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last and group
The publication last July of the party's Draft Program -- that blueprint for the `` transition to communism '' -- had led the uninitiated to suppose that this Twenty-second Congress would be a sort of apotheosis of the Khrushchev regime, a solemn consecration of ideas which had, in fact, been current over the last three or four years ( i.e., since the defeat of the `` anti-party group '' ) in all theoretical party journals.
But one cannot escape the suspicion that all this non-stop harping on the misdeeds of the long liquidated `` anti-party '' group would be totally unnecessary if there were not, inside the party, some secret but genuine opposition to Khrushchev on vital doctrinal grounds, on the actual methods to be employed in the `` transition to communism '' and, last but not least, on foreign policy.
The board's last money raising event was a performance by Harry Belafonte -- `` quite off-beat for this group '', decided some of the members.
Buaford Robinson, 23, of 7026 Stewart Av., a CTA bus driver, was slugged and robbed last night by a group of youths at 51st Street and South Park Way.
From early family portraits, painted before he entered the schools of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the chronology extends to a group of paintings executed in his last year ( 1951 ) and still part of his estate.
Algae constitute a paraphyletic and polyphyletic group, as they do not include all the descendants of the last universal ancestor nor do they all descend from a common algal ancestor, although their plastids seem to have a single origin.
The grouping was originally Argentina, Brazil, and Chile in one group, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela in the second group, and the last group which included Bolivia, Ecuador, and Paraguay.
These large pterosaurs were the last representatives of a declining group that contained 10 families during the mid-Cretaceous.
Each carbon atom bearing a hydroxyl group (- OH ), with the exception of the first and last carbons, are asymmetric, making them stereo centers with two possible configurations each ( R or S ).
* Service number ( E. g., 11111 / 00 / 00B, where the first five digits are the ID, the second two are the year the soldier turned 18 years old, the last two digits are the year the soldier enlisted, and the letter is the enlistment group, either A or B )
Biafra had received sole songwriting credit for most Dead Kennedys songs on all released albums for the last 20 years or so without complaints from the band, though a minority of songs had given credit to certain group members or the entire band as a whole, indicating a system designed to reflect the primary composers rather than a regimented system like the Jagger / Richards partnership ; today, most Kennedys reissues list the songwriters as " Biafra, Dead Kennedys ", indicating Biafra's lyrical contributions — which the band doesn't dispute, or else simply as " Dead Kennedys ").
The Supremes, The group that made Ross famous and without which there probably wouldn't be any Diana Ross, scored a handful of hits in the disco clubs without Ross, most notably 1976's " I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking " and, their last charted single before disbanding, 1977's " You're My Driving Wheel ".
* Bruce Campbell as Ashley " Ash " Williams: Ash is the last survivor of the group and the main protagonist of the film.
The last group of scholars regard " the seventh year " as a scribal error and hold that the two men were contemporaries.
Similar to the intrinsic muscles of the hand, there are three groups of muscles in the sole of foot, those of the first and last digits, and a central group:
The " Go Beyond Oil " campaign also involves applying political pressure on the governments who allow oil exploration in their territories ; with the group stating that one of the key aims of the " Go Beyond Oil " campaign is to " work to expose the lengths the oil industry is willing to go to squeeze the last barrels out of the ground and put pressure on industry and governments to move beyond oil.
Banks was not greatly tested, but it was hugely encouraging that he emerged from the group with three clean sheets from three games, a trend that continued when England beat a physical Argentina side 1 – 0 in the last eight, with Geoff Hurst scoring with a header.
England ultimately joined Brazil in the last eight after a win in the final group game against Czechoslovakia.
In the triangular one day series they won the group with Australia just scraping through, they also won the first ' final ' but South Africa lost the last two finals.
During the group matches Cronje had threatened to lead his team off after Pat Symcox had missiles thrown at him, Symcox had the last laugh ending the match with 4 / 24.
On April 26, 2010, Hefner donated the last $ 900, 000 sought by a conservation group for a land purchase needed to stop the development of the famed vista of the Hollywood Sign.

last and operas
A few of Rossini's operas remained popular throughout his lifetime and continuously since his demise ; others were resurrected from semi-obscurity in the last half of the 20th century, during the so-called " bel canto revival.
( Twilight of the Gods ) is the last in Richard Wagner's cycle of four operas titled Der Ring des Nibelungen ( The Ring of the Nibelung, or The Ring for short ).
* Mars is the scene of the last of three recent space operas by John Barnes: In the Hall of the Martian King ( 2003 ).
Monteverdi had moved to the city from Mantua and composed his last operas, Il ritorno d ' Ulisse in patria and L ' incoronazione di Poppea, for the Venetian theatre in the 1640s.
In the Prose Edda, and a single poem in the Poetic Edda, the event is referred to as Ragnarök or Ragnarøkkr ( Old Norse " Fate of the Gods " or " Twilight of the Gods " respectively ), a usage popularized by 19th century composer Richard Wagner with the title of the last of his Der Ring des Nibelungen operas, Götterdämmerung ( 1876 ).
" Usage of this form was popularized in modern popular culture by 19th century composer Richard Wagner by way of the title of the last of his Der Ring des Nibelungen operas, Götterdämmerung.
As the World Turns was the last of 20 soap operas produced by Procter & Gamble, the same company that initiated the " soap opera " expression back in the 1930s.
It was Verdi's last opera, written in the composer's ninth decade, and only the second of his 26 operas to be a comedy.
He worked until the last moment of his life, and one of his operas, Artemizia, remained unfinished at his death.
The last eight of Gilbert and Sullivan's comic operas were premiered at the Savoy, and all of their operas came to be known as Savoy Operas.
As was to be his usual practice in his later operas, Sullivan left the overture for the last moment, sketching it out and entrusting it to the company's music director, in this case Alfred Cellier, to complete.
Although Das Rheingold comes first in the sequence of Ring operas, it was the last to be conceived.
Wagner intermingled development of the text of these last two planned operas, i. e. Die Walküre, originally entitled Siegmund und Sieglinde: der Walküre Bestrafung ( Siegmund and Sieglinde: the Valkyrie's Punishment ) and what became Das Rheingold.
This influence can also be seen in many of his works, including the operas Wat Tyler ( 1948 – 50 ) and Men of Blackmoor ( 1954 – 55 ), and his piano concerto which has a communist text declaimed by a male chorus in the last movement.
The last eight of Gilbert and Sullivan's comic operas were premièred at the Savoy: Iolanthe ( 1882 ), Princess Ida ( 1884 ), The Mikado ( 1885 ), Ruddigore ( 1887 ), The Yeomen of the Guard ( 1888 ) The Gondoliers ( 1889 ), Utopia, Limited ( 1893 ), and The Grand Duke ( 1896 ), and the term Savoy Opera has come to be associated with all their joint works.
In addition, two last operas ( Coriolano and Masenzio ), which are clearly attributed to him, are lost, as well as twelve other operas that have been attributed to him, though the music is lost and attribution impossible to prove.
It is often argued that Emilia Marty, like the other female heroes in Janáček's later operas, stands for one of the aspects of Kamila Stösslová, the woman with whom he was in love for the last decade of his life.
" The predominantly " national " character of the first four operas is tempered by the lyrical romanticism of those written later, particularly the last three, composed in the years of Smetana's deafness.
As to the current status of Cui the composer, in the last few decades one of his children's operas ( of which he composed four ) entitled Puss-in-Boots ( from Perrault ) has had wide appeal in Germany.
Although Handel continued to write and present operas, the trend towards English-language productions became irresistible as the decade ended, and after three performances of his last Italian opera Deidamia in January and February 1741, he abandoned the genre.
In 1989, he started the fifth period, the last, of his musical writing: He composed three operas ( lyric tragedies ) Medea, first performed in Bilbao ( 1 October 1991 ), Elektra, first performed in Luxembourg ( 2 May 1995 ) and Antigone, first performed in Athens ' Megaron Moussikis ( 7 October 1999 ).
This trilogy was complemented by his last opera Lysistrata, first performed in Athens ( 14 April 2002 ): a call for peace ... With his operas, and with his song cycles from 1974 to 2006, Theodorakis ushered in the period of his Lyrical Life.

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