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Hiding and cellar
Hiding her in his cellar, he gave her false papers identifying her as a Christian.
Hiding in a barn, Jeff watches as Red and his remaining accomplices take a bound and gagged Amy and lock her in a freezer in the barn's cellar, leaving her to die.

Hiding and are
Hiding the resources, or hiding the fact that resources are valuable, is also often a good idea as it will reduce the exposure to opponents and will cause further delays during an attack, but should not be relied upon as a principal means of ensuring security.
The inscription in Book X reads: " In this book are given many of the later writings of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien concerning the history of the Elder Days from the Music of the Ainur to the Hiding of Valinor ; here much is told of Sun and the Moon ; of the immortal Eldar and the death of the Atani ; of the beginning of the Orcs and of the evil power of Melkor, the Morgoth, the Black Foe of the World.
Herein are told the Tales of Valinor, from the Music of the Ainur to the Exile of the Noldoli and the Hiding of Valinor.
Hiding out in Gotham City, the Outsiders experience another loss as Technocrat's wife Marissa and Halo are killed during a fight with Batman ( actually the man standing in for Bruce Wayne, Jean-Paul Valley ).
Hiding from Harlan forces in a floating base, the neo-Quellists are sold out by its owner and recaptured.
Hiding temptation and reminders are two more.
Hiding in the shadows, that are stalked by a mysterious woman in a masquerade-esque dress.

Hiding and their
Since no further singles were being released, Psyche began working on remixes of some of their favorite tracks for " The Hiding Place " as well as new material.
Jim Steinmeyer said in his book, Hiding the Elephant, that every magician of the 20th century was haunted by Robert-Houdin, "… who cast an enormous shadow over their generation.
Hiding their ship using its cloaking device in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the crew split up to accomplish their tasks.
Ten Boom told the story of her family and their work during World War II in her best selling book, The Hiding Place ( 1971 ), which was made into a film by World Wide Pictures in 1975.
* Hiding the implementations of a class library of product, revealing only their interfaces.
Many prominent actors began their careers with the Arthur Brough Players, including Peter Barkworth, who appeared in The Guinea Pig in 1948: Eric Lander, later a star of the TV series No Hiding Place, in 1949: Polly James in the 1960s: and Anne Stallybrass, who started out as ASM in 1960 and went on to play Ida the maid in Pool's Paradise by Philip King ; as well as appearing in The Aspern Papers, Candida, and A Taste of Honey at the little Folkestone theatre.
Hiding their prior encounter in the forest, they awkwardly greet each other as if they'd never met.
A more recent book is, Buddha Is Hiding written by Aiwha Ong, an ethnographic study that tells the story of Khmer Americans and their experiences of American citizenship.
My American Heart picked up guitarist Jake " The Snake Nailer " Taylor ( Original vocalist of Deadbeat ) on their last tour at a venue in Cincinnati, Ohio before they went into the studio to record " Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather " with producer James Paul Wisner.
In 1987 their song " Catch Me ( I'm Falling )" was featured in the Jon Cryer movie Hiding Out, and with heavy MTV exposure, it became a top 10 U. S. Billboard Hot 100 hit, peaking at # 8.

Hiding and daughter
Hiding her daughter in the woods and arousing the womenfolk of the Latins, she managed to stir up the war between the Latins ( now allied with Turnus ) and Aeneas ' Trojans ( allied with the Etruscans and King Evander's people ).

Hiding and ),
While a slight bow to the overall developer community to allow something looking like direct access ( e. g. thereby breaking the Information Hiding Principle ), the practice is dangerous as it hides or obfuscates the reality of a " setter " being used.
Moreover, Hiding in the Light ( 1994 ), by D. Hebdige, proposed that conspicuous consumption is a form of displaying a personal identity, and a consequent function of advertising, as proposed in Ads, Fads, and Consumer Culture ( 2000 ), by A. A. Berger.
Nussbaum is the author or editor of a number of books that have been influential within her field, including The Fragility of Goodness ( 1986 ), Sex and Social Justice ( 1998 ), a work with Juha Sihvola, The Sleep of Reason ( 2002 ), Hiding From Humanity: Disgust, Shame, and the Law ( 2004 ), Animal Rights ( 2004, co-editor with Cass Sunstein ), and Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality, Species Membership ( 2006 ).
Planning to present the paper at the Fourth International Information Hiding Workshop of 2001 in Pittsburgh, Felten was threatened with legal action by SDMI, the Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA ), and Verance Corporation, under the terms of the DMCA, on the argument that one of the technologies his team had broken was currently in use in the market.
* Hiding Chapel or Chapel of the Good Dive ( Mary or Save Hide ), from 1954.
** Up to Release 6 it can also be used to hide the internal network from the outside world ( encrypting parts of the SIP message ), in which case it's called a Topology Hiding Inter-network Gateway ( THIG ).
They are-srishti ( Creation ), sthithi ( Protection ), samhAram ( Destruction ), thirOdhAnam ( Hiding ) and anugraham ( Blessing ).
The White Star commanded by John Sheridan was thought to be unique until near the end of the third season ( in And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place ), where it was revealed that the first wave of 40-50 White Stars had entered service.
* Hiding Place, Avon ( New York, NY ), 1981.
* The Homewood Books ( includes Damballah, Hiding Place and Sent for You Yesterday ); University of Pittsburgh Press ( Pittsburgh, PA ), 1992 ; as The Homewood Trilogy, Avon ( New York, NY ), 1985.
Her films include Sarah ( about the life of Sarah Bernhardt ), Hiding Place, The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery, Mix Me a Person and the part of the blind French girl Bettina in the science fiction film The Day of the Triffids.
* Woman in Hiding ( 1950 ), co-starring with Lupino
Ling also wrote for Dixon of Dock Green, Sexton Blake, No Hiding Place, Doctor Who (" The Mind Robber ", 1968 ), and, with Sheilah Ward, The Avengers (" Ashes of Roses ", " Dance with Death ", and " Box of Tricks ").
His other credits include Danger Man, Z-Cars, Dixon of Dock Green, No Hiding Place, Doctor Who-The Smugglers, Softly, Softly, The Avengers, The Saint, Randall and Hopkirk ( Deceased ), The Troubleshooters, Steptoe and Son, Coronation Street, Doomwatch, Public Eye, Budgie, Bless This House, Sykes, Rising Damp, The New Avengers, Some Mothers Do ' Ave ' Em, All Creatures Great and Small, Juliet Bravo, When The Boat Comes In, Terry and June, Taggart, Casualty and Heartbeat.

Hiding and who
' Hiding ' the meat inside serves as another reminder of the story of Esther – the only book of Hebrew Scriptures that does not contain a single reference to God who seems to hide behind the scenes.
Hiding in a predominantly German area, however, Szpilman was not in a good position to go out and join the fighting: first he would need to get past several units of German soldiers who were holding the area against the main power of the rebellion, which was based in the city centre.
As a result, self-deception evolved to better mask deception from those who perceive it well, as Trivers puts it: " Hiding the truth from yourself to hide it more deeply from others.
* Wayne Alexander, who plays the Drazi, also played Lorien in the first few episodes of season four, as well as Sebastian the Inquisitor from the season two episode “ Comes the Inquisitor ” ( his first role in the series ) and the Narn G ’ Dan in the season three episode “ And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place ”.
Hiding in the bushes, Miriya draws a knife and runs toward Max who, proclaiming in English a Zentraedi war cry: " Maximillian, prepare for your doom!
Hiding in the bushes, Miriya draws a knife and runs toward Max who, proclaiming, in English, a Zentraedi war cry: " Maximillian, prepare for your doom!
In The Hiding Place, an SS-Sturmbannführer is portrayed as the officer who arrests the ten Boom family.
Hiding out in the guise of a clergyman following the robbery of a Montana bank, Thunderbolt is the only member of his old gang who knows where the loot is hidden.
Among his screen appearances were Picnic, Anatomy of a Murder, and as the watch-maker who hides Jews during WWII in The Hiding Place ( film ).
Hiding away in a bomb shelter, which was previously constructed because of a fear of the aftermath of Y2K, Thurmond holds off packs of roving zombies, many of which were his neighbors and one of which is his recently deceased second wife who was pregnant.
Hiding in the shadows is a monstrous figure who is dragged out into the light ; it is the bell-ringer of Notre Dame, the hunchbacked and facially deformed Quasimodo.
Hiding himself in the wilds of Borneo, Learoyd is adopted by a head-hunting tribe of Dayaks, who consider him " divine " because of his blue eyes.

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