex-Convicts ".

Here and x
Here, < sub > n </ sub > denotes the sample mean of the first n samples ( x < sub > 1 </ sub >, ..., x < sub > n </ sub >), s < sup > 2 </ sup >< sub > n </ sub > their sample variance, and σ < sup > 2 </ sup >< sub > n </ sub > their population variance.
In 3 dimensions, a differential 0-form is simply a function f ( x, y, z ); a differential 1-form is the following expression: a differential 2-form is the formal sum: and a differential 3-form is defined by a single term: ( Here the a-coefficients are real functions ; the " wedge products ", e. g. can be interpreted as some kind of oriented area elements,, etc.
Here, x is the angle that a line connecting the origin with a point on the unit circle makes with the positive real axis, measured counter clockwise and in radians.
Here Person ( x ) is interpreted to mean x is a person, Time ( y ) to mean that y is a moment of time, and Canfool ( x, y ) to mean that ( person ) x can be fooled at ( time ) y.
Here ( x, y | x ', y ') means that instead of ψ we are writing a different formula, in which x and y are replaced with x ' and y '.
Here, we have < tt >( λx. xx )( λx. xx )( xx ):= λx. xx = ( x := λx. xx )( x := λx. xx ) = ( λx. xx )( λx. xx )</ tt >.
Here the summation is over all prime powers up to x.
Here m is the particle's mass and V ( x ) is the applied potential.
Here x is the node on which the splay operation is performed and root is the root node of the tree.
The Wildhearts song ' 29 x The Pain ', which namedrops the bands major influences, opens with the lyrics ' Here, sitting in my room, with the Replacements and Hüsker Dü '.
Here N < sub > x </ sub > is the number of x atoms per volume, λ the electron escape depth, θ the analyzer angle, T the transmission of the analyzer, I ( t ) the electron excitation flux at depth t,the solid angle, and δt is the thickness of the layer being probed.
Here e ( xa ) is the evaluation which gives x the

Here and t
Here k is first-order rate constant having dimension 1 / time, ( t ) is concentration at a time t and < sub > 0 </ sub > is the initial concentration.
This is an approximate equation that is derived from the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations ( written in spherical coordinate system ) and describes the motion of the radius of the bubble R as a function of time t. Here, μ is the viscosity, p the pressure, and γ the surface tension.
Music critic Jon Savage pinpointed Be Here Now as the moment where Britpop ended ; Savage said that while the album " isn't the great disaster that everybody says ," he noted that " t was supposed to be the big, big triumphal record " of the period.
* The ' I Didn ’ t Know The Way To Kings Cross When I First Came Here But Look At Me Now ' Book By William Rushton, Author, Artist And Beer-Drinker Extrodinary William Rushton ( New England Library, 1966 )
Here the t denotes the matrix transpose.
Here A < sub >–</ sub > and A < sub >+</ sub > are the absorbances of LCP or RCP, respectively ; ω is the modulator frequency – usually a high acoustic frequency such as 50 kHz ; t is time ; and δ < sub > 0 </ sub > is the time-dependent wavelength shift.
Here G is final average grain size, G < sub > 0 </ sub > is the initial average grain size, t is time, m is a factor between 2 and 4, and K is a factor given by:
Cooder says, " Here is some music for a place you don ’ t know, up a road you don ’ t go.
So my agent found Alice Doesn ’ t Live Here Anymore.
Here is a quoted text from PA web site: “ The Press Association supplies services to every national and regional daily newspaper, major broadcasters, online publishers and a wide range of commercial organisations .” Overall, in a system where all different media organizations gather their stories from the same source, then we can ’ t really call that system pluralist.
Here she is, blessed with a gift, with the opportunity to rock and give and she's running on some bulls ** t?
Here N ( t ) is the quantity at time t, and N < sub > 0 </ sub >
Here dt is the matrix of one-forms obtained by taking the exterior derivative of the components of t.
Here,t < sub > 1 </ sub > andt < sub > 2 </ sub > represent the propagation delay s of the logic elements.
Here, the right hand side is clearly not convergent for any non-zero value of t. However, by truncating the series on the right to a finite number of terms, one may obtain a fairly good approximation to the value of for sufficiently small t. Substituting and noting that results in the asymptotic expansion given earlier in this article.
Producer Susskind and actor Harvey Keitel would work together again on Martin Scorsese's Alice Doesn ’ t Live Here Anymore ( 1974 ).

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