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mother and died
My brother and mother got no value from their religion when they died.
`` My father and mother died when I was two years old '', I said.
A Sterling Township family of six surviving children, whose mother died yesterday as the aftermath to a fire that also killed one of the children, found today they had the help of hundreds of neighbors and school friends.
Mrs. Eleanor Kowalski, 42, died yesterday afternoon in Holy Cross Hospital of burns suffered in a fire that followed a bottled gas explosion Saturday night at the flat of her widowed mother, Mrs. Mary Pankowski, in the adjoining suburb of Warren.
First, it came out after Mr. Cooper's will was settled -- he had died the year before -- that John and his mother weren't rich any more.
John's mother died not long after his marriage, and there was even less Cooper money left.
In Indiana, when Lincoln was nine, his mother Nancy died of milk sickness in 1818.
After the death of Lincoln's mother, his older sister, Sarah, took charge of caring for him until their father remarried in 1819 ; Sarah later died in her 20s while giving birth to a stillborn son.
Huxley's mother died in 1908 when he was 14.
Their raids throughout the three parts of Gaul were traumatic: Gregory of Tours ( died ca 594 ) mentions their destructive force at the time of Valerian and Gallienus ( 253 – 260 ), when the Alemanni assembled under their " king ", whom he calls Chrocus, who " by the advice, it is said, of his wicked mother, and overran the whole of the Gauls, and destroyed from their foundations all the temples which had been built in ancient times.
Aga Khan I's mother later moved to India where she died in 1851.
Ammonius ' father, Hermias, died when he was a child, and his mother, Aedesia, raised him and his brother, Heliodorus, in Alexandria.
In 1180 the Emperor Manuel died and was succeeded by his ten year old son Alexios II, who was under the guardianship of his mother, Empress Maria.
As his mother crossed the threshold of the door on her return, the youth died, and " all Israel mourned for him.
Dürer's father died in 1502, and his mother died in 1513.
However, Otto died the same year, and although both mother and grandmother were appointed as co-regents for the child-king, Otto III, Theophano forced Adelaide to abdicate and exiled her.
Meanwhile his father died and his mother was cast into poverty in Corsica, still having four children to support.
His mother was murdered by the Nazis, and two other sisters, Gittel and Devorah, died in Nazi concentration camps.
His mother died on his 12th birthday, and his father, a country solicitor, later remarried, to an elder cousin, Lucy, in 1873.
His father died in 1989 of a heart attack and his mother died in 2002 of cancer.
After Rupert Potter died in 1914, Potter, now a wealthy woman, found Lindeth Howe, a large house in nearby Windermere where her mother lived until her death in 1931 at the age of 93.
The tales sometimes recounted that the woman, though called a fairy, was a ghost, often of a specific murdered woman, or a mother who died in childbirth.
Before he graduated from DeWitt Clinton, his mother died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

mother and 1760
Clementina Walkinshaw, Charles ' mistress from 1752 until 1760, and mother of his daughter Charlotte Stuart
He married Princess Isabella of Parma in October 1760 — a union fashioned to bolster the 1756 defensive pact between France and Austria ( the bride's mother was the eldest daughter of the incumbent King of France )— with whom he had his only child, Maria Theresa.
Nandi ( c. 1760 – October 10, 1827 ) was a daughter of Bhebhe, a past chief of the Langeni tribe and the mother of the legendary Shaka, King of the Zulus.
Nandi was born in Melmoth in 1760 into the Mhlongo people and for that reason it was also agreed that the name on the grave shall be " Princess Nandi Mhlongo, mother of King Shaka ".
In 1760 the queen mother conspired with Khande Rao, who had gone into the raja's service, to oust Hyder Ali.
After George II's death in the palace in 1760, Kensington Palace was only used for more minor royalty, including the young daughter of the Duke of Kent who was living in the Palace with her widowed mother when she was told of her accession to the throne as Queen Victoria.
His mother died, and while he was still an infant, his father, a manufacturer, married Elizabeth Horne ( 1760 – 1833 ), moved to London, and then engaged in the malting business at Hertford.
In 1760 the admission system changed with mother having to submit written petitions, the petitions form a valuable insight into the background and circumstances of the mothers.
Her mother was Clementina Walkinshaw, who was mistress to the Prince from 1752 until 1760.
She married Józef Potocki in 1760 and was the mother of the writer Jan Potocki.
His mother, Hannah ( née Bacon, c. 1760 – 1845 ) was also from Massachusetts and was descended from John Bacon who came to America in 1640.
Garrard's mother died sometime between 1755 and 1760 ; afterward, his father married Elizabeth Moss, and the couple had four more children.

mother and two
The two tall brothers waited silently while their mother handed Gran her cold snack and water jug, placed the chamber pot beside her feet, and returned to her place at the front of the wagon with Alice.
`` Sure, we met a barrel of rich men but it's hard to find the real thing when you're young, beautiful and the toast of two continents '' `` Remember Fanny Brice promised my mother she would look after me on the road ''??
A somewhat less fragmented hebephrenic patient of mine, who used to often seclude herself in her room, often sounded through the closed door -- as I would find on passing by, between our sessions -- for all the world like two persons, a scolding mother and a defensive child.
It's perfectly normal for babies to suck their thumbs, and no mother need worry if a child continues this habit until he is two or three years old.
His mother married Publius Julius Lupus ( a man of consular rank ) suffect consul in 98, and two daughters, Arria Lupula and Julia Fadilla, were born from that union.
As proof of devotion to his family, Caligula arranged the most distinguished soldiers available to carry the urns of his mother and two brothers in two biers at noon in Rome, when the streets were at their busiest, to the Mausoleum of Augustus.
Agrippina's two elder brothers and her mother were victims of the intrigues of the Praetorian Prefect Lucius Aelius Sejanus.
During 1228, Andrew's two sons started again to take back the former royal domains in their provinces, and they persuaded Andrew to confiscate the estates of the barons who had taken part in the conspiracy against their mother.
* The constellation Pisces, which may have been treated as two fish caught by Dictys the fisherman who was brother of Polydectes, king of Seriphos, the place where Perseus and his mother Danaë were stranded
Napoleon and his mother, Laetitia, were taken out by ship in June 1793, by friends while two of the girls found refuge with other friends.
After her parents separated, her mother moved Anaïs and her two brothers, Thorvald Nin and Joaquin Nin-Culmell, to Barcelona, and then to New York City.
According to Volume I of her diaries, 1931 – 1934, published in 1966 ( Stuhlmann ), Nin first came across erotica when she returned to Paris with her mother and two brothers in her late teens.
These names are from the love story of, Qī Xī, in which Niú Láng and his two children, β and γ Aquilae, are separated from their mother, (, ), the star Vega, by the Milky Way.
Jane Chance ( Professor of English, Rice University ) in her 1980 article " The Structural Unity of Beowulf: The Problem of Grendel's Mother " argued that there are two standard interpretations of the poem: one view which suggests a two-part structure ( i. e., the poem is divided between Beowulf's battles with Grendel and with the dragon ) and the other, a three-part structure ( this interpretation argues that Beowulf's battle with Grendel's mother is structurally separate from his battle with Grendel ).
In a cavern containing Grendel's body and the remains of men that the two have killed, Grendel's mother and Beowulf engage in fierce combat.
In 2007, several groundbreaking storylines took place on Coronation Street, such as Tracy Barlow murdering Charlie Stubbs and claiming it was self-defence, as well as the show featuring its second two hander with Tracy Barlow confessing to her mother Deirdre Barlow she had planned to kill Charlie all along.
By means of her mother, Catherine had a stronger legitimate claim to the English throne than King Henry VII himself through the first two wives of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster: Blanche of Lancaster and the Spanish Infanta Constance of Castile.
Following Castel ’ s death, she was left to support her mother, a niece, and her two children.
After centriole duplication, the two pairs of centrioles remain attached to each other in an orthogonal configuration until mitosis, when the mother and daughter centrioles separate in a manner dependent upon the enzyme separase.
The falls has two twin waterfalls known as the mother and father.
Brubeck originally did not intend to become a musician ( his two older brothers, Henry and Howard, were already on that track ), but took lessons from his mother.
His mother originally named him David Dwight but reversed the two names after his birth to avoid the confusion of having two Davids in the family.

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