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cover and was
Whoever was out there hiding in the brushy cover was besieging the Antler house and, having spotted his approach, was determined to drive him off before he could get into the fight.
It was as if they could hardly wait to get into their costumes, cover their faces with masks and go adventuring.
There was no cover here, only grass sighing against pant-legs.
There was a clump of trees that appeared to provide cover right up to the road, and the shouting and gunfire never slackened.
The doctor sat down rather wearily, caressing the hen and remarking that the city was not the place for a poultry-loving man, but no sooner was the remark out than a knock at this door obliged him to cover the hen with his greatcoat once more.
The difference is important, for although the older law of nations did cover relationships among sovereigns, this was by no means its exclusive domain.
In June, 1960, an early draft of the questionnaire, along with a cover letter, was mailed to fourteen companies in the state of Washington.
Each questionnaire was mailed with a cover letter addressed personally to the president or other executive of each firm.
The King should expect no profit, and an advance of only 20 per cent above the cost in France, which would cover the expense of transportation and handling, was all he charged the traders.
Rep. James Cotten of Weatherford insisted that a water development bill passed by the Texas House of Representatives was an effort by big cities like Dallas and Fort Worth to cover up places like Paradise, a Wise County hamlet of 250 people.
To Decathlon Man Rafer Johnson ( Time cover, Aug. 29 ), whose gold medal in last summer's Olympic Games was won as much on gumption as talent, went the A.A.U.'s James E. Sullivan Memorial Trophy as the outstanding U.S. amateur athlete of 1960.
It was the cover story of the issue of Astounding that is sometimes described as having ushered in the " Golden Age " of science fiction.
) His men were routed when they encountered Maj. Gen. James Longstreet's corps, but by the following day, August 30, he took command of the division when Hatch was wounded, and he led his men to cover the retreat of the Union Army.
It was not a smooth process, however, and the seaway would periodically rise to cover parts of the region throughout Horseshoe Canyon times before finally receding altogether in the years after.
" When the final payment on the farm was owed, Sam May refused to cover his brother-in-law's debts, as he often did, possibly at Abby May's suggestion.
At a distance of from the Moon, the Scientific Instrument Module ( SIM ) bay cover was jettisoned.
This was despite a metal cover, and locking-bar mechanism designed to prevent this from occurring.
Pushing down on the metal cover to reseat the ULA was normally sufficient to rectify these issues.
God was said to have communicated with Moses " from between the two cherubim " on the Ark's cover.
Some also claim it to be the oldest subway tunnel in the world, as it was built by the cut and cover method under a city street, specifically for the purposes of improved public safety, attaining grade separation and enhanced railway operations.
The program's goal was to defoliate forested and rural land, depriving guerrillas of cover ; another goal was to induce forced draft urbanization, destroying the ability of peasants to support themselves in the countryside, and forcing them to flee to the U. S. dominated cities, thus depriving the guerrillas of their rural support base and food supply.

cover and blown
Developing the ideas of Francesco Lana de Terzi, S. J., Gusmão wanted to spread a huge sail over a boat-like body like the cover of a transport wagon ; the boat itself was to contain tubes through which, when there was no wind, air would be blown into the sail by means of bellows.
Florizel pretends to be on a diplomatic mission from his father, but his cover is blown when Polixenes and Camillo, too, arrive in Sicilia.
Early in his career Wolf modelled his lieder after those of Franz Schubert and Robert Schumann, particularly in the period around his relationship with Vally Franck ; in fact, they were good enough imitations to pass off as the real thing, which he once attempted, though his cover was blown too soon.
When her cover was blown, she became a regular aboard Crow's ship ; he encouraged her visits because he remained in love with her, despite her duplicity.
Incensed at the loss of all that he had won, Duryodhana threatened suicide and coerced his father into inviting the Pandavas for one last round of gambling, the terms of which were that the loser would be condemned to 12 years of exile into forests, and a 13th year to be spent incognito, and if the cover be blown during the 13th year, another cycle of 13 years would ensue.
The fight makes the school newspaper, causing the CIA to remove him from the mission for fear he may have blown his cover.
Changes include tangent type rear sight, separate sliding bolt cover ( as opposed to simultaneously moving ones on all other types after ), hook safety replaced with a large knob cocking piece to protect from gases in case of a blown primer, larger bolt handle knob, improved bolt head, gas port in bolt body, and improved chamber configuration for better cartridge feeding.
A fight occurs in the bar, during which their cover is blown.
Minutes later at the checkpoint, their cover was blown and Culioli tried to speed away, but the Germans opened fire hitting Rudellat in the head and Culioli in the leg, causing the car to crash.
Their cover is soon blown, but they are then quickly aided with forces from the New Republic that battle off the Vong and manage to get Jacen and Danni off of Helska IV.
After Marco's cover is blown and he has to leave his regular life, he goes to live with Ax at his scoop, and the two bond over electronics and soap operas.
However, soon Cocker and Buckle's cover was blown while playing a gig in London, despite wearing full eye make-up and skeleton suits.
Once her cover is blown, Selina dons her Catwoman outfit and fights her way out of the club, making quick work of the Russians.
With this knowledge, Lee points to Griffin as the real Juntao, and Griffin, seeing that his cover is blown, threatens to detonate a bomb vest attached to Soo Yung if the delivery is interrupted.
Antennae were missing, lights and periscopes were heavily sandblasted, the cloth mantlet cover was incinerated, and the armoured side plates had been blown off and carried up to from the tank.
With her cover blown, Sue Ellen has no choice but to confess the truth in front of everyone.
He tries to bid on them, but his cover is blown and the three of them escape.
In the film, Bond's cover at the clinic is blown after he is caught seducing women, but he manages to escape the complex by skiing down the mountain sides despite the attempts of Blofeld and his men to kill him.
When they realize their cover has been blown, the C. M. B.
Scotty's cover gets blown during another police sting of C. M. B.
Beaupre's cover is literally blown, and the police arrest him.
In New Orleans, Bond enlists the help of NSA agent Mya Starling ( Mya ), whom Bond rescues when her cover inside Diavolo's organization is blown.
Soon after this, Capone's spy realized that his cover had been blown and tried unsuccessfully to shoot Yale on the night of July 1, 1927.
In July 1946, Pilecki was informed that his cover was blown and ordered to leave ; he declined.

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