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participation and making
However, rapid technological advances and worldwide participation accelerated the completion date to 2003 ( making it a 13 year project ).
Nonetheless most of his claims in his interview, mainly those that he was the originator of Bugs Bunny have been proven overly exaggerated and false ( his claim of participation on the making of A Wild Hare, on which he isn't credited ).
One form of democracy is direct democracy, in which citizens have direct and active participation in the decision making of the government.
Most of the government's new policies clashed directly with the traditional Afghan understanding of Islam, making religion one of the only forces capable of unifying the tribally and ethnically divided population against the unpopular new government, and ushering in the advent of Islamist participation in Afghan politics.
They obtained this goal in 1920, making the Council more representative of European settlers ; but Africans were excluded from direct political participation until 1944, when the first of them was admitted in the Council.
In the postwar period, these men have supported, with some ambivalence, the strengthening of popular participation in decision making as provided for in the constitution.
The Development & Economic Planning Department, which still operates, was formed in 1988 to contribute to raising the living standards of the people of St Helena by planning and managing sustainable economic development through education, participation and planning, improving decision making by providing statistical information and by improving the safety and operation of the wharf and harbour operations.
Furthermore, Agenda 21 emphasises that broad public participation in decision making is a fundamental prerequisite for achieving sustainable development.
CESD has been set up to promote research into domestic and regional economic and social issues, advocacy towards reforms and capacity building for the purpose to positively impact the policy making and improve the participation.
Until 1958, governors appointed in Paris administered the colony of Côte d ' Ivoire, using a system of direct, centralized administration that left little room for Ivoirian participation in policy making.
Those rights include making Albanian language an official language, increasing the participation of ethnic Albanians in government institutions, police and army.
“ aims to increase popular participation to promote more equitable and efficient forms of local management and development ... key to effective decentralisation is increase broad-based participation in local public decision making.
Nations making their first appearance at the Winter Olympic Games were Argentina ( first participation of a delegation coming from a country belonging to the Southern Hemisphere ), Estonia, Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Romania.
In 2006, director William A. Wellman's son, William Wellman Jr., authored a book about the film and his father's participation in the making of it, titled The Man and His Wings: William A. Wellman and the Making of the First Best Picture.
By 1995 there were 250 LETSystems in Australia, with Western Australia having 43 separate systems serving a population of 2. 3 million ( although actual participation is by only a tiny fraction of that population ) making it then the region with the highest LETS coverage in the world.
These three characteristics are participation – widespread participation in the decision making process by the people effected ; deliberation – a rational discussion where all major points of view are weighted according to evidence ; and equality – all members of the population on whose behalf decisions are taken have an equal chance of having their views taken into account.
In 1879, Tontz retired from active participation in the management of the business, and in 1882 sold his interest to Hitz who thereupon erected a-story brick mill, put in five run of buhrs, and two sets of Gray's patent rollers, thus making it a combined mill.
The idea of the participation model is that a fair procedure is one that affords those who are affected by an opportunity to participate in the making of the decision.
This egalitarian spirit is also reflected by a lack of formal separation between fellows and students and high-level participation of students in college decision making.
Complications were brewing due to Crosby's increasing dependence on freebase cocaine, making his participation problematic.
In his own words, Lukes states that the " one-dimensional, view of power involves a focus on behaviour in the making of decisions on issues over which there is an observable conflict of ( subjective ) interests, seen as express policy preferences, revealed by political participation.
From 1974-1992, the two events were scheduled for the same day and same starting time, making participation in both impossible.
Top-down decision making occurs when leaders of a group make decisions in a way that does not include the participation of all interested stakeholders.

participation and album
By early 1986, the band was defunct and Hay was working on his first solo album, Looking for Jack, which would feature participation from Alsop and Wackerman.
One of the many remarkable features of this album is Irene Papas's guest participation ( vocal on " Infinity ").
In 2004, Henry Padovani released an album with the participation of Stewart Copeland and Sting on one track, reuniting the original Police lineup for the first time since 1977.
With their second album By the Sword of My Father released in 2006, the project boasted the participation of 31 musicians.
His first solo album Jarvis, with the participation of Mackey, was released to critical acclaim in November 2006.
Both Slick and Aaronson came to the band through their participation with David Johansen on the album Take It Or Leave It – A Tribute To The Original Queens of Noise: The Runaways.
This album had a special participation of the Amocco Renegades ( a traditional steel drum band from Trinidad and Tobago ).
In February 2011, it was confirmed the participation of Paulina in MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres del Norte and Friends, a live album by Los Tigres del Norte.
Simon's lawsuit stated that Starbucks publicly announced it was backing out of participation in Hear Music just days before the album came out — a decision that she claimed doomed the record before it was even released.
Phife Dawg learned that he was diabetic a month after the album's release and after a discussion with fellow member Q-Tip, they agreed to increase his participation on their second album and to " step it up in general as a group.
After the participation on FLCL's soundtrack, the pillows released their first greatest hits compilation album Fool on the Planet in 2001 and also a live DVD called Busters on The Planet and a new album, Smile, which is considered highly progressive and experimental for the band's style.
In 2008, a different line-up recorded a new album, I taka nataka without Stefanovski's and Tavitjan's participation.
John Barry worked close with recording sessions engineer Dan Wallin to mix soundtrack album, but for several reasons J. S Lasher ( who produced limited-edition LP & CD ) remixed multitracks himself without Barry's or Wallin participation.
When Young returned to his solo album, Crazy Horse found its participation more limited.
The Lincoln Center show had sold out within a week, all 3, 000 seats, the rowdy audience providing a great participation on the album, released as Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Reunion.
The album includes the voices and participation of other artists, such as Argentenian singer and guitarist Ariel Rot in " Volando solo ".
In 2008, Abou-Khalil released an album entitled " Em Português " (" In Portuguese "), where he mixes Fado with Arabic music, with the participation of the fadista Ricardo Ribeiro.
It was the final album with her direct participation, and the only Joplin album recorded with the Full Tilt Boogie Band, her final touring unit.
Pedro Abrunhosa released the album in Brazil through Universal, with the participation of local artists such as Zélia Duncan, Lenine, Sandra de Sá, and Adriana Calcanhoto.
This album counted with the participation of two guest musicians: April Leightty ( violin ) and Erin Vernon ( vocals ).
Notably, Miguel Poventud whose participation in the album " Los Panchos by Special Request " are a compilation of love songs recorded in English for CBS.
The recording was followed by the slicker rockabilly revival style of Blow Your Top, without Chilton's participation, and in 1984, the Jim Dickinson-produced Sugar Ditch Revisited album was recorded, featuring a more subdued playing style by Chilton along with New Orleans bassist René Coman.

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