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# and Highly
# Seven Years of Highly Defective People — 1997 ; strips from 1989 to 1995, with handwritten notes by Scott Adams
# Highly Visible and Collaborative Execution-Simply launching Purchase Orders ( POs ), Manufacturing Orders ( MOs ) and Transfer Orders ( TOs ) from any planning system does not end the materials and order management challenge.
# REDIRECT The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
# REDIRECT The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
# REDIRECT The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
# Highly efficient utilization of the coating materials result in lower costs relative to other processes.
# REDIRECT Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
# REDIRECT Highly composite number
# REDIRECT Highly sensitive person
# REDIRECT Highly Gifted Magnet
# REDIRECT Schlock Mercenary # The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates
# REDIRECT The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
# REDIRECT Enriched uranium # Highly enriched uranium ( HEU )
# REDIRECT Highly Illogical

# and literary
# A structured literary creation by the evangelist which draws upon additional sources ;
# There was no fish: the story is an allegory, the fish is a literary device in the story, the story is a vision or a dream etc.
# Some literary works written in a lower register of Latin provide a glimpse into the world of Vulgar Latin in the classical period: the dialogues of the plays of Plautus and Terence, being comedies with many characters who were slaves, and the speech of freedmen in the Cena Trimalchionis by Petronius Arbiter
# Encomium calvitii, a literary jeu d ' esprit, suggested by Dio Chrysostom's Praise of Hair
Far more rarely, some stories are based on literary or historical sources, such as book 5 of Dante's Purgatory ( part 1, story 11 ), the Lucretia and Tarquin episode in Livy's History of Rome ( part 2, story 15 ), story # 23 of the Heptameron ( part 2, story 17 ), and Francesco Petrarch's Triumph of Love ( part 2, story 41 ).
# " whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.
# Works in which a pantheistic zeal gains the upper hand over literary interest.
# a person whose profession ( e. g. philosophy, literary criticism, sociology, law, political analysis, theoretical science, etc.
# Its literary tradition is the richest, most developed and extensive ( mirroring that of the Tuscan language vis-à-vis Italian ).
Apart from many fresh intellectual ideas and innovations ( for the Slovenian circumstances and intellectual coordinates, but very likely also in a wider sense ) Taja Kramberger has written many critical articles on various aspects of Slovenian history, cultural life, but also on broader European History and culture, e. g. on Spanish Civil War, different models of Enlightenment in Europe and the recurrent Enlightenment features in the works of Anton Tomaž Linhart, on epistemic divergence between Enlightenment's and Historismus's: de: Historismus ( Geschichtswissenschaft ) paradigms of historiography, on anthropology of translation, history of university and the formation of university habitus: fr: Habitus ( sociologie ), on literary and cultural fields: fr: Pierre Bourdieu # Théorie des champs in the 1930s in Slovenia ( by then partially covered by the administrative unit of Dravska banovina ) and on the role of women in the constitution of these fields etc.
* China, in a cultural, literary sense ( see Names of China # Zhongguo and Zhonghua )
# Excellent manual / practical and literary skills in relation to profession.
# The level of literary language.
# Use of English language literature: It may be asked if the target of post-colonial studies, i. e. the analysis of post-colonial literature and culture, can be reached neglecting literary works in the original languages of post-colonial nations.
# fragmentarism ( a literary technique using the fragmentary nature of thought )
# REDIRECT Chicago school ( literary criticism )
# REDIRECT Transition ( literary journal )
# REDIRECT Exposition ( literary technique )
# Multiple attestation: if material appears in a number of different sources and literary contexts, then it may be authentic.
# REDIRECT Marxist literary criticism
# REDIRECT Exposition ( literary technique )# Incluing
# Translations of poetic and literary texts, which illustrate the rich heritage of spiritual, devotional and symbolic expressions in Muslim history ;
# Mikael Agricola ( Protestant reformer and creator of literary Finnish )
# REDIRECT Feminist literary criticism
# REDIRECT Psychoanalytic literary criticism

# and form
# REDIRECT Logical form
# REDIRECT Logical form
# The Slater-type orbital ( STO ) is a form without radial nodes but decays from the nucleus as does the hydrogen-like orbital.
# The form of the Gaussian type orbital ( Gaussians ) has no radial nodes and decays as e < sup >(- distance squared )</ sup >.
# Multiple histones wrap into a 30 nm fibre consisting of nucleosome arrays in their most compact form ( heterochromatin ).
# Standard form in odd characteristic.
# Quasi-standard form
# Centralizers of 3-elements in standard form.
Some Christians agree that Jews who accept Jesus should still observe all of Torah, see for example Dual-covenant theology, based on warnings by Jesus to Jews not to use him as an excuse to disregard it, and they support efforts of those such as Messianic Jews ( Messianic Judaism is considered by most Christians and Jews to be a form of Christianity ) to do that, but some Protestant forms of Christianity oppose all observance to the Mosaic law, even by Jews, which Luther criticised as Antinomianism, see Antinomianism # Antinomian Controversies in Lutheranism and Luther # Anti-Antinomianism for details.
# Clean up remaining rules that are not in Chomsky normal form .</ dt >
# In contemporary usage, dictatorship refers to an autocratic form of absolute rule by leadership unrestricted by law, constitutions, or other social and political factors within the state.
# 1998 London: Chris Knight, James R. Hurford and Michael Studdert-Kennedy ( eds ), The Evolutionary Emergence of Language: Social function and the origins of linguistic form, Cambridge University Press,
# Reducing the theorem to sentences ( formulas with no free variables ) in prenex form, i. e. with all quantifiers ( and ) at the beginning.
# Reducing the theorem to sentences of the form.
# Finally we prove the theorem for sentences of that form.
# Long Integer-32-bit signed data that is represented in 2's complement form.
# Worldly Existence-The soul transmigrates from one life form to another and is full of pain and miseries.
# a treatise in scholastic form On the Soul ; and
# the particular form of biological classification ( taxonomy ) set up by Carl Linnaeus, as set forth in his Systema Naturæ ( 1735 ) and subsequent works.
# Vector fields on any smooth manifold M can be thought of as derivations X of the ring of smooth functions on the manifold, and therefore form a Lie algebra under the Lie bracket = XY − YX, because the Lie bracket of any two derivations is a derivation.
# Adapt pulse shaping or some other filtering to limit the bandwidth and form the spectrum of the equivalent low pass signal, typically using digital signal processing.
# Decides that the form and amount of such reparation, failing agreement between the Parties, will be settled by the Court, and reserves for this purpose the subsequent procedure in the case ;
# Reuse-the right to reuse the content in its unaltered / verbatim form ( e. g., make a backup copy of the content )
Newer programming languages like Java and C # have definite assignment analysis, a form of data flow analysis, as part of their static semantics.

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