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next and tournament
Additionally, 30 percent of the players must be Grandmasters who have the absolute right to play in the next World Championship Candidates Tournament, or who have played in such a tournament in the previous ten years.
Although Polgár recovered by the end of the tournament, she went into a slump over the next six rounds, gaining only half a point.
This example also illustrates the essential difference between real-time computations and other computations: if the tournament chess program does not make a decision about its next move in its allotted time it loses the game — i. e., it fails as a real-time computation — while in the other scenario, meeting the deadline is assumed not to be necessary.
At the tournament, England drew all three games against Brazil, the USSR and Austria in the group stage, before losing a play-off against the USSR for the right to progress to the next round.
Davenport's next tournament championship was at Wimbledon.
At her next tournament in Los Angeles, she lost in the final to Chanda Rubin.
Portugal would not qualify again until 1986, while North Korea's next finals appearance was at the 2010 tournament.
Prizes were awarded the next morning and the tournament continued another day.
He infected the boy with his passion for the tournament, and for the next twelve years he was the Young King's constant companion and tournament team manager.
" There was a perception amongst his contemporaries and the next generation that his death in 1183 marked a decline both in the tournament and knightly endeavor.
By the terms of the settlement, his funds were much increased and he apparently devoted most of the next seven years to the amusement of the tournament.
From 1884 through 1911, the tournament used a challenge system whereby the defending champion automatically qualified for the next year's final in which he would play the winner of the all-comers tournament.
Moving on to the Pennsylvania State Tournament which was held in Carbondale, PA ; they suffered their first loss of the tournament to Berwyn-Paoli Little League only to bounce back the next night to win the State Crown which earned them a berth in the U. S. Eastern Region Tournament in Bristol, Connecticut.
After experiencing further pain at the next hole, Norman withdrew from the tournament and the following month also withdrew from the 1988 Open Championship at Royal Lytham & St Annes.
Graf had an injured right foot during that tournament ( and for the next few months ), finally resulting in surgery on 4 October.
Venus rebounded from the Indian Wells controversy to win the next tournament on the tour calendar, the Tier I Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, Florida.
Her next tournament was the Premier Mandatory Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, where she was seeded third.
Her next tournament was the Mutua Madrilena Madrid Open, a Premier Mandatory tournament.
Her next tournament was the French Open, where she played both singles and doubles despite her knee injury.
Her next tournament was the Wimbledon Championships, where she had reached the final the previous three years.
Her next tournament was the 2011 Australian Open where she was the fourth seed.
Her next scheduled tournament was the US Open.

next and was
He stood watching the girl, wondering what was coming next.
Now, he was just in the late poems of Holderlin and therefore had most of the nineteenth century before him -- plus next semester's class preparation.
The next day he was gone.
Now, the next morning, they were anchored at The Elbow and the boat was riding directly over the underwater ledge where the green water turned to deepest blue and the cliff dropped straight down 600 fathoms, with the weighted line beside it ; ;
That night he dreamed a dream violent with passion, in which he and the Woman, now the teacher, did everything except engage in the act ( and this probably only because he had never engaged in the act in reality ), and when he awoke the next morning his heart was afire.
He recalled that in California after a critic had attacked him for `` still trying to sell Bruckner to the Americans '', the public's response at the next concert was a standing ovation.
His next major work, completed in 1892, was a long fantastic epic in prose, entitled Hans Alienus, which Professor Book describes as a monument on the grave of his carefree and indolent youth.
As I got off the trolley at Kehl bridge the next morning, I was met by what looked like 5,000 students, some of whom were carrying sticks apparently for the coming `` battle '' with the police.
The result was that I found myself in the ridiculous position of having made a formal engagement by letter for the next week, only two days before my departure from London.
He was unable to send any more help to his allies on the Continent, and during the next few years many of them, left to resist French pressure unaided, surrendered to the inevitable and made their peace with Philip.
Adrian Quiney wrote to his son Richard on October 29 and again perhaps the next day, since the bearer of the letter, the bailiff, was expected to reach London on November 1.
Finally we got them out of the house, after the boy had run away four times looking for other Nazis, threatening to murder village schoolchildren and bragging that he was to be the next Fuhrer.
Blackman was to be in New York by February 2, because they were sailing at 12:01 next morning.
But when former Gov. Marvin Griffin and Lt. Gov. Byrd accepted the invitations of the Georgia State Chamber of Commerce to join the tour next November, the situation was aggravated.
It was next day that Sojourner came and sat beside him and took his hand.
There was always a pause here, before the next line.
If there was a fire or a flood he would save Mama first and Violet next.
I was drunk with excitement and the smell of gunpowder that came floating down from the road, and the fact that I was not afraid now, but only waiting to know what to do next.
The next morning, as the clock struck nine, he appeared at the Council meeting in the Town Hall and insisted that the couple would have to be punished if the Church was to be respected.
In the room next to theirs was a huge cradle, of mahogany, ornately carved and decorated with gold leaf.
Rector's next stop was at the schoolroom, where Mavis was monitoring a test.
Bicycle gear-sets he had once used as the basis of the design for the Camden Cycly Company plant hung on a rope in one corner, and over his desk, next to several old and dusty hats, was a clean pair of roller skates which he occasionally used up and down in front of his house.
Winston had heard because he was setting up the liquor tray in the next room.

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