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extensive and credits
Throughout the show's run, there was extensive Internet speculation as to whether the theme song and opening credits would be changed.
In the UK, Master's degrees may be taught or by research: taught Master's include the MSc and MA degrees which last 1 year and are worth 180 CATS credits ( equivalent to 90 ECTS European credits ), whereas the Master's by research degrees include the MRes ( Master of Research ) which also lasts 1 year and worths 180 CATS or 90 ECTS credits ( the difference compared to the MA / MSc being that the research is much more extensive ), and the MPhil ( Master of Philosophy ) degree which lasts 2 years.
Routledge's extensive radio credits include several Alan Bennett plays and the BBC dramatisation of Carole Hayman's Ladies of Letters, in which she and Prunella Scales play retired women exchanging humorous correspondence over the course of several years.
* The ending credits of the film 300 ( 2007 ) depict a battle in silhouette, and the source-material graphic novel by Frank Miller features extensive use of stylised silhouettes.
Rifkin's extensive film credits include Silent Running, The Sunshine Boys, The Big Fix, JFK, Husbands and Wives, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Wolf, L. A.
Film author Pauline Kael credits Mankiewicz with having written, alone or with others, " about forty of the films I remember best from the twenties and thirties ," adding, " I hadn ’ t realized how extensive his career was.
His extensive television credits include three years as Dr. Ted Stuart on the series The Bold Ones: The New Doctors ( 1969-1972 ) and two years as Tony Cumson on Falcon Crest ( 1986-1988 ).
Opening credits since the early 1980s, if present at all, identify the major actors and crew, while the closing credits list an extensive cast and production crew.
The college offers flexible programs, including distance education, extensive transfers of credits from other universities, prior learning assessment for knowledge gained through independent studies, standardized evaluations, and the opportunity to design one's own degree with an academic advisor or mentor.
An actor with extensive film, television and theatre credits, he portrayed leading roles in acclaimed pictures such as La tregua ( 1974 ), Juan que reía ( 1976 ), Darse cuenta ( 1984 ), Esperando la carroza ( 1985 ), Made in Argentina ( 1986 ), Cien veces no debo ( 1990 ), Convivencia ( 1993 ), Una sombra ya pronto serás ( 1994 ), De mi barrio con amór ( 1995 ), and Los pasos perdidos ( 2001 ).
He has an extensive list of credits in film, TV, and theater going back over 20 years, and his most recent film role was as Headmaster Widdlesome in Thunderbirds.
Gareth Williams has an extensive list of film credits, including " Hollywoodland " with Adrien Brody, " The Cell " with Jennifer Lopez, and " Keith " with Jesse McCartney, " Palookaville ," " Malcolm X " with Denzel Washington and was the lead in the Danish produced road movie " P. O. V.
Becket's extensive list of credits includes:
MacIntosh has a wealth of acting experience, with an extensive list of TV credits including Police Rescue, The Flying Doctors, Something in the Air, Grass Roots, Stingers, State Coroner, Good Guys Bad Guys, Wildside, McLeod's Daughters, G. P., The Feds III and Chances.
As for her anime dubbing, she has an extensive list of credits.
Along with his choreographic credits, Pazik had extensive credits as a teacher and trained a number of dancers who are now enjoying successful professional careers.
J. C. Penney credits this collaboration as result of extensive customer input.
In addition to her extensive credits in television and theatre, Gilsig also has some experience with films.
The game includes extensive credits, however some of the more notable contributors include:
Blake has appeared in television programmes starring Victoria Wood and has extensive radio credits.
* Ross's extensive Broadway show credits

extensive and have
His denials of extensive reading notwithstanding, it is no doubt safe to assume that he has spent time schooling himself in Southern history and that he has gained some acquaintance with the chief literary authors who have lived in the South or have written about the South.
Contrary to these expectations we have found it impossible to obtain the degree of reproducibility one would wish, even with extensive efforts to prepare especially pure reagents.
We have attempted to simplify the extensive task of analyzing onset ages and completion ages of each child -- more than 1700 values for the entire group -- by constructing figures for each of the 21 centers so that the data for all 34 boys and 34 of the girls will appear together for each growth center.
Although biopsies have shown structural changes in some of the reported cases of steroid-induced weakness, this case provides the only example known to us in which necropsy afforded the opportunity for extensive study of multiple muscle groups.
These things have been disseminated by other means, but always in the wake of extensive publication of analytic results.
But, in spite of all this, enough evidence remains to show that the magic square of three must indeed have been the object of a rather extensive cult -- or series of cults -- reaching fullest expression in the Han period.
If an evil which is certain and extensive and immediate may rarely be compensated for by a problematic, speculative, future good, by the same token not every present, certain, and immediate good ( or lesser evil ) that may have to be done will be outweighed by a problematic, speculative, and future evil.
In recent days there have been extensive lamentations over the absence of original drama on television, but not for years have many regretted the passing of new plays on radio.
Indeed the extensive use of imported non-Greeks (" barbarians ") as chattel slaves seems to have been an Athenian development.
Many actors train at length in special programs or colleges to develop these skills, and today the vast majority of professional actors have undergone extensive training.
A variety of galling insects are among the most specialized and diverse herbivores on the planet, and their extensive protections against abiotic stress factors have helped the insect in gaining that position of honor.
It must have extensive world knowledge so that it knows what is being discussed — it must at least be familiar with all the same commonsense facts that the average human translator knows.
Neurons often have extensive networks of dendrite s, which receive synaptic connections.
In addition, some cities have separate rail-based mass transit systems ( including the extensive and historic London Underground ).
Widely available German, British, and American records agree on certain facts, but a number of details of the incident may or may not have been fabricated based upon a less notable or extensive violation.
* System: privatization began in 1988 ; advanced telecommunications infrastructure ; modern system based on extensive microwave radio relay facilities ; fixed-line connections have dropped in recent years as mobile-cellular usage continues to increase, reaching a level of 85 telephones per 100 persons
After extensive legal proceedings Calderon and Rodriguez have been sentenced ; however, the inquiry on Figueres has since been dismissed by the competent judicial party and no charges were ever raised against him.
In 2003 a publication in Science received a large amount of press attention when it suggested that early humans may have practiced extensive cannibalism.
In Japan, commuter rail systems have extensive network and frequent service, and are heavily used.
Union citizens have also extensive rights to move in order to exercise economic activity in any of the Member States which predate the introduction of Union citizenship.
Judges in common law systems usually have more extensive power to declare someone in contempt than judges in civil law systems.
In the Protrepticus he displays an extensive knowledge of Greek mythology and mystery religions, which could only have arisen from the practise of his family's religion.
The Maritimes are home to Mi ' kmaq, Maliseet and Passamaquoddy people and have an extensive history of French and British settlement dating back to the seventeenth century, forming a unique culture that predates Canada.

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