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father and was
When he regained consciousness he was in Lord's house, in the office of Doctor Lord, the deputy's deceased father.
He was in earnest conversation with her father and the old vaquero, Luis Hernandez.
`` Karipo was great goddess, told our mothers that men were not necessary except to father children '', the crone told me.
My curiosity was sharpened a day or two before the interview by a conversation I had with a well-informed teacher of literature, a Jesuit father, at a conference on religious drama near Paris.
It was, of course, a little boy's fantasy of winning his mother to himself, and replacing the father who could not give her the things she wanted -- a classical oedipal fantasy if you like -- but if it were only this the story would be banal.
His father was a good friend of Rabbi Szold, and Joe lived with the Szolds for a while.
What I fled from was my fear of what, unwittingly, you might betray, without meaning to, about my father and yourself.
But her father was not enthusiastic about sending young Paula to high school.
His father, George A. Mercer, was descended from an honored Southern family that could trace its ancestry back to one Hugh Mercer, who had emigrated from Scotland in 1747.
The lyricist's father was a lawyer who had branched out into real estate.
He was the son of a Scottish father and an American Jewish mother, long widowed, with whom he lived in a comfortable home in Flushing.
There was the Neapolitan, Ribas, a capable conniver whose father had been a blacksmith but who had fawned his way up the ladder of Catherine's and Potemkin's favor till he was now a brigadier ( and would one day be the daggerman designated to do in Czar Paul 1,, after traveling all the way to Naples to procure just the right stiletto ).
His father was a professor at Hartford Theological Seminary, and from him he acquired a conviction, which he passed along to me, that there is in the universe of persons a moral law, the law of love, which is a natural law in the same sense as is the physical law.
My father, who liked Alfred very much, was a constant visitor.
Banks the Butcher was a hard master and a hard father, a man who didn't seem to know the difference between the living flesh of his family and the hanging carcasses of his stock in trade.
She was the opposite of everything she should have been -- a positive pole in a negative home, a living reaction of warmth and kindness to the harsh reality of her father.
Karl was an almost exact copy of his father physically and it was strange to see the expected become the unexpected.
From the point of view of popularity the best-known member of the Commission was Walter Camp, the Yale athlete whose sobriquet was `` the father of American football ''.
the mere fact that he was selected, though as a substitute, to act as interlocutor or moderator for it, or perhaps we should say with Buck as ' father of the act ', is in itself a difficult phase of his development to grasp.
Angry that my father was being burnt alive in the mills ; ;
Jemela ( surname: Gerby ), 23, seems Hong Kong Oriental but has a Spanish father and an Indian mother, was born in America and educated at Holy Cross Academy and Textile High School, says she learned belly dancing at family picnics.
His father was a constant visitor.

father and shipping
In 1984, Titan the main shipping company of the Papanicolaou ’ s was in trouble, so Livanos's father George bought out the Papanicolaou's shares in ALL, while Gauntlett again became a shareholder with a 25 % holding in AML.
Her father, Robert Lawrence Berenson, was an American career diplomat turned shipping executive ; he was of Lithuanian Jewish descent, and his family's original surname was Valvrojenski.
His Protestant father, Captain Roger Casement of ( The King ’ s Own ) Regiment of Light Dragoons, was the son of a bankrupt Belfast shipping merchant ( Hugh Casement ), who later moved to Australia.
She probably learned the business from her father, Eoghan " Dubhdara " Ó Máille, who plied a busy international shipping trade.
Harvey's father rewards Captain Troop by hiring his son, Dan, to work on his prestigious tea clipper fleet, and is delighted at his son's new maturity and their relationship dramatically improves even as Harvey decides to begin his career with his father's shipping lines.
Sir Andrew Barton, Lord High Admiral of Scotland, followed the example of his father, who had been issued with letters of marque by James III of Scotland to prey upon English and Portuguese shipping in 1485 ; the letters in due course were reissued to the son.
Pinnes, the son of Agron and Agron's first wife Triteuta, officially succeeds his father as king, but the kingdom is effectively ruled by Agron's second wife, Queen Teuta ( Tefta ), who expels the Greeks from the Illyrian coast and then launches Illyrian pirate ships into the Ionian Sea, preying on Roman shipping.
He later joined his father in the family timber business, which he expanded into coal, iron, shipping and whaling.
Early inhabitants included Robert Morris, Sr., agent for a Liverpool shipping firm who greatly influenced the town's growth ; his son, Robert Morris, Jr., known as " the financier of the Revolution ;" Jeremiah Banning, sea captain, war hero, and statesman ; The Reverend Thomas Bacon, Anglican clergyman who wrote the first compilation of the laws of Maryland ; Matthew Tilghman, known as the " patriarch of Maryland " and " father of statehood "; and Colonel Tench Tilghman, aide-de-camp to George Washington and the man who carried the message of General Cornwallis's surrender to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia.
His father, Ezekiah Jackson Craddock, volunteered to serve in the U. S. Coast Guard and patrolled American coastal waters to protect Allied shipping against German U-boats during World War II.
Bagehot was called to the bar by Lincoln's Inn, but preferred to join his father in 1852 in his family's shipping and banking business.
In 1962 he moved with his family to Trinidad, where his father worked with a shipping and trading company, and then in 1966 to Canada.
Constantine was born into a wealthy family ; her father was successful in property and shipping sectors.
She had a close relationship with her father, Joseph Constantine, who was successful in the property and shipping sectors, was an Old Etonian pupil and served in the Coldstream Guards.
His father was a shipping merchant and fervent Jeffersonian ; he was a member of the Convention which formed the first state Connecticut Constitution in 1818 that abolished the colonial charter and officially severed the political ties to England.
After the father's idealistic plans for a long-haul vegetable shipping business venture end in a loss of thousands of dollars, Cal decides to enter the bean-growing business, as a way of recouping the money his father lost in the vegetable shipping venture.
His father Kiyoshi was an employee, later a general manager, of a shipping company.
Caroline Webster Schermerhorn was born into New York City's Dutch aristocracy, descendants of the city's original settlers ; her father, Abraham Schermerhorn, his brother and the extended Schermerhorn family were engaged in shipping.
His father was a Greek shipping magnate.
Alfred, an orthodox member of the Religious Society of Friends or Quakers, operated a lucrative shipping business started by his father, Thomas P. Cope, in 1821.
While living in the United Kingdom, Fisher's father, a keen Bolshevik, took part in gunrunning, shipping arms from the North East coast to the Baltic states to help the proletariat.
His mother, Angela ( née Zocco ), is a nurse, and his father, Gary Louis Biggs, is a shipping company manager.
This branch of the Bland family first came to Virginia in 1654, when the father of Richard I, Theodorick Bland of Westover ( 1629 – 1671 ), emigrated from London and Spain, where he had been attending to the family mercantile and shipping enterprises.

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