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first and notable
His political opponent and lifetime friend, Thomas Jefferson, achieved immortality through his authorship of the Declaration of Independence, but equally notable were the legal and constitutional reforms he instituted in his native Virginia, his role as father of our territorial system, and his acquisition of the Louisiana Territory during his first term as President.
If we examine the three types of change from the point of view of their internal structure we find an additional profound difference between the third and the first two, one that accounts for the notable difference between the responses they evoke.
The singles " I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You ", " Games People Play ", " Damned If I Do ", " Time " ( Woolfson's first lead vocal ), " Eye in the Sky " and " Don't Answer Me " had a notable impact on the Billboard Hot 100.
However, it does seem clear that his first notable work, Summa Quoniam Homines, was completed somewhere between 1155 and 1165, with the most conclusive date being 1160, and likely was developed through his lectures at the school in Paris.
The declaration is notable since, according to Livy, it was the first time that the Romans had declared war by means of the rites of the fetials.
Although Dürer made no innovations in these areas, he is notable as the first Northern European to treat matters of visual representation in a scientific way, and with understanding of Euclidean principles.
Antoine Thomson d ' Abbadie d ' Arrast ( January 3, 1810 – March 19, 1897 ) was an Irish-French and Basque explorer, geographer, ethnologue, linguist and astronomer notable for his travels in Ethiopia during the first half of the 19th century.
It is mainly notable for being perhaps the first purpose built office building in Great Britain.
The city of Alcobaça became notable after the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, decided to build there a church to celebrate the Conquest of Santarém, to the Moors, in 1147.
Arcturus is notable for its high proper motion, larger than any first magnitude star in the stellar neighborhood other than α Centauri.
Anthony is notable for being one of the first ascetics to attempt living in the desert proper, completely cut off from civilization.
RBBS-PC, ported over from the CP / M world, and Fido BBS, created by Tom Jennings ( who later founded FidoNet ) were the first notable DOS BBS programs.
A notable example was Phil Katz's PKARC ( and later PKZIP, using the same ". zip " algorithm that WinZip and other popular archivers now use ); also other concepts of software distribution like freeware, postcardware like JPEGview and donationware like Red Ryder for the Macintosh first appeared on BBS sites.
Boogie Down and KRS retorted angrily with songs like The Bridge is Over and South Bronx, which started one of the first notable hip hop wars as MC Shan, Marley Marl, Roxanne Shanté and Blaq Poet all released songs featuring verses personally attacking KRS and Scott La Rock.
Boulder, Colorado is legendary with bouldering opportunities and fierce clean climbing ethic, particularly in the Crown Rocks area featuring notable first bouldering ascents by John Gill, Chuck Pratt and Pat Ament.
The BRP was notable for being the first role-playing game system to introduce a full skill system to characters regardless of their profession.
This places the BRP in the notable position of being one of the first products to allow other game companies to develop games or game aids for their work.
Plug was a comic based on the eponymous character from The Bash Street Kids that began with issue dated 24 September 1977, and is notable for being the first comic to make use of rotogravure printing.
The museum ’ s first notable addition towards its collection of antiquities, since its foundation, was by Sir William Hamilton ( 1730 – 1803 ), British Ambassador to Naples, who sold his collection of Greek and Roman artefacts to the museum in 1784 together with a number of other antiquities and natural history specimens.
The most notable alteration is the shortening of most feasts from nine to three lessons at Matins, keeping only the Scripture readings ( the former lesson i, then lessons ii and iii together ), followed by either the first part of the patristic reading ( lesson vii ) or, for most feasts, a condensed version of the former second Nocturn, which was formerly used when a feast was reduced in rank and commemorated.
The most notable star in Cetus is Mira, designated Omicron Ceti, the first variable star to be discovered and the prototype of its class.
Several things were notable about this battle, in which Charles set the pattern for the remainder of his military career: first, he appeared where his enemies least expected him, while they were marching triumphantly home and far outnumbered him.
Plato ( c. 427 – 347 BC ) and Aristotle ( c. 384 – 322 BC ) both posited first cause arguments, though each had certain notable caveats.
A notable publication is Kris Dhillon's book The Curry Secret, which was first published in 1989 but has been reprinted as recently as 2008.
White Bear and Red Moon is notable for containing the first published material about Glorantha, later used as the primary setting for the role-playing games RuneQuest, Hero Wars and HeroQuest.

first and work
After he had finished the first two volumes of his Lincoln, Sandburg went to work assembling a book of songs out of hobo and childhood days and from the memory of songs others had taught him.
The work as it stands is not the entire book that Malraux wrote at that time -- it is only the first section of a three-part novel called La Lutte avec l'Ange ; ;
The New Testament offered to the public today is the first result of the work of a joint committee made up of representatives of the Church of England, Church of Scotland, Methodist Church, Congregational Union, Baptist Union, Presbyterian Church of England, Churches in Wales, Churches in Ireland, Society of Friends, British and Foreign Bible Society and National Society of Scotland.
All these emotions were screwed up to new heights when, after acceptance and the first rehearsals, there ensued such a buzz of excitement among Parisian music lovers that Duclos had to come running to Rousseau to inform him that the news had reached the superintendent of the King's amusements, and that he was now demanding that the work be offered first at the royal summer palace of Fontainebleau.
He worked in oil for years before beginning his work in watercolor, and his first public recognition and early honors, including his election to the Academy, were for his essays in the heavier medium.
At first each child should do a kick-up by himself so that the teacher can determine those ready to work alone, and those who need help.
Her first day at work she was puzzled by an entry in the doctor's notes on an emergency case.
In our work the best procedure for removing substances causing nonspecific staining in order to obtain specific conjugates was to pass the conjugates through a DEAE-cellulose column and in some cases to absorb the first and second milliliter fractions with sweet clover tissue powder.
The word `` binomial '' means `` of two names '' or `` of two terms '', and both usages apply in our work: the first to the names of the two outcomes of a binomial trial, and the second to the terms P and Af that represent the probabilities of `` success '' and `` failure ''.
The first was a list of fourteen manufacturing companies located in the state of Washington which were personally known to the research team to be active in defense work.
In their vases were embodied the basic aesthetic and logical characteristics of Greek civilization, at first hesitantly in Protogeometric work, and then more confidently in the initial stages of the Geometric style.
If one wishes to discuss a literary figure who uses folklore in his work, the first thing he must realize is that the literary figure is probably part of this ignorant American public.
To be sure, in tool-and-die work and in the building trades, the first job must be often on an apprentice basis, but two years of half-time vocational training enables the young man thus to anticipate one year of apprentice status.
The Rev. R. L. Brandt, national secretary of the home missions department, stressed the need for the first two years' work.
And there she had her first showing of tapestry work.
A new work on the program was Nikolai Lopatnikoff's `` Festival Overture '', receiving its first New York hearing.
Choreographed by Mr. Nagrin, the work filled the second half of a program that also offered the first New York showing of Miss Tamiris' `` Once Upon A Time '' as well as her `` Women's Song '' and Mr. Nagrin's `` Indeterminate Figure ''.
Alvin Ailey and Carmen De Lavallade appeared in the first New York performance of Mr. Ailey's `` Roots Of The Blues '', a work given its premiere three weeks ago at the Boston Arts Festival.
He had known when he first helped her to meet the right people and work with them that she did not intend to marry him.
Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra recorded the work for RCA Victor, including one of the first stereo recordings of the music.
As a first step, Algerian literature was marked by works whose main concern was the assertion of the Algerian national entity, there is the publication of novels as the Algerian trilogy of Mohammed Dib, or even Nedjma of Kateb Yacine novel which is often regarded as a monumental and major work.
His British colleague Hugh McGregor Ross helped to popularize this work — according to Bemer, " so much so that the code that was to become ASCII was first called the Bemer-Ross Code in Europe ".
As with the acetic acid reactions, both definitions work for the first example, where water is the solvent and hydronium ion is formed.
The first three of these prizes are awarded for eminence in physical science, in chemistry and in medical science or physiology ; the fourth is for literary work " in an ideal direction " and the fifth prize is to be given to the person or society that renders the greatest service to the cause of international fraternity, in the suppression or reduction of standing armies, or in the establishment or furtherance of peace congresses.

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