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Herr and has
Leni – Herr Huld's nurse, she has feelings for Josef K. and soon becomes his lover.
On 21 August 1939, Hitler received a message from Stalin reading " The Soviet Government has instructed me to say they agree to Herr von Ribbentrop's arrival on 23 August ".
Amos Herr Park also has tennis courts, a basketball court, a volleyball court, two baseball fields, playgrounds, and large grassy areas for soccer and other activities.
From abroad, there is Herr Lipp, a homosexual German exchange teacher who has a disturbing and monstrous side.
Reflecting Schleicher ′ s reputation for deviousness and being untrustworthy, Hermann Göring joked in 1932 :" Any Chancellor who has Herr von Schleicher on his side must expect sooner or later to be sunk by the Schleicher torpedo, there was a joke current in political circles -" General von Schleicher ought really to have been an Admiral for his military genius lies in shooting under water at his political friends "".
Of him Nevin says: " To Herr Klindworth I owe everything that has come to me in my musical life.
The two are separated, and Hannay is introduced to a Herr Gaudian, famed mining engineer ( who would later reappear after the war in The Three Hostages ), hears of the mysterious Hilda von Einem, and has a brief meeting with the Kaiser.
The tradition ( which has never been disproved ) is that these immigrants held a conference as to what steps should be taken to inform their relatives and friends in Europe of their opinions and expectations of their new lands, and it was determined that Hans Herr, their revered minister, should return, explain the situation and the great advantages of emigration, and bring with him those he could induce to come.
of the estate were bought by Herr Roesner in 1982, 2002 the Sasse Family bought the Estate and development has continued, which most notably saw the introduction of wild boar and Red Deers to the estate during the 2000s.
Herr Friedrich has been awarded the Bavarian Order of Merit, and the Federal Cross of Merit, first class.
I have underestimated Herr Sajer and my respect for him has greatly increased.
I have underestimated Herr Sajer and my respect for him has greatly increased.
In a few years, this band has collaborated with some of the most famous composers / arrangers of the international jazz scene: Maria Schneider, Dave Liebman, Bill Holman, Kenny Werner, Bob Mintzer, Kenny Wheeler, and with guests like McCoy Tyner, Phil Woods, Tom Harrell, Wallace Rooney, Norma Winstone, Gianluigi Trovesi, Philip Catherine, Jeanne Lee, Toots Thielemans, Lee Konitz, David Linx, Gustavo Bergalli, Richard Galliano etc ... as well as Belgian composers / arrangers like Bert Joris, Michel Herr, Erwin Vann, Jean Warland and leader Frank Vaganée himself.
For it is Russia, which Herr Hitler, by a stroke of the pen, has relegated to Asia, that is to provide Germany with the markets and colonies she lacks at present.
Herr Gepoünden, a lightweight robot, has shown successful use of the Tornado Drive and has used it successfully in smaller competitions.
Funke has been called " the J. K. Rowling " of Germany ; although she was highly successful in Germany, the first of her books to be translated into English was Herr der Diebe in 2002.
In December 2008, the Barnstormers announced that Von Hayes has hired Herr to be his bench coach in 2009.
; Chapter 7: At the Hall, the narrator finds Muriel with a man called " Mein Herr ," who has a beard and a German accent.
Anton has repeated interactions with two other young men, the Jew Veitel Itzig, whom he had known already in his home town, Ostrau, and a young nobleman, Herr von Fink, who is a co-worker in the Schröter firm.
He has also played a wide variety of roles on stage and the TV screen, and in 2006 was a regular guest on The Daily Telegraphs World Cup Pubcast, where he usually took the role of Herr Flick, providing a more biased view of the proceedings.
The body of Herr Panzer has been discovered, his body turned to ash and bones inside his armored suit.
As Major Lilliput has his toy soldiers transport the remains of Herr Panzer, he mentions what he has read about the scientists ' secretive Janon project, an energy experiment dealing with particles that " go both ways in time.

Herr and only
During the course of their journeys, the three encounter enemies and obstacles both sacred and profane, including: the Saint of Killers, an invincible, quick-drawing, perfect-aiming, come-lately Angel of Death answering only to " He who sits on the throne "; a disfigured suicide attempt survivor turned rock-star named Arseface ; a serial-killer called the ' Reaver-Cleaver '; The Grail, a secret organization controlling the governments of the world and protecting the bloodline of Jesus ; Herr Starr, ostensible Allfather of the Grail, a megalomaniac with a penchant for prostitutes, who wishes to use Custer for his own ends ; several fallen angels ; and Jesse's own redneck ' family ' — particularly his nasty Cajun grandmother, her mighty bodyguard Jody, and the ' animal-loving ' T. C.
Other officers complained about the way in which Raeder sought to re-write history in the Official History in way that gloried Tirpitz with no regard to what actually happened with Admiral Assemann of the Historical Branch complaining to Raeder: " I am convinced that it makes no difference to you Herr Admiral, what we write ... We must only write in such a way that you have peace with the old admirals ".
British rock band After the Fire recorded an English cover version, somewhat loosely based on Falco's lyrics and also called " Der Kommissar " ( with " uh-oh ", " schau, schau ", " alles klar Herr Kommissar " and the shout " cha " the only other lyrics held over from the original ).
The only other extant cantata for the Sunday is the chorale cantata Herr Christ, der einge Gottessohn, BWV 96, composed in 1724.
So that we would not lack for new quartets, in view of so frequent productions of them, Herr Count not only procured all those publicly announced but was in touch with many composers, yet without ever revealing identit ... they delivered to him works of which he retained the sole ownership, and for which he paid well.
Many fans " with little experience " started rival distribution companies only to " find they were in over their heads ," allowing Geppi to " out the smart ones or pick ... up the pieces after the stupid ones went out of business ," according to Herr.
Herr Prof. Niemetschek's biography so completely reanimated my sisterly feelings toward my so ardently beloved brother that I was often dissolved in tears, since it is only now that I became acquainted with the sad condition in which my brother found himself.
He persuades Herr Lipp to hand him the gun, only for Geoff to accidentally fire it and kill Gatiss himself.
Herr played in the 1982, 1985, and 1987 World Series-all with Cardinals, finishing fifth in the MVP voting and making his only appearance in the All-Star Game in 1985.
Ozzie Smith could only produce a sacrifice fly, however, and Herr bounced into a double play to end the threat.
Even Herr Falk, the Minister of Worship, with whom he had often enough been in conflict, called him " the most honourable member of the Centre Party, a man who had only lived and fought for his convictions.
Earlier this year, I went back to Ypres to shake the hand of Herr Kuentz, Germany's only surviving veteran from the war.
On May 30, 1790 Mozart wrote a testimonial for the young Eybler: " I, the undersigned, attest herewith that I have found the bearer of this, Herr Joseph Eybler, to be a worthy pupil of his famous master Albrechtsberger, a well-grounded composer, equally skilled at chamber music and the church style, fully experienced in the art of the song, also an accomplished organ and clavier player ; in short a young musician such, one can only regret, as so seldom has his equal.

Herr and recently
Byrd himself may have held Protestant beliefs in his youth, for a recently discovered fragment of a setting of an English translation of Luther's hymn Erhalt uns, Herr, bei Deinem Wort, which bears an attribution to ' Birde ' includes the line ' From Turk and Pope defend us Lord '.

Herr and become
In a report to the British Cabinet, that they “ definitely of the opinion that, in our own interest, we should accept this offer of Herr Hitler ’ s while it is still open ... If we now refuse to accept the offer for the purposes of these discussions, Herr Hitler will withdraw the offer and Germany will seek to build to a higher level than 35 per cent ... Having regard to past history and to Germany ’ s known capacity to become a serious naval rival of this country, we may have cause to regret it if we fail to take this chance ...”.
Back in Teutschenthal a funeral is held for Schultze which turns into a descent and mildly happy celebration of his life: " Herr, lehre uns Bedenken, dass wir alle einmal sterben müssen, auf das wir im Leben klug werden "-" Lord, teach us to understand we all have to die sometime, that we become wiser in our lives " ( Psalm 90, 12 ).

Herr and music
: But now, after several performances, one would be subscribing either to the cabal or to tastelessness if one were to maintain that Herr Mozart's music is anything but a masterpiece of art.
The piece of music by Bach that is heard aboard the satellite is " Ach bleib bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ " from the cantata " Bleib bei uns, denn es will Abend werden ", BWV 6 ( also an organ chorale BWV 649 ).
His output of compositions also includes concertos for violin and viola, a chamber concerto for piano, winds and percussion, at least one other opera ( Herr von Hancken ), and much chamber music, including a trio for clarinet, cello and piano.
At an early age, Hughes developed such musical ability that he is reported to have attracted attention of Herr Hast, an eminent German pianist in America who procured for him a professorship of music at St. Joseph ’ s College in Bardstown, Kentucky.
In his account of the commission of the requiem mass from Mozart, Anton Herzong states, " Herr Franz, Count von Walsegg ... was a passionate lover of music and the theatre ; hence, every week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays ... quartets were played ...
Plantamura appears in six recordings of 17th century Italian vocal music that The Five Centuries Ensemble made for the Fonit Cetra / Italia label in Italy ( including works by d ' India, Monteverdi, Luzzaschi, Gagliano, Frescobaldi, and A. Scarlatti — other ensemble members on the recordings include soprano Martha Herr, countertenor Thomas, lutenist Jürgen Hübscher, viola da gambist Martha McGaughey, and harpsichordist Arthur Haas ).
His hymn " Wenn Gott der Herr nicht bei uns hält ", a paraphrase of Psalm 124, was used by several composers as a base for organ and choral music, including Bach's chorale cantata BWV 178.
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