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government and has
In what has aptly been called a `` constitutional revolution '', the basic nature of government was transformed from one essentially negative in nature ( the `` night-watchman state '' ) to one with affirmative duties to perform.
It was a sort of poetic justice that at the time of his own demise a new plot to overthrow the Venezuelan government, reportedly involving the use of Dominican arms by former Venezuelan Dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez, has been uncovered and quashed.
He is basing his guess on new government statistics that show business has broadened its stride -- a new record high in personal income, an increase in housing starts, a spurt in retail sales and a gain in orders for durable goods.
On net balance, in spite of Controller Gerosa's opposition to the new Charter as an invasion of his office, the Controller will have the opportunity for greater usefulness to good government than he has now.
The Macmillan government might be willing to let him go, but he has been dead seventy-eight years and even the Soviet morticians could not make him look presentable.
but the government is left with no reserve granary, under the agricultural system it has ordained.
Thus the government simultaneously undertook the vast burden of social security which had traditionally been privately discharged, and created a national scarcity which has engendered calamitous problems of social security.
However, it seems axiomatic that the government has an obligation `` to exercise its mandate reasonably, equitably and with full regard for the disruptions which it inevitably causes ''.
It is not an exaggeration to say that the state government has little or no fiscal control over these units of government.
It has been said that when local government revenues were mostly produced locally from the property tax, the lack of a uniform fiscal year was no great handicap ; ;
and ( 2 ) such other special funds as may, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, be required each to be a claims fund to be known by the name of the foreign government which has entered into a settlement agreement with the Government of the United States as described in subsection ( A ) of Section 4 of this Title.
a special fund created for that purpose pursuant to subsection ( A ) of this section any amounts hereafter paid, in United States dollars, by a foreign government which has entered into a claims settlement agreement with the Government of the United States as described in subsection ( A ) of Section 4 of this Title.
When we look at countries like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Burma, where substantial progress has been made in creating a minimum supply of modern men and of social overhead capital, and where institutions of centralized government exist, we find a second category of countries with a different set of problems and hence different priorities for policy.
The colonial period has generally left people believing that government can, if it wishes, provide all manner of services for them -- and that with independence free men do not have to work to realize the benefits of modern life.
L'Institut pour La Recherche Scientifique En Afrique Centrale ( IRSAC ) has sponsored well-designed field investigations and has cooperated closely with the government of Ruanda-Urundi in the development of its official statistics.
In some countries the trend has gone further than others: Mexico, Panama, and Venezuela are displaying open sympathy for Castroism, and there is no country -- save the Dominican Republic whose funeral services we recently arranged -- where Castroism and Anti-Americanism does not prevent the government from unqualifiedly espousing the American cause.
And contrary to what has been said recently, we did not wait for `` outside pressures '' and `` world opinion '' to bring down that Communist government ; ;
The government has recognized the dilemma and is beginning to devise some moral education for the schools -- but the teachers often have no firm conviction and are confused.
Noting that President Kennedy has handed the Defense Department the major responsibility for the nation's civil defense program, Mr. Hawksley said the federal government would pay half the salary of a full-time local director.
By-passing the military junta which has ruled Turkey since the overthrow of Premier Adnan Menderes 17 months ago, the army general staff, led by Gen. Cedvet Sunay, had set a deadline for the parties to join in a national coalition government.
Martin said the government has been working to establish firmer prices on primary products which may involve the total income of one country.
( Pp. 228-229 ) in any event, it is obvious that the anti-trust laws did not prevent the formation of some of the greatest financial empires the world has ever known, held together by some of the most fantastic ideas, all based on the fundamental notion that a corporation is an individual who can trade and exchange goods without control by the government ''.
Anthropologists ' involvement with the U. S. government, in particular, has caused bitter controversy within the discipline.

government and also
The novel, which is not merely dystopian but also brilliantly satiric, describes a future America where one-sixteenth of the population, the men who run advertising agencies and big corporations, control the rest of the people, the submerged fifteen-sixteenths who are the workers and consumers, with the government being no more than `` a clearing house for pressures ''.
and as the cost of local government increases, the demand for such comparison also increases.
Our presence here should also be considered further, sincere evidence of the attempts by our people and their chosen government to seek any and all possible ways to effect closer, peaceful ties among all people.
The President said he will also propose increasing, by an unspecified amount, the 540 million dollars in the 1961-62 budget for direct government research in medicine.
The Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act, also signed in 1862, provided government grants for agricultural colleges in each state.
It also has intervened in the Republic of the Congo ( Brazzaville ) to support the existing government in that country.
In some countries, authors also earn income from a government scheme such as the ELR ( Educational Lending Right ) and PLR ( Public Lending Right ) schemes in Australia.
She also worked for the government agent-turned-philanthropist, Parker Pyne.
Dashnaksutyun, which was outlawed by Ter-Petrosyan in 1995 – 96 but legalized again after Ter-Petrosyan resigned, also usually supports the government.
A new party, the Republic Party, is headed by ex-Prime Minister Aram Sargsyan, brother of Vazgen Sargsyan, and has become the primary voice of the opposition, which also includes the Armenian Communist Party, the National Unity party of Artashes Geghamyan, and elements of the former Ter-Petrosyan government.
" She also called for a sweeping reform of tax and customs administration, the creation of a " strong and independent judicial system " as well as a tough fight against government corruption.
The First Liberal government also established the basis of the later welfare state, with old age pensions, developed a system for settling industrial disputes, which was accepted by both employers and trade unions.
The government also purchased 1. 3 million acres from large estate holders for subdivision and closer settlement by small farmers.
The French Revolution ( 1787 – 99 ) that began during his youth was also influential: Ampère ’ s father was called into public service by the new revolutionary government, becoming a justice of the peace in a small town near Lyon.
He had also profoundly altered the nature of the Byzantine government.
He also promoted a measure requiring the turnover of all government jobs every eight years.
Most government positions also were appointed by the legislature.
After his brother's death on 30 September / November 1204, Andrew took over the government of the kingdom as his nephew's tutor and he also seized the money his brother had deposited on behalf of the child Ladislaus.
The victorious Roman general, Publius Cornelius Sulla, left the Athenians their lives and did not sell them into slavery ; he also restored the previous government, in 86 BC.
Oilpatch-related manufacturing is an obvious example, but financial services and government services have also benefited from oil money.
Development in Canberra has been closely regulated by government, both through the town planning process, but also through the use of crown lease terms that have tightly limited the use of parcels of land.
* The ablative case is also important to case government with postpositions.
He also made several contacts among the Native American tribes in the area, at one point negotiating an $ 800, 000 settlement between the Creeks and other tribes and the federal government.
Bava Metzia iv. 9d ), Abbahu became not only popular with his coreligionists, but also influential with the proconsular government ( Hagigah 14a ; Ketubot 17a ).
In the Bextra case, the government also charged Pfizer with illegally marketing another antipsychotic, Geodon.

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