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Highlander and is
Suspension of disbelief is also needed when a character is not supposed to age over the course of a series ( because of being a vampire or be eternal / immortal because of some quirk / trait / power of the character ) but the actor eventually does-as seen in Angel and Highlander.
Madison Square Garden is featured in the opening scenes of Highlander ( 1986 ), which included footage of former tag team The Fabulous Freebirds.
The high school's marching band is known as the Scottish Highlander Band, and both teen and adult members make up the City of Dunedin Pipe and Drum Corps.
* New Market is the current home of the Highlander Research and Education Center.
Adrian Paul Hewett ( born 29 May 1959 ), better known as Adrian Paul, is an actor best known for his role on the television series Highlander: The Series as Duncan MacLeod.
He is said to have written over 4, 000 lines of verse while a student ; some of this was later published, notably The Highlander ( 1758 ), which he is said to have tried to suppress afterwards.
The Highlander Research and Education Center, formerly known as the Highlander Folk School, is a social justice leadership training school and cultural center located in New Market, Tennessee.
Much erotic fanfic is based on science fiction, fantasy, or mainstream television series ( e. g. Star Trek, Beauty and the Beast, Highlander, Criminal Minds ) and movies ( e. g. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings ), using existing characters in relationships either hinted at or wholly undreamed of by their creators, in genres like slash ( homoerotic fan fiction ), elf porn, etc.
In the middle of the ' square ' ( as it is known locally ) is the Inverurie and District War Memorial, capped by a lone Gordon Highlander looking out over the town.
Jones is said to have been cast as The Kurgan in the remake of the 1986 cult classic Highlander.
PRA is supported by a number of progressive and liberal activists, including Anne Braden of the Southern Organizing Committee, and Suzanne Pharr of the Highlander Research Center.
Teuchter ( pronounced or ) is a Lowland Scots word originally used to describe a Scottish Highlander, ( in particular a Gaelic speaking Highlander.
One of the movies spoke about immortality and that you could kill the immortals with cutting their head off the first Highlander ( film ) | Highlander Frank is speaking about.
In 1817 a company of Selkirk's Highlander settled in the Township The Township is named after a town in Suffolk, England.
A brief brawl ensues between the two parties, which is broken up by a fourth Highlander who has been sleeping on the floor.
It also stated: " Although there is no other nationality in this land except Serb nationality and no other religion except Eastern Orthodoxy, each foreigner and each person of different faith can live here and enjoy the same freedom and the same domestic right as Montenegrin or Highlander.
He is known for his roles in live action as The Kurgan in the cult classic film Highlander, Byron Hadley in the award-winning The Shawshank Redemption, Brother Justin Crowe in HBO's critically acclaimed Carnivàle, Career Sergeant Zim in Starship Troopers and the killer Steve in Shoot to Kill.

Highlander and film
His film career also includes such films as Marnie, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Hunt for Red October, Highlander, Murder on the Orient Express, Dragonheart, and The Rock.
In early 1986, Queen recorded the album A Kind of Magic, containing several reworkings of songs written for the fantasy action film Highlander.
* Roxanne Hart, American television, film and stage actress, appeared in Highlander, nurse on Chicago Hope among other roles.
It was prominently featured in several episodes of the television series Highlander and was referenced in the film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
Paul also starred in the spin-off film, Highlander: Endgame ( 2000 ), and the fifth Highlander film: Highlander: The Source, released as a made-for-TV film on the SCI-FI channel on 15 September 2007.
* A fictionalized version of Jing Ke appears in the film Highlander: Endgame ( 2000 ), played by actor and martial artist Donnie Yen.
* Highlander: The Source, the fifth film in the Highlander franchise
* Russell Edwin Nash, aka Connor MacLeod, lead character in the film Highlander
Aside from professional wrestling, Copeland has appeared in the 2000 fantasy film Highlander: Endgame and made guest appearances on television shows, including The Weakest Link, Mind of Mencia, Deal or No Deal, Haven, MADtv and made his movie debut as a leading actor in WWE Studios ' Bending the Rules.
* Highlander: Endgame, the fourth film in the Highlander series, released in 2000
He also starred in an episode in the second season of the Highlander TV series, and appeared in the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode " The Gang Wrestles For the Troops " as " The Maniac ", a parody of Mickey Rourke's role in the film The Wrestler.

Highlander and television
Over the years, there have been five Highlander movies, two television series, an animated series, an animated movie, an animated flash-movie series, ten original novels, seventeen comic book issues, and various licensed merchandise.
The original orchestral score was composed by Michael Kamen, but the soundtrack includes several songs by Queen, like " Princes of the Universe ", which was also used in the Highlander television series title sequence.
French series are Highlander: The Series French science-fiction / fantasy television series ( both co-produced with Canada ) and a number of smaller fiction / fantasy television series, including Tang in 1971, about a super secret organization that attempts to control the world with a new super weapon, " Les atomistes " and bizarre
* The television series Highlander features two episodes with the series ' main protagonist, Duncan MacLeod, aiding the Bonnie Prince's campaigns.
He was cast in the role that would bring him to the most prominence to date, that of Duncan MacLeod in the syndicated television series Highlander: The Series, in 1992.
Max, Robe, and Megan concoct methods of revenge including terrifing Troy by playing a main theme song from the fictional children's television show, MacGoogle the Highlander Frog, and later severely traumatizing him by trapping him in the gym with MacGoogle, instigating a fight between Dobbs and the Evil Ice Cream Man by stealing a coolant coil for his ice cream truck and his handheld device, and lastly to ruin Jindrake's chances of becoming superintendent to replace the current superintendent, Crazy Legs ( Clifton Davis ), by planting animal pheronomes within his breath spray, instigating a food fight, and later by sabotaging his announcements by placing a cardboard cutout of Max pointing at Jindrake claiming that the latter was wearing a thong.
The company has also produced television shows, including four animated series: Highlander: The Animated Series, Dragon Flyz, and Sky Dancers ( the second and third are based on their respective toy lines ) and the very popular Oggy and the Cockroaches.
After The Police stopped touring in 1984, Copeland established a career composing soundtracks for movies Airborne, Talk Radio, Wall Street, Riff Raff, Raining Stones, Surviving the Game, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Highlander II: The Quickening, The Leopard Son, She's Having a Baby, Taking Care of Business, West Beirut, I am David, Good Burger ), television ( The Equalizer, Dead Like Me, Star Wars: Droids, the pilot for Babylon 5 ( 1993 ), Nickelodeon's The Amanda Show, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee ), and video games ( Spyro the Dragon and The Agents ), along with operas ( Holy Blood and Crescent Moon, commissioned by Cleveland Opera ) and ballets.
* Connor MacLeod, character from Highlander movies and television series
* Duncan MacLeod, character from Highlander movies and television series
Cloud in the television series Highlander: The Series, and appeared in an episode of the Yorkshire Television series Heartbeat.
It has appeared in such films as The Master of Ballantrae ( 1953 ), The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes ( 1970 ), Highlander ( 1986 ), Mio in the Land of Faraway ( 1987 ), Loch Ness ( 1996 ), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ( 1998 ), Entrapment ( 1999 ), The World Is Not Enough ( 1999 ), Kandukondain Kandukondain ( 2000 ), Elizabeth: The Golden Age ( 2007 ), Made of Honor ( 2008 ) and in the television series The New Avengers ( 1976 ) and Oliver's Travels ( 1995 ).
His appearances in television series include Highlander: The Series, The Outer Limits and The Magnificent Seven.
* " Avatar ", an episode of the television series Highlander: The Series
Also in 1993 he began to take small roles in television ( Highlander, Forever Knight, and the revamped version of The Outer Limits ).
Her string of appearances in popular television series continued into the 1990s with The Commish ( 1993 ), Burke's Law ( 1994 ), Highlander: The Series ( 1995 ), Silk Stalkings ( 1996 ), and General Hospital ( 1996, 1999 ).
He has guest-starred on television series, such as Dallas, The Twilight Zone, The Hitchhiker, Murder, She Wrote, The Young and the Restless, The Ray Bradbury Theater and Highlander: The Series.

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