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importance and is
Of greater importance, however, is the content of those programs, which have had and are having enormous consequences for the American people.
A third, one of at least equal and perhaps even greater importance, is now being traversed: American immersion and involvement in world affairs.
It is of the utmost importance to the people of America and of the world how their governing President `` ends up '' during the four years of his term.
The discussion is therefore limited to a suggested procedure for realizing at least some of the potential importance of this volume for future policy.
The scene is etched in sharp detail, the military problems brilliantly explained, and the excitement and importance of the battle made evident.
The intuition about mankind conveyed in these opening pages is of crucial importance for understanding the remainder of the text ; ;
This matter is of great importance, and the outcome may mean the difference between life or death, or at least serious injuries, for many veterans.
So don't see yourself as a heroine or fancy this little adventure is an event of major importance ''.
In view of the increasing shortage of usable surface and ground water in many parts of the Nation and the importance of finding new sources of supply to meet its present and future water needs, it is the policy of the Congress to provide for the development of practicable low-cost means for the large-scale production of water of a quality suitable for municipal, industrial, agricultural, and other beneficial consumptive uses from saline water, and for studies and research related thereto.
The Medical Illustration Service is responsible for the collection, publication, exhibition, and file of medical illustration material of medico-military importance to the Armed Forces.
Although Mr. Brown was not himself its inventor ( it was a French idea ), it is typical that his intuition first conceived the importance of mass producing this basic tool for general use.
Whether considered alone or in relation to other editions, COLH 40 is a document of prime importance.
Feed pressure is also of major importance.
The backbend is of extreme importance to any form of free gymnastics, and, as with all acrobatics, the sooner begun the better the results.
They come prepared for family fun because Americans in ever-growing numbers are learning that here is the way to a fine economical vacation that becomes a family experience of lasting importance.
The importance of the sign industry to the plastics industry, however, is not in terms of volume alone.
The importance of knowing in what chemical forms the hormone may exist is accentuated by the recent observation that there exists an abnormally long-acting TSH in blood drawn from many thyrotoxic patients ( Adams, 1958 ).
Of particular importance is the study of the actions of drugs in this respect.
Religion at its best is out in front, ever beckoning and leading on, and, as Lippman put it, `` mobilizing all man's scattered energies in one triumphant sense of his own infinite importance ''.
Context is of extreme importance.
Because of its importance, and because the lack of price competition is well recognized, the industry is under considerable public pressure not to raise its price any more than could be justified by cost increases.
This is a problem, but we are not divided over its importance or by its existence.
The answer the authors give to it, therefore, is of supreme importance.
Technique pure and simple, rendition, is not of major importance, but it is interesting that Parker, following Lester Young, was one of the leaders of the so-called saxophone revolution.

importance and proven
The Maghreb had far greater proven wealth than the unknown rest of Africa and a location of strategic importance affecting the exit from the Mediterranean.
) While these locations are largely the legacy of the region's historical importance as a Japanese-American population center, it has proven fortuitous for two reasons: first, it enables closer oversight of vehicle import operations at the nearby ports ; and second, it gives them proximity to the automobile customization culture that is prominent in nearby South Los Angeles.
Greensboro hence has a proven track record of using state and local programs to preserve and educate the residents about the history and importance of their community.
Drugs already on the market, such as heparin, erythropoietin and a few anti-flu drugs have proven effective and highlight the importance of glycans as a new class of drug.
Several recent landmark studies have proven the importance of 2C19 genotyping in treatment using clopidogrel or Plavix.
One of them is that it introduced a completely new test for deciding whether Congress had exceeded its section-five powers: the " congruence and proportionality " test, a test that has proven to have great importance in the context of the Eleventh Amendment.
The importance of the visual neuron's varying responses to the orientation and presence of edges has previously been proven by David H. Hubel and Torsten Wiesel.
Its importance as a railway centre can be proven by the fact that it lies at the junction of over 6 railway lines connecting Riga to Lithuania, eastern and western Latvia, and Lithuania to the Baltic sea.
The maintenance of a system is of vital importance ; it has been proven that the personnel turnover in the IT Department — which is an observed characteristic of a developing country DMO as pointed out above — makes domestically developed systems very vulnerable.
Despite the importance of materials to overall building sustainability, quantifying and evaluating the sustainability of building materials has proven difficult.

importance and once
The plant is of great economic importance, being harvested for its fibre, once generally called Manila hemp, extracted from the trunk or pseudostem.
Promotions for tourism beginning in the 1950s recognized the importance of the Scottish culture to the province, and the provincial government started encouraging the use of Gaelic once again.
Cities would grow in importance and Brazilian people could finally get the permission to manufacture common products once imported from Portugal, like glass.
Apicius updates the pultes and pulticulae with fancy trimmings such as cooked brains and wine, " illustrating the ever-present desire to improve — to glorify, as it were, a thing which once was or still is of vital importance in the daily life of humans.
He once remarked on its importance to him, saying, " I prefer a round sound with no attitude in it, like a round voice with not too much tremolo and not too much bass.
Aware of the necessity of restoring discipline and morality at Rome to ensure success without, he at once proceeded to reduce the cost of the papal court after the manner of the Dominican Order to which he belonged, compel residence among the clergy, regulate inns, expel prostitutes, and assert the importance of the ceremonial in general and the liturgy of the Mass in particular.
David Lean also admitted he was deeply indebted to Ingram, and MGM studio chief Dore Schary once listed the top creative people in Hollywood as D. W. Griffith, Ingram, Cecil B. DeMille, and Erich von Stroheim ( in declining order of importance ).
In some cases, as the relative importance of different theorems becomes more clear, what was once considered a lemma is now considered a theorem, though the word " lemma " remains in the name.
Its importance grew with the extension of the Via Aemilia from Ariminum ( Rimini ) to the Po River ( 187 BC ), which it crossed at Placentia ( Piacenza ) and there forked, one branch going to Mediolanum ( Milan ) and the other to Ticinum, and thence to Laumellum where it divided once more, one branch going to Vercellae-and thence to Eporedia and Augusta Praetoria-and the other to Valentia-and thence to Augusta Taurinorum ( Turin ) or to Pollentia.
Borrowing Coleman's quotation from Putnam's book, Coleman once mentioned we cannot understate " the importance of the embeddedness of young persons in the enclaves of adults most proximate to them, first and most prominent the family and second, a surrounding community of adults ".
The new city thus rose at once to be a place of considerable importance.
Following the teachings of Gédalge, Ravel placed high importance on melody, once stating to Vaughan Williams, that there is " an implied melodic outline in all vital music.
In others, the title of archdiocese is for historical reasons attributed to a see that was once of greater importance.
As everything in the field of consciousness assumes unusual importance, feelings become magnified ; love, gratitude, joy, sympathy, lust, anger, pain, terror, despair, or loneliness may become overwhelming, or two seemingly incompatible feelings may be experienced at once.
Marchese ( 1989 ) notes the fact that many of these peoples were recruited as “ crew ” by European seafarers ; “ the homonymy with crew is obvious, and is at least one source of the confusion among Europeans that there was a Kru / crew tribe ” Andrew Dalby noted the historical importance of the Kru languages for their position at the crossroads of African-European interaction and wrote that “ Kru and associated languages were among the first to be encountered by European voyagers on what was then known as the Pepper Coast, a center of the production and export of Guinea and melegueta pepper ; a once staple African seaborne trade ”.
Of importance is that the Kohen is never permanently disqualified from service but is permitted to return to his normal duties once the disqualification ceases.
The ruins of mosques, baths, and houses, dispersed among the gardens and apartment buildings that now occupy a great part of the space within the Roman and Byzantine fortifications, show that the Ottoman era town center, though now less considerable, was once a place of importance ; but it never was as large as the Byzantine city.
Robert Graves interprets the use of the term nurse in Classical myths as identifying deities who once were goddesses of central importance in the periods before historical documentation.
The watchmaking and watch repairing trades were once of great importance.
Terre Haute entered a period of economic decline once the coal mines were spent and the importance of the railroads diminished.
In 1963, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers created Lake Walter F. George ( unofficially named Lake Eufaula ) behind the lock and dam of Fort Gaines, Georgia, once again assuring Eufaula's importance as an inland port.
The city center was rendered a car-free zone, the importance of Enschede as a Euregional Centre was stimulated and Enschede managed to rise from the ashes ( for once not literally ).
T. S. Eliot's seminal poem of cultural disintegration The Waste Land is prefaced by a verbatim quotation out of Trimalchio's account of visiting the Cumaean Sibyl, a supposedly immortal prophetess whose counsel was once sought on all matters of grave importance, but whose grotto by Neronian times had become just another site of local interest along with all the usual Mediterranean tourist traps:
It was once an important port on Lake Ontario until railroad development lessened its importance.

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