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numerous and editorial
A widely-available seventh edition of the Discourses, first published in 1987 ( after Baba's death ), contains numerous editorial changes not specifically authorized by Baba.
He is on numerous educational, private, and public sector advisory boards including the editorial board of Encyclopædia Britannica.
Besides his editorial duties, he wrote numerous scholarly articles in economics, labor history, and business history while at Harvard, researched a projected biography of Clarence Darrow, and enjoyed every prospect for a distinguished academic career.
His academic achievements and his overcoming the challenges of aging were recognized by numerous events and awards such as America's Outstanding Older Worker ( 2002 ), the PBS series The Living Century in the episode " A Teacher and Student for Life ", and the editorial " Phytoremediation's Centenarian " ( International Journal of Phytoremediation, 2002 ), as well as extensive additional press and television coverage both in the United States and abroad.
The paper also usually includes a column by the editor, a section of " Noteworthy News Notes " with editorial commentary, columns on church planting and bus ministries, and numerous advertisements for Bible colleges and fundamentalist Baptist churches.
Use of the term rales has been discouraged by the American Thoracic Society and American College of Chest Physicians since 1977, by numerous authors, and this is enforced by the editorial policy of a number of major medical journals.
McChesney co-edits, with John Nerone, the History of Communication Series for the University of Illinois Press, serves on the editorial boards of several journals, and is a research advisor to numerous academic and civic organizations.
Woods had several scrapes with the South African Security Police regarding editorial matters and on numerous occasions ruffled the feathers of Prime Minister B. J. Vorster in frank, face-to-face exchanges regarding the content of Dispatch editorials.
He is a member of the editorial boards of numerous journals, including American Psychologist.
NCPA President John Goodman has written or co-authored numerous books, including Handbook on State Health Care Reform ( ISBN 1-5680-8173-1 ) ( 2007 ), Leaving Women Behind: Modern Families, Outdated Laws ( ISBN 0-7425-4545-8 ) with Wall Street Journal editorial writer Kim Strassel ( 2005 ), Lives at Risk: Single-Payer National Health Insurance Around the World with Gerald L. Musgrave and Devon M. Herrick with a forward by Dr. Milton Friedman ( ISBN 0-7425-4151-7 ) ( 2004 ), Patient Power: The Free-Enterprise Alternative to Clinton's Health Plan with Gerald L. Musgrave ( ISBN 1-8825-7710-8 ) ( 1993 ).
She has helped organize numerous conferences and has been on the editorial board of several major theoretical physics journals.
He is also an active member of numerous editorial boards, including the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.
After numerous negative comments were posted by readers, the editorial was taken off the website and replaced with a final version of the editorial.
In the early 1960s, the main changes were the strong editorial work of Delporte, who kept the magazine vibrant despite the more or less fixed series, with numerous supplements, games, and experimental layouts.
Jervis is co-editor of the Cornell Studies in Security Affairs, a series published by Cornell University Press, and the member of numerous editorial review boards for scholarly journals.
Gerberding's editorial activities have included appointment to the Editorial Board of the Annals of Internal Medicine ; appointment as an Associate Editor of the American Journal of Medicine ; and service as a peer-reviewer for numerous internal medicine, infectious diseases, and epidemiology journals.
He is on the editorial board of numerous scholarly journals and writes for The New York Times, The Atlantic, and many foreign-language newspapers and magazines.
He has also served on numerous scholarly editorial boards and the Advisory Committee to the Historical Division of the Department of State.
DeVita currently serves on the editorial boards of numerous scientific journals and is the author or co-author of more than 450 scientific articles.
Pielke serves on numerous editorial boards and advisory committees, retains many professional affiliations, and sat on the Board of Directors of WeatherData, Inc. from 2001 to 2006.
He has held a number of editorial and academic positions, and has contributed numerous articles to The New York Review of Books.
In addition to all these works Wise published in the editorial columns of the " Israelite " numerous studies on various subjects of Jewish interest.
Over the years, he contributed chapters to many textbooks and served on numerous editorial boards including Histochemie.

numerous and critical
Pressure from the U. S. government and critical sectors of Colombian society was met with further violence, as the Medellín Cartel and its hitmen, bribed or murdered numerous public officials, politicians and others who stood in its way by supporting the implementation of extradition of Colombian nationals to the U. S. Victims of cartel violence included Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara, assassinated in 1984, an event which made the Betancur administration begin to directly oppose the drug lords.
Chicago committed numerous critical errors and were outscored 20 – 6 in a Dodger sweep, which provided yet another sudden and stunning ending to what had once been looked at as a season of destiny.
There were numerous critical comments about Blyton: claiming that her vocabulary was too limited, that she presented too rosy a view of the world, even suggestions that little Noddy's relationship with Big Ears was " suspect ", that he was a poor role model for boys because he sometimes wept when frustrated and the laws were politically incorrect.
If the system had no means of recovery, it could display the alert, even in systems with numerous critical flaws.
In 2005, Grant F. Scott published Joseph Severn: Letters and Memoirs in which he re-edited the original material, added hundreds of newly discovered letters, included numerous reproductions of Severn's paintings, and prefaced this material with a critical introduction and commentary.
The role of phytoplankton is better understood due to their critical position as the most numerous primary producers on Earth.
While on Sado, he won many devoted converts and wrote two of his most important doctrinal treatises, the Kaimoku Shō ( 開目抄: " On the Opening of the Eyes " ) and the Kanjin no Honzon Shō ( 観心本尊抄: " The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind ") as well as numerous letters and minor treatises whose content containing critical components of his teaching.
Theodor Adorno produced numerous reports on the effects of " atomized listening " which radio supported and of which he was highly critical.
As well as several sequels Nintendo has released numerous other sporting and non-sporting Mario spin-offs since Super Mario Kart ; a trend in part accredited to the commercial and critical success of the game.
Other Zulu sources are sometimes critical of Shaka, and numerous negative images abound in Zulu oral history.
The predictions of special relativity have been confirmed in numerous tests since Einstein published his paper in 1905, but three experiments conducted between 1881 and 1938 were critical to its validation.
However, The Modern Lovers was given an enthusiastic critical reception, with critic Ira Robbins hailing it as " one of the truly great art rock albums of all time ," and it influenced numerous aspiring punk rock musicians on both sides of the Atlantic, including the Sex Pistols ( who covered " Roadrunner " on The Great Rock ' n ' Roll Swindle ).
The Truman Show was both a box office and a critical success, receiving positive reviews and numerous awards, including three Academy Award nominations: Andrew Niccol for Best Original Screenplay, Ed Harris for Best Supporting Actor, and Weir himself for Best Director.
The 1990s saw Juliette Binoche inaugurated as a European leading lady in a series of international films that were critical and commercial successes winning Binoche much praise and numerous awards for her performances.
( 1990 ); his appearing in so many films that did not meet with critical or box office acclaim made him the butt of numerous jokes on the subject.
Meanwhile, French starred in the highly successful sitcom The Vicar of Dibley which received great critical acclaim as well as numerous holiday specials and future airplay, receiving cult status.
Dale Brown, the founding director of the Buechner Institute, is the author of numerous articles and the recent critical biography, The Book of Buechner: A Journey Through His Writings.
The appearance was a critical success, which led to numerous guest spots on other television shows.
He regularly condemned the media for manipulating West and feeding her desire for revenge, being particularly critical of The Sun newspaper for their " exploitation " of West — she gave numerous television and newspaper interviews calling for Hindley to remain imprisoned for life, and vowed to kill Hindley if she was ever set free.
Benjamin M. Prentiss's and W. H. L. Wallace's divisions, provided critical time for the rest of the Union line to stabilize under the protection of numerous artillery batteries.
However, increasingly, for many ' time critical ' applications such as air line reservation systems, point-of-sale applications, ATMs ( cash-point machines ), Airline Guidance systems, Collision avoidance systems and numerous modern web based applications-operating in a real-time environment where speed of response is fundamental-there is little alternative.
The Allman Brothers Band played numerous shows in the South before releasing their debut album, The Allman Brothers Band in 1969 to critical acclaim.
Additionally, the film gathered critical acclaim at several international film festivals, in addition to winning numerous Indian awards, including the National Film Awards.
He has garnered great critical acclaim and won numerous awards during his career, which covers radio, television, film, and stagework on both London's West End and on Broadway in New York City.
Despite mixed critical reaction to the film, O ' Toole's performance was universally praised and garnered numerous prestigious awards and prizes, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

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