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books and did
All the generals who held important commands in World War 2, did not write books.
The adaptions are notable for changing the plots and characters of the original books ( e. g., incorporating lesbian affairs, changing killer identities, renaming or removing significant characters, and even using stories from other books in which Miss Marple did not originally feature ).
Most modern Pueblo peoples ( whether Keresans, Hopi, or Tanoans ) assert the ancient Pueblo did not " vanish ", as is commonly portrayed in media presentations or popular books, but migrated to areas in the southwest with more favorable rainfall and dependable streams.
Contemporary hymnbooks did not contain music and were simply small books of religious poetry.
Two aspects of this attitude deserve to be mentioned: 1 ) he did not only study science from books, as other academics did in his day, but actually observed and experimented with nature ( the rumours starting by those who did not understand this are probably at the source of Albert's supposed connections with alchemy and witchcraft ), 2 ) he took from Aristotle the view that scientific method had to be appropriate to the objects of the scientific discipline at hand ( in discussions with Roger Bacon, who, like many 20th century academics, thought that all science should be based on mathematics ).
But he did not just speak straight out of these books but took a distinctive personal line in his consideration, and brought the mind of Ammonius ' to bear on the investigation in hand.
The brethren were pleased with the Emperor's letter, but Anthony did not pay any attention to it, and he said to them, " The books of God, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, commands us every day, but we do not heed what they tell us, and we turn our backs on them.
" They are present in a few historic Protestant versions: the German Luther Bible included such books, as did the English 1611 King James Version.
The publication of Total Baseball led to the discovery of several " phantom ballplayers ", such as Lou Proctor, who did not belong in official record books and were removed.
The bequest of a collection of books, engraved gems, coins, prints and drawings by Clayton Mordaunt Cracherode in 1800 did much to raise the Museum's reputation ; but Montagu House became increasingly crowded and decrepit and it was apparent that it would be unable to cope with further expansion.
The Government suggested a site at St Pancras for the new British Library but the books did not leave the museum until 1997.
Other areas damaged during World War II bombing included: in September 1940 two unexploded bombs hit the Edward VII galleries, the King's Library received a direct hit from a high explosive bomb, incendiaries fell on the dome of the Round Reading Room but did little damage ; on the night of 10 to 11 May 1941 several incendiaries fell on the south west corner of the Museum, destroying the book stack and 150, 000 books in the courtyard and the galleries around the top of the Great Staircase – this damage was not fully repaired until the early 1960s.
In the early days of Christian worship the Bible furnished all that was thought necessary, containing as it did the books from which the lessons were read and the psalms that were recited.
However, Ian Hacking noted that traditional Dutch book arguments did not specify Bayesian updating: they left open the possibility that non-Bayesian updating rules could avoid Dutch books.
This work, however, did go on to influence the prayer books of many British colonies.
In addition, works published before 1964 that did not have their copyrights renewed 28 years after first publication year also are in the public domain, except that books originally published outside the US by non-Americans are exempt from this requirement, if they are still under copyright in their home country ( see How Can I Tell Whether a Copyright Was Renewed for more details ).
The Sadducees, who recognized only the Torah ( first five books of the Old Testament ) as authoritative, did not believe in an afterlife or a Resurrection of the Dead.
He began but did not complete a number of books.
Although the phrase " perfect game " appeared in record books as early as 1922, and was a common expression years before that, Major League Baseball did not formalize the definition of a " perfect game " until 1991, long after Young's death.
He did surpass his father's talents as a writer, writing over 400 books.
Although many scholars today consider the Treatise to be Hume's most important work and one of the most important books in Western philosophy, the critics in Great Britain at the time did not agree, describing it as " abstract and unintelligible ".
Much later ( 15th century ), the Council of Florence taught the divine inspiration of these books, but " did not formally pass on their canonicity.

books and much
Such ranchers as Coble and Clay and the Bosler brothers carried him on their books as a cowhand even while he was receiving a much larger salary from parties unknown.
Whereas a high percentage of the regular students can be expected to read other texts which more or less plow the same ground in a little different direction, the married students chose whole books on specific areas and went into much greater detail in their areas of interest.
A `` book count '' was the sellin' of cattle by the books, commonly resorted to in the early days, sometimes much to the profit of the seller.
In their suburban cottage the crown charges, the Krogers received secrets from the mystery man, usually on the first Saturday evening of each month, and spent much of the week-end getting the secrets off to Moscow, either on a powerful transmitter buried under the kitchen floor or as dots posted over period marks in used books.
He wrote three books on chess strategy: Mein System ( My System ), 1925, Die Praxis meines Systems ( The Practice of My System ), 1929, commonly known as Chess Praxis, and Die Blockade ( The Blockade ), 1925, though much in the latter book is generally held to be a rehash of material already presented in Mein System.
Bellarmine's books bear the stamp of their period ; the effort for literary elegance ( so-called " maraviglia ") had given place to a desire to pile up as much material as possible, to embrace the whole field of human knowledge, and incorporate it into theology.
The way croquet is depicted in paintings and books says much about popular perceptions of the game, though little about the reality of modern play.
* the stories are filled with digressions into philosophy, the complete texts of official documents, and much more, making for very long books ;
The Belgic Confession, used in Reformed churches, devotes a section ( Article 6 ) to " The difference between the canonical and apocryphal books " and asserts that " All which the Church may read and take instruction from, so far as they agree with the canonical books ; but they are far from having such power and efficacy as that we may from their testimony confirm any point of faith or of the Christian religion ; much less to detract from the authority of the other sacred books.
Many such books are now lost works and remembered only by his references, much like the lost sources mentioned in the work of Vitruvius a century earlier.
As a comparative grammarian he was much more than as a Sanskrit scholar ,” and yet “ it is surely much that he made the grammar, formerly a maze of Indian subtilty, as simple and attractive as that of Greek or Latin, introduced the study of the easier works of Sanskrit literature and trained ( personally or by his books ) pupils who could advance far higher, invade even the most intricate parts of the literature and make the Vedas intelligible.
Recent evidences such as the pool and a turn away from the vestiges of positivism as evidenced by the growing number of books addressing the historicity of John reveal that the final word has not been said on how much of the historical Jesus inhabits John's gospel.
For much of the 20th century most scholars agreed that the five books of the Pentateuch — Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy — came from four sources, the Yahwist, the Elohist, the Deuteronomist and the Priestly source, each telling the same basic story, and joined together by various editors.
The author of over 200 books and papers, he was a founder of mathematical logic and set theory, to which he contributed much notation.
Readers in the Victorian era particularly praised her books for their depictions of rural society, for which she drew on her own early experiences, and she shared with Wordsworth the belief that there was much interest and importance in the mundane details of ordinary country lives.
He appears as a character throughout most of the Amelia Peabody series of books by Elizabeth Peters ( a pseudonym of Egyptologist Dr Barbara Mertz ); and in much of Arthur Phillips's The Egyptologist.
His first three books gained much contemporary attention ( the first, Typee, becoming a bestseller ), and after a fast-blooming literary success in the late 1840s, his popularity declined precipitously in the mid-1850s and never recovered during his lifetime.
Within his books, Billings did not put as much emphasis on " common measure " which was the typical way hymns were sung, but he attempted " to have a Sufficiency in each measure ".
In June 1982, a Village Voice report by Geoffrey Stokes and Eliot Fremont-Smith accused Kosiński of plagiarism, claiming that much of his work was derivative of prewar books unfamiliar to English readers, and that Being There was a plagiarism of Kariera Nikodema Dyzmy — The Career of Nicodemus Dyzma — a 1932 Polish bestseller by Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz.
Although Gutenberg was financially unsuccessful in his lifetime, the printing technologies spread quickly, and news and books began to travel across Europe much faster than before.
Thus, Peter Wimsey remained forever fixed on the background of inter-war England, and the books are nowadays often read for their evocation of that period as much as for the intrinsic detective mysteries.

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