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imposing and contemporaries
Physically, Edward was an imposing man ; at 6 feet 2 inches ( 1. 88 m ) he towered over most of his contemporaries, and hence perhaps his epithet " longshanks ".

imposing and William
Designed by William Welles Bosworth, these imposing buildings were built of reinforced concrete, a first for a non-industrial – much less university – building in the US.
It is notable for two reasons: the imposing Bamburgh Castle, overlooking the beach, seat of the former Kings of Northumbria, and at present owned by the Armstrong family ( see William George Armstrong ); and its association with the Victorian heroine, Grace Darling, who is buried there.
The Great Tower was built between 1492 and 1509 by William Orchard, and is an imposing landmark on the eastern approaches to the city centre.
In 1211-12, the Earl of Winchester commanded an imposing retinue of a hundred knights and a hundred serjeants in William the Lion's campaign against the Mac William rebels, a force which some historians have suggested may have been the mercenary force from Brabant lent to the campaign by John.
Designed by William Corbett, the church is a fine example of classical architecture with an imposing portico in a similar fashion to the GPO in O ' Connell Street, Dublin and the Bank of Ireland in College Green.
Barnwell Castle, founded by William the Conqueror, an interesting example of the defensive construction of the period, is still a fine ruin, which includes four of the round towers and an imposing gateway.
Other highlights of the neighborhood include a number of embassies ( the Embassy Row section of Washington is largely situated on Massachusetts Avenue, the northeast side of which is the southwestern boundary of Sheridan-Kalorama ), the official residence of the French ambassador at 2221 Kalorama Road, and the William Howard Taft Bridge, carrying Massachusetts Avenue over Rock Creek, with its imposing concrete lions.
St Mary's, when William Wardell's plan was realised, was to be a much larger, more imposing and more sombre structure than the pretty little St Andrew's and, because of its fortuitous siting, still dominates many views of the city despite the high-rise buildings.
Before imposing the sentence, Judge William Sessions III said " I generally think deterrence is significant, perhaps more so in this case.
His law giving bounties on the exportation of corn and imposing heavy taxes on its importation is noted by William Lecky as responsible for making Ireland an arable instead of a pasture country.
The first station building was an imposing neoclassical building designed by William Andrews.

imposing and James
To those who were glad to see the king dead, James was a tyrant who without reason aggressively assailed the nobility imposing forfeiture on their estates and who ' failed to deliver justice to his people '.
James Madison believed that the mere existence of the Commerce Clause would bar states from imposing any duty of tonnage: " He was more and more convinced that the regulation of Commerce was in its nature indivisible and ought to be wholly under one authority.
The adjacent St Swithun's Church, stands on the highest ground in the town and was rebuilt in the eighteenth century ( the tower dating from 1789 ) to a perpendicular design by James Wyatt ; its imposing building dominates the surrounding countryside for many miles around.
* Palace Theatre ; the imposing Corn Exchange, whose red-sandstone Italianate tower, by James Ingram, dominates the cross at London Road and Green Street, was opened on 16 September 1863 as a multi-use concert hall.
Working in the imposing shadow of the late James M. Cain, screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan makes an impressively confident directorial debut.
There are two churches in the village: nearer the centre of the village is Larbert East Church with its imposing tower, meanwhile one third of a mile to the east of the village centre on the aptly named Church Street is the Stenhouse and Carron church which is smaller but more unique architecturally, designed in 1897 by the firm of John James Burnet.
) Also in the cemetery is an imposing monument to John James Audubon.
James Duberley is thought to have pulled down the original Priory building before having a more imposing house built on a higher point of the ridge some distance from the original site.
Outside the Armenian quarter and its residential neighborhood and imposing St. James cathedral, the Armenians vied for control of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Surry Power Station draws its condenser cycle water directly from the James River, removing the need for the imposing cooling towers often associated with nuclear plants.
Economic woes and a federal budget stalemate contributed to his 1990 election loss to then Alexandria mayor James P. Moran, Jr. Parris was also known for introducing a bill during his first term which prohibited the National Football League from imposing television blackouts of sold-out games.
The John Tucker Daland House ( 1851 – 1852 ) is an imposing, Italianate house designed by architect Gridley James Fox Bryant.

imposing and him
Lucien Pissarro was taught painting by his father, and described him as a “ splendid teacher, never imposing his personality on his pupil .” Gauguin, who also studied under him, referred to Pissarro “ as a force with which future artists would have to reckon ”.
According to the late 13th century chronicler Martin of Opava, Stephen VIII was described as being a German, who was elected pope due to the power and influence of his royal relative, the German king Otto I. Martin states that Otto ignored the will of the cardinals in imposing Stephen upon them, and because Stephen was hated for being a German, he was taken by supporters of Alberic II, who proceeded to maim and disfigure him to such an extent that Stephen was unable to appear in public again.
Sometime after the King's death, an imposing tomb was built for him and his queen, most likely commissioned and paid for by Queen Joan herself.
In order to prevent Morone from succeeding him and imposing what he believed to be his Protestant beliefs on the Church, Pope Paul IV codified the Catholic Law excluding heretics and non-Catholics from receiving or legitimately becoming Pope, in the bull Cum ex apostolatus officio.
Upon his return to France in 1859, Degas moved into a Paris studio large enough to permit him to begin painting The Bellelli Family — an imposing canvas he intended for exhibition in the Salon, although it remained unfinished until 1867.
"" IGN editor Cam Shea praised his physical appearance in Super Mario Galaxy, describing him as " imposing and weighty ".
In 745 – 746, the leading Anglo-Saxon missionary in Germany, St Boniface, along with seven other bishops, sent Æthelbald a scorching letter reproaching him for many sins — stealing ecclesiastical revenue, violating church privileges, imposing forced labour on the clergy, and fornicating with nuns.
His imposing bearing, acting range, facility with foreign languages and lengthy partnership with acclaimed director Akira Kurosawa made him the most famous Japanese actor of his time, and easily the best known to Western audiences.
But his handsome imposing appearance, undoubted ability, and boldness of speech appealed to Georgians, who kept him in national office until the Civil War brought him home.
Although only in his mid-thirties, his students described him as an outstanding teacher, who, rather than imposing his own ideas, encouraged his pupils to find their own voice.
His imposing height, his noble features, his brilliant eloquence, as well as his renown for zeal and charity, made him a prominent feature in French life for many years.
After the Royalists had lost the First Civil War, Charles I was able to enter into an " Engagement " with the majority of the Covenanters in which the Covenanters agreed to support Charles in the Second English Civil War against their mutual enemy the English Independents, in return for him imposing presbyterianism for three years on England.
Writing after the events of 1604 – 1606, the Jesuit priest Oswald Tesimond's description of his friend was favourable: " his countenance was exceedingly noble and expressive ... his conversation and manners were peculiarly attractive and imposing, and that by the dignity of his character he exercised an irresistible influence over the minds of those who associated with him.
It was only with the utmost difficulty that Nikon could be persuaded to become the arch-pastor of the Russian Church, and he only yielded after imposing upon the whole assembly a solemn oath of obedience to him in everything concerning the dogmas, canons and observances of the Orthodox Church.
Rab Butler called him " this strange and imposing figure — half unwordly saint, half cunning politician ".
His ferocity in battle, aided by his imposing figure, made him legendary, with Union soldiers telling tales of a " Confederate giant who's as big as five men and fights like fifty ".
Alfred Deakin described him as " though not rich or versatile, his personality was massive, durable and imposing, resting upon elementary qualities of human nature elevated by a strong mind.
An unusual percentage of his body mass is stored in the upper half of his body, causing him to appear top-heavy and thus very imposing.
There is an imposing statue of the Marquess figuring a lion next to him in the square as well.
In April 2005, Muluzi apologized to Malawians for choosing Mutharika as his successor " and imposing him on the country ".
Despite Johnny's reticence about the somewhat imposing and forbidding man, Sarah invites him to their apartment for dinner, and eventually they learn that the man is sad and lonely because he is dying of AIDS.
However, he did find civic pride in that the whole city — including the novi cives — had joined together in an uprising against Walter VI, whose sins of imposing tyranny were, to Villani, sufficient justification for the violence needed to overthrow him.

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