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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

advice and voice
The city manager has no voice in the city council ; the city manager attends all council meetings and provides advice.
Marcus put on Fronto's voice to chastise himself: "' Much good has my advice done you ', you will say!
Heyday offered members access to expert advice on finances, work, retirement and health, as well as providing them with a voice and putting them in touch with one another, for a small annual subscription.
The kinds of support provided during childbirth may include physical assistance and comfort ( massage, maintaining a supporting posture or providing water ), emotional support ( providing company, encouragement or simply talking in a soothing tone of voice ), information ( advice or the progress of the childbirth ), and acting as an advocate for the woman undergoing childbirth ( suggesting options or supporting the woman's decisions to a medical team ).
He tries to be the voice of reason to Eliza, however she rarely takes his advice.
He fights hard but gains no ground until he hears and heeds the advice of a small voice from the underbrush.
She is the only person Clarissa sees as a voice of reason and thus seeks advice from her.
In 2007 / 08 over 280, 000 people a month contacted RNIB for general information on sight loss, to lend their voice to a campaign, for expert advice, or to buy an accessible product.
The governor would be the creature of the assembly, elected by it and removable by it …. The governor could not take any important step without the advice and consent of the ' council of state ,' and he had no voice in the appointment or removal of of state members .” This constitution was not submitted to a vote of the people.
Out of that meeting grew the Western States Reclamation Association, to provide a united voice for advice to the U. S. government on Federally-funded irrigation projects.
" and " All that matters is my voice and my story " ( a piece of advice given to her by her friend Elvis Costello ).
Journalist John MacDonald, writing for the Khaleej Times, called Quackwatch " a voice of reason on everything from the efficacy of alternative medicine to the validity of advice from best-selling diet gurus, and the various forms of medical quackery being perpetrated on gullible consumers ".
After the War ended, following medical advice and performing vocal exercises, Paoli regained his voice and returned to the international stage, in all the glory of days past.
As before, the character of Margaret was portrayed as a " voice of reason ," but Jim's character was softened to that of a thoughtful father who offered sage advice whenever one ( or more ) of his children had a problem.
Each character also has his or her own crew chief, which is nothing more than a voice offering encouragement and advice to the player.
Gibson said that when the count reached 3 – 2, he stepped out of the batter's box and, in his mind, could hear Didier's voice, with its distinctive Southern drawl, reiterating that same piece of advice.
Tracy phones a morning television phone-in show ( hosted by Michael Thomas and Helen Atkinson-Wood, with appearances by Rachael Fielding and Jonathan Barlow ), and when she realises that the show's divorce expert is hiding in her bathroom she takes on his role ( with a heavy Northern accent, actually a slightly exaggerated version of Bennett's own voice ) to give herself advice on the other line.
Takako assumes the form of a maid at the Awayuki estate named Mikage who is friendly with Himeno and company and regularly provides advice to Himeno and Mawatta In the anime adaptation, Yui Horie provides her voice in the Japanese dub and Kaytha Coker voices her in the English dub.
She contributed the voice of Fran the squirrel on " Higglytown Heroes " who acted as an almost nanny to the kids giving them advice and also guidance.
For example, despite Orwell's advice to avoid the passive, his Politics and the English Language ( 1946 ) employs passive voice for about 20 percent of its constructions.
Rather than making conscious evaluations in novel or unexpected situations, the person would hallucinate a voice or " god " giving admonitory advice or commands and obey without question: one would not be at all conscious of one's own thought processes per se.
Playable characters include Spike, Faye, and Jet, each of whom are voiced by their respective voice actors of the anime series, while Ed provides objectives, advice and moral support, and Ein appears alongside Ed.

advice and saying
His advice has remained in the English language as the saying, " When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
When they sought advice about this event, an oracle told them to take the head down and bury it, and to make annual sacrifice to Onesilos as a hero, saying that it would be better for them if they did this.
Oates is reported as saying to Scott, " Sir, I ’ m afraid you ’ ll come to regret not taking my advice.
Recalling Cole's advice, Crowe speaks to his sleeping wife and fulfills the second reason he returned, saying she was " never second ", and that he loves her.
* March 31 – Bishop Benjamin Hoadly, acting on the advice of King George, begins the Bangorian Controversy by saying that God favors churches with no government.
Her father gave her advice, saying that she was too young to be married.
Hitler rejected that advice, saying that it was better at present to keep the U. S. neutral, since as long as the Americans were neutral, they were limited in how far they could support the British.
Costello took the opportunity to reconfirm his beliefs in Catholicism on 12 April 1951, in his speech on Dr. Browne's resignation: " I have no hesitation in saying that we, as a Government, representing a people, the overwhelming majority of whom are of the one faith, who have a special position in the Constitution, when we are given advice or warnings by the authoritative people in the Catholic Church, on matters strictly confined to faith and morals, so long as I am here — and I am sure I speak for my colleagues — will give to their directions, given within that scope — and I have no doubt that they do not desire in the slightest to go one fraction of an inch outside the sphere of faith and morals — our complete obedience and allegiance.
It was her moment of triumph and she wrote to Henry and Thomas Cromwell, now his chief advisor, saying that it was " by advice of us and no other living person.
He is the first one to realize the new role of the pawn in the chess game ; and his most famous advice was the saying " The pawns are the soul of chess.
He met several poets who called themselves his disciples and wanted his advice ; he told them to disregard the contemporary Edo style and even his own Shriveled Chestnuts, saying it contained " many verses that are not worth discussing ".
In 1963, de la Renta turned to Diana Vreeland, the editor-in-chief of Vogue for advice, saying that what he really wanted was to " get into ready to wear, because that's where the money is ".
For example, instead of saying " Now I would gladly hear your advice on this matter ", the duchess of Amalfi says: " Now I would fain hear from thee that which thou counsellest thereanent.
When he was advised, as the story went, to claim the throne on his father's death, deterred by sounder advice he by no means assented, saying it was fairer to yield it to his sister's son ( the future Henry II of England ), than presumptuously to arrogate it to himself.
Do you not see that if Ibn al-Muqri ’ s real motivation were good advice, he would not have exagger ¬ ated by saying: “ Whoever has a doubt in the disbelief of the group of Ibn ‘ Arabi, he himself is a disbeliever ”?
While he was praying in St Michael's Kirk at Linlithgow, a man strangely dressed in blue had approached his desk saying his mother had told him to say James should not to go to war or take the advice of women.
Peng's bodyguards warned him to avoid contact with the Red Guards, but Peng disregarded their advice, saying: " a CCP member does not have to be afraid of the masses.
On 28 November 2008, Harney defended her use of expenses while on a FÁS trip to the US, saying that she was " not on holiday ", had not used public taxes for her own personal grooming, said the use of the government jet for the trip was made by the Taoiseach, and had followed advice in claiming her expenses.
The Postal Service argued that Gaylord was not the sole sculptor ( saying he had received advice from federal sources — who recommended that the uniforms appear more in the wind ) and also that the sculpture was actually architecture.
Maude denied that it would increase the risk of explosions, however the following day transport minister Mike Penning, a former fireman confirmed the advice was wrong saying he didn't think Maude understood how big jerrycans were.
In a comical scene, Rita held the phone to a snoring Zedd, saying that if she knew how to stop the Rangers she wouldn't have to listen to that, and then told Divatox her advice was to run.
At one point, Jiminy Cricket, when giving advice to the guests, consoled him by saying that some people find someone special and some people do not, poking fun at the fact that Quasimodo and Esmeralda did not fall in love at the end of the original film.
* Also, in trying to provide advice, he would take two traditional two-part Spanish sayings and mix them up, always beginning with " Como dice el viejo y conocido refrán ..." (" As the old and well-known saying goes ...").
The Government rejected his advice and tried to dismiss Coyne, saying that he was meddling in politics.

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