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Page "lore" ¶ 1059
from Brown Corpus
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Here and you
`` Here, Idje, you fella like tabac ''??
Here is a word of advice when you go shopping for your pansy seeds.
Here you begin to appreciate the scope of the challenges and possibilities facing the industry.
Here I do not speak of military power where our advantage is obvious and overwhelming but of political power -- of influence, if you will -- about which the relevant questions are: Is Soviet influence throughout the world greater or less than it was ten years ago??
And, Here, I'll take this, I was before her, you wait on me now or I don't bother with it, see!!
He lifted a stone, and addressing an idol said " Here I am aiming a stone ; if you are a god protect yourself ".
Here I sit and there you are lying ; we have so much to say, and we shall never say it.
Here we are before you in our guilt, though because of it not one of us can stand in your presence.
Here is an everyday experience of the basic nature of the Descartes experiment: Consider sitting in your train and noticing a train originally at rest beside you in the railway station pulling away.
His mother, anguished, provided him with what he asked and reputedly told him, " Here, my dear son, do not give me more passion, and leave, and let God help you in your adventure ".
Here you may roast your goose.
Here you can see a model of the Torch is still used in events.
* Interactional: Here language is used to make contact with others and form relationships ( e. g. ' Love you, mummy ')
Here you will see, on your left hand, the fifteenth-century town hall.
Here are two Japanese sword nakago ( tang ), the top one is from a katana, the bottom is from a tachi, you can see the difference in the placement of the mei ( signature ), if you follow the curve of the blades you can see that if the tachi was worn tachi style with the cutting edge down the mei would be pointing away from the wearer and if the katana was worn with the cutting edge up in katana style the katana mei would also be pointing away from the wearer.
Here in the states, you call it a sausage in the mouth.
Here is how you reach net profit on a P & L ( Profit & Loss ) account:
Here, you can buy unique Zakopane souvenirs, such as an oscypek or a ciupaga.
Here, it was like, ' There's only twenty people here, you can't really find a group to hate.
In August he made an extended journey south to Naples and Pompeii, where he was unimpressed with the former but delighted with the latter: " Here you live with the ancients ; you see their temples, their theatres, their houses in which you find their furniture, their kitchen utensils ..." Bizet began sketching a symphony based on his Italian experiences, but made little immediate headway ; the project, which became his Roma symphony, was not finished until 1868.

Here and can
Here there may be an analogy with cancer: we can detect cancers by their rapidly accelerating growth, determinable only when related to the more normal rate of healthy growth.
Here Wright gave a slight sigh of weariness, and continued, `` It means more long years lived across the social grain of the life of our people, making shift to live in the face of popular disrespect and misunderstanding as I best can for myself and those dependent upon me ''.
Here the reasonable mastery of the elements of administration can do much to free a president for his primary role.
Here then is our problem: aircraft are vital to winning a war today because they can perform those missions which a missile is totally incapable of performing ; ;
Here is the promise of a vacation trip they can afford.
Here again laboratory approaches are being evolved, for it is recognized how `` elastic '' these readings can be, how they can apply to many people, and are often stated in general terms all too easily applied to any individual's own case.
Here the term yoga denotes a kind of " meta-theory " that can be used heuristically ; Michel Raynaud writes the other terms " Ariadne's thread " and " philosophy " as effective equivalents.
Here we can store 6 elements they are stored linearly but starting from first row linear then continuing with second row.
In 3 dimensions, a differential 0-form is simply a function f ( x, y, z ); a differential 1-form is the following expression: a differential 2-form is the formal sum: and a differential 3-form is defined by a single term: ( Here the a-coefficients are real functions ; the " wedge products ", e. g. can be interpreted as some kind of oriented area elements,, etc.
Here, a " specification " can be manifested as either a plan or a finished product, and " primitives " are the elements from which the design object is composed.
Here it is also clear that since humans can choose to be either cruel or good, they are, in fact, neither of these things essentially.
Here " fictional " can be a misnomer.
Here Person ( x ) is interpreted to mean x is a person, Time ( y ) to mean that y is a moment of time, and Canfool ( x, y ) to mean that ( person ) x can be fooled at ( time ) y.
Here, we examined the role of sleep in the object-place recognition task, a task closely comparable to tasks typically applied for testing human declarative memory: It is a one-trial task, hippocampus-dependent, not stressful and can be repeated within the same animal.
Here, domains act as modules, each with a particular and independent function, that can be mixed together to produce genes encoding new proteins with novel properties.
Here, domains act as modules, each with a particular and independent function, that can be mixed together to produce genes encoding new proteins with novel properties.
For example, the notion of gauge invariance forms the basis of the well-known Mattis spin glasses, which are systems with the usual spin degrees of freedom for i = 1 ,..., N, with the special fixed " random " couplings Here the ε < sub > i </ sub > and ε < sub > k </ sub > quantities can independently and " randomly " take the values ± 1, which corresponds to a most-simple gauge transformation This means that thermodynamic expectation values of measurable quantities, e. g. of the energy are invariant.
Here Steiner suggests that there is an inconsistency between Kant's philosophy, which posits that knowledge is representation and that the essential verity of the world is inaccessible to human consciousness, and modern science, which assumes that all influences can be found in what Steiner termed the “ sinnlichen und geistlichen ” ( sensory and mental / spiritual ) world to which we have access.
Here, he further explores potentials within thinking: freedom, he suggests, can only be approached asymptotically and with the aid of the " creative activity " of thinking.
Here he explains how science can be divided into three parts:

Here and pick
`` Here are two old men, mad at each other and too proud to pick up the phone '', said a House Democratic leader.
Here, the resources ( forks ) will be numbered 1 through 5 and each unit of work ( philosopher ) will always pick up the lower-numbered fork first, and then the higher-numbered fork, from among the two forks he plans to use.
" Politely asking to borrow the manager's note for a moment, Robinson added six $ 10 bills from his own wallet and mixed them up, then extended the seven bills together, adding, " Here, let's see you pick out the colored one ".
Here Jewish children attending non-Jewish schools can pick up some rudimentary knowledge of the Jewish religion and traditions.

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