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granduncle and Ying
Prince Ying, Sima Ai the Prince of Changshan ( Emperor Hui's brother ), and Sima Xin ( 司馬歆 ) the Duke of Xinye ( the son of a granduncle of Emperor Hui ) all declared support for Prince Jiong.
Prince Ying, Sima Ai the Prince of Changshan ( Emperor Hui's brother ), and Sima Xin ( 司馬歆 ) the Duke of Xinye ( the son of a granduncle of Emperor Hui ) all declared support for Prince Jiong.

granduncle and Empress
Her godparents were: Queen Victoria ( her great-grandmother ); the King of Greece ( her granduncle ); the Dowager Empress of Russia ( her paternal grandaunt ); the Prince and Princess of Wales ( her paternal grandparents ); the Duchess of Teck ( her maternal grandmother ); Princess Victoria of Wales ( her paternal aunt ); and Prince Francis of Teck ( her maternal uncle ).
His godparents were: King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra ( his paternal grandparents ); the Dowager Empress of Russia ( his paternal grandaunt, for whom his paternal aunt Princess Victoria stood proxy ); Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein ( his paternal grandaunt ); Prince Valdemar of Denmark ( his granduncle, for whom Prince George's uncle Prince Carl of Denmark stood proxy ); and Prince Louis of Battenberg ( his cousin ).
His granduncle is possibly Ōtomo no Komaro who came to Japan in the time of Empress Jitō.
In 300, under the advice of a prince she favored -- Sima Lun the Prince of Zhao, Emperor Wu's granduncleEmpress Jia decided to eliminate Crown Prince Yu as a threat.

granduncle and Dowager
At his christening on 4 August 1942 at the Private Chapel of Windsor Castle, his godparents were: King George VI ( his paternal uncle ); the Queen of the Netherlands ( for whom her son-in-law Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands stood proxy ); the King of Norway ( his granduncle ); the President of the United States of America ( for whom the Duke of Kent stood proxy ) ; the Crown Princess of Greece ( who was not present ); the Duke of Gloucester ( his paternal uncle, who was absent ); the Dowager Marchioness of Milford Haven ( his grandfather King George V's cousin ); and the Lady Patricia Ramsay ( his grandfather King George V's cousin ).

granduncle and brother
* John FitzGerald, de facto 12th Earl of Desmond ( d. 1536 ) ( brother of preceding, paternal granduncle of James FitzGerald, de jure 12th Earl of Desmond )
He was the younger brother of writer Conradine Birgitte Dunker, and through her the uncle of Bernhard Dunker and Vilhelmine Ullmann, and granduncle of Mathilde Schjøtt, Ragna Nielsen and Viggo Ullmann.
He was the brother of William Charles Cole Claiborne, the nephew of Thomas Claiborne, the uncle of John Francis Hamtramck Claiborne and the great-great-great granduncle Marie Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs and Claiborne de Borda Pell.
Both Baha ' al-Daula and his brother, however, were threatened by their granduncle Fakhr al-Daula, who was the ruler of Jibal.

granduncle and cousin
Baptised in the Palace's Music Room on 8 April 1960, by then Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey Fisher, the Prince's godparents were: The Duke of Gloucester ( his maternal granduncle ); Princess Alexandra of Kent ( his 1st cousin once removed ); the Earl of Euston ; the Lord Elphinstone ( his 1st cousin once removed ); and Mrs Harold Phillips, and he was named after his paternal grandfather, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark.
He was baptised at the private chapel of Windsor Castle on 17 May 1900, by Randall Thomas Davidson, Bishop of Winchester, and his godparents were: Queen Victoria ( his great-grandmother ); the German Emperor ( his cousin, for whom Prince Albert of Prussia stood proxy ); Princess Henry of Battenberg ( his paternal grandaunt ); the Duchess of Cumberland ( his paternal grandaunt, whose sister, his grandmother the Princess of Wales represented her ); Prince George of Greece ( his cousin, for whom Prince Henry's paternal grandfather the Prince of Wales stood proxy ); Princess Carl of Denmark ( his paternal aunt, for whom her sister Princess Victoria of Wales stood proxy ); Prince Alexander of Teck ( his maternal uncle, for whom Prince Henry's granduncle the Duke of Cambridge stood proxy ); and Field Marshal The Earl Roberts ( for whom General Sir Dighton Probyn stood proxy ).
She was christened Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth at Bagshot Park on 1 May 1886 and her godparents were: Queen Victoria ( her paternal grandmother ); the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha ( her paternal granduncle, who was represented by her paternal uncle Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein ); the Hereditary Grand Duchess of Oldenburg ( her maternal aunt ); Prince Wilhelm of Prussia ( her cousin, for whom the German Ambassador, Count Hatzfeldt, stood proxy ); Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein ( her paternal aunt ); and Prince Albert of Prussia ( her cousin, for whom her maternal uncle the Hereditary Grand Duke of Oldenburg stood proxy ).
He was a third cousin of Christian Sundt, uncle of Lauritz and Karen Sundt, granduncle of Vigleik, Halfdan and Harald Sundt, and great-granduncle of Leif Sundt Rode.

granduncle and .
Erkes 1950 ) has a preface written by Ge Xuan (, 164-244 AD ), granduncle of Ge Hong, and scholarship dates this version to around the 3rd century AD.
Rupert's granduncle was Emperor Louis IV.
The late king's elderly granduncle, Cardinal Henry, became king.
He is replaced by his granduncle Sima Yu, who is installed as Jin Jianwendi.
This proclamation was based on his succession rights to territories held by his childless granduncle, the late Charles XII of Sweden who also had been Grand Duke of Finland.
He has no actual power, governmental matters are largely in the hands of his granduncle Sima Yu.
Zhou's grandfather, Zhou Panlong, and his granduncle, Zhou Jun ' ang, were the first members of the family to move to Huai ' an.
His birth was hailed as " godgiven " and the people of France bought him the Château de Chambord in celebration of his birth. As a result his granduncle, Louis XVIII, added the title Count de Chambord hence Henry, Count of Chambord, the name by which he is usually known.
He was the granduncle of the previous duke Charles II, and the youngest surviving son of Duke Louis of Savoy and Anne of Cyprus.
His grandmother, María de Molina, his mother Constance, his granduncle John and uncle Peter, assumed regency.
It's interesting to note that Donald has one granduncle on father's side, Casey, and one uncle on mother's side, Scrooge, that are close in age.
His father, though a merchant, devoted much of his time to Torah studies ; his grandfather, Mendel Frankfurter, was the founder of the Talmud Torah in Hamburg and unsalaried assistant rabbi of the neighboring congregation of Altona ; and his granduncle, Löb Frankfurter, was the author of several Hebrew works, including Harechasim le-Bik ' ah ( הרכסים לבקעה ), a Torah commentary.
His ancestors included two well-known men of the Greek War of Independence, namely his paternal grandfather and namesake Ioannis Papadiamantopoulos ( 1766 – 1826 ), born in Corinth but of ultimately Epirote ancestry, ( he was executed after the fall of Missolonghi ) and his maternal granduncle Iakovos Tombazis ( c. 1782 – 1829 ), a renowned Arvanite from Hydra, who became one of the first admirals of the Greek navy.
Oliver Coogan notes in his Politics and War in Meath 1913 – 23 that Bruton's granduncle was one of the farmers in south Meath who prevented the traditionally Anglo-Irish ascendency hunt from proceeding in the area during the Irish War of Independence.
His granduncle Theodore Erasmus Hilgard had emigrated to the United States during a clan move of 1833-1835 to Belleville, Illinois ; the granduncle had resigned a judgeship so his children could be raised as " freemen.
It came after the month of July, named after his granduncle, adopted father, and predecessor, Julius Caesar, and secondly because of several fortunate events that occurred in Augustus ' life during this month: the Battle of Pharsalus, his first admission to the consulship, his triple triumph, and the deaths of Cleopatra and Mark Antony.
Several years later, Bingyi's granduncle Emperor Zhao found out that Bingyi was alive, and ordered that the Ministry of Imperial Clan Affairs take over the duty for caring for Bingyi.
He was briefly deposed by his granduncle Sima Lun, who usurped the throne himself, in 301, but later that year was restored to the throne and continued to be the emperor until 307, when he was poisoned, likely by the regent Sima Yue.

Dou and Ying
Dou Ying ( 竇嬰 ) was put in command of Li and Luan's forces, to coordinate them at his headquarters set at Yingyang ( 滎陽, in modern Zhengzhou, Henan ).
However, it was at her behest that Emperor Wu executed his grand uncle Dou Ying ( 竇嬰 ) ( Empress Dou's cousin ) in 132 BC for having insulted Tian.

Dou and Empress
Zhangdi is succeeded by his 9-year old son Zhao, who will reign until 105 as emperor Han Hedi, but he will be a virtual pawn of Empress Dou ( adoptive mother ) and scheming courtiers who will effectively rule the Chinese Empire.
* Empress Dou
With the aid of the eunuch Zheng Zhong ( d. 107 CE ), Emperor He ( r. 88 – 105 CE ) had Empress Dowager Dou ( d. 97 CE ) put under house arrest and her clan stripped of power.
When the plot was uncovered, the eunuchs arrested Empress Dowager Dou ( d. 172 CE ) and Chen Fan.
* Empress Dou Miao of the Han Dynasty of China
Dou Xian ( 50s – 92 ), brother-in-law of Emperor Zhang through his sister Empress Duo, utterly defeated the Northern Xiongnu in a series of campaigns during the Yongyuan era ( 89 – 105 ).
Through these political establishments, the Xianbei who entered China were largely merged with the Han, examples such as the wife of Emperor Gaozu of Tang, Duchess Dou and Emperor Taizong of Tang's ( Li Shimin's ) wife, Empress Zhangsun, both have Xianbei ancestries, while those who remained behind in the northern grassland emerged as later powers to rule over China.
He was involved in palace intrigue as a supporter of Empress Dou, and in the death of her romantic rival, Consort Song.
After the death of Empress Dou in AD 97, he became an associate of Consort Deng Sui.
* Grand Empress Dowager Dou ( 141 BC-135 BC ), during the reign of Emperor Wu
* Empress Dowager Dou
* Dou Xian-brother of Empress Dowager Dou and brother-in-law of Emperor Zhang of Han China.
* Dou Wu-father of another Empress Dowager Dou and killed in his abortive coup d ' etat against eunuchs.
According to historians, Emperor Wen trusted and consulted with ministers on state affairs ; under the influence of his Taoist wife, Empress Dou, the emperor also sought to avoid wasteful expenditures.
Heavily influenced by his wife Empress Dou, who was an adherent to Taoism, Emperor Wen governed the country with the general policies of non-intereference with the people and relaxed laws.
In 179 BC, after some hesitation ( during which he, apparently influenced by the theory of chanrang ( 禪讓 ), thought that maybe it would be more proper for him to find the wisest person in the empire and offer the throne to him, or that he should consider offering the throne to his uncle Liu Jiao ( 劉交 ), the Prince of Chu ; his cousin Liu Pi ( 劉濞 ), the Prince of Wu ; or his younger brother Liu Chang ( 劉長 ), the Prince of Huainan ), he created his oldest son Liu Qi the Crown Prince and Prince Qi's mother, Consort Dou, Empress.
In addition to Empress Dou, Emperor Wen also favored Consort Shen ( 慎夫人 ).
** Empress Dou, mother of Emperor Jing, Prince Wu and Princess Piao
He continued his father Emperor Wen's policy of general non-interference with the people, reduced tax and other burdens, and thriftiness, due to Taoist influences of his mother Empress Dou.
He was deeply influenced by his mother Empress Dou, who was a Taoist and required all of her children and grandchildren to study Taoist doctrines.
He also developed deep bonds with his older sister Princess Liu Piao ( 劉嫖 ) and his younger brother Liu Wu ( 劉武 ), both also born of Empress Dou.
Emperor Jing's grandmother Empress Dowager Bo became grand empress dowager, and Empress Dou became empress dowager.

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