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pupils and include
Some examples include: to develop reasoning about perennial questions, to master the methods of scientific inquiry, to cultivate the intellect, to create positive change agents, or simply to teach pupils how to think.
Symptoms of hydrocodone overdose include respiratory depression ; extreme somnolence ; blue, clammy, or cold skin ; narrowed or constricted pupils ; bradycardia ; coma ; seizures ; cardiac arrest ; and death.
In 1845, the first football laws were written by Rugby School pupils ; other significant events in the early development of rugby include the Blackheath Club's decision to leave the Football Association in 1863 and the split between rugby union and rugby league in 1895.
Symptoms of overdose may include dry mouth, dilated pupils, ataxia, urinary retention, hallucinations, convulsions, coma, and death.
It is the oldest school in Bray and its notable past pupils include the former President of Ireland, Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh.
It is the oldest school in Bray and its notable pupils will include President of Ireland Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh.
Other symptoms include profuse sweating, pinpoint pupils, the sudden entrance into menopause for women and impotence for men, neck stiffness, and elevation of blood pressure and heart rate.
Other pupils or assistants include Raffaellino del Colle, Andrea Sabbatini, Bartolommeo Ramenghi, Pellegrino Aretusi, Vincenzo Tamagni, Battista Dossi, Tommaso Vincidor, Timoteo Viti ( the Urbino painter ), and the sculptor and architect Lorenzetto ( Giulio's brother-in-law ).
His pupils include Piran Bishop, Yana Travail, Dan Wheatley, Lisa Stokes and Joe Stoneman.
Houses or dorms usually include study-bedrooms or dormitories, a dining room or refectory where pupils take meals at fixed times, and a library, hall or cubicles where pupils can do their homework.
Correspondents include Bishop Leuthere, Hadrian, King Geraint of Dumnonia, Eahfrid, Cellanus, Sergius and Aldhelm ’ s pupils Wihtfrith and Æthelwald, who was responsible for part of the Carmen rhythmicum.
Its notable former pupils include: ex-England Rugby players Rob Andrew, now Director of Elite Rugby for the Rugby Football Union ( RFU ), the Underwood brothers, Tony and Rory along with present England player Mathew Tait and his younger brother Alex, member of the Newcastle Falcons and England U20s team.
Other former pupils include renegade spy Richard Tomlinson and Professor Edward Mellanby, the discoverer of vitamin D.
Current pupils of the school include Brandon Sykes and Manchester United development school member Owen Sykes.
However, the American English use of the word " student " to include pupils of all ages, even at elementary level, is now spreading to other countries, and is occasionally found in the UK ( particularly in the state sector ), as well as Australia and Singapore.
These symptoms include acute hearing, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, dilated pupils, increased perspiration, increased oxygen intake, stiffening of neck / upper back muscles, and dry mouth.
Gurdjieff's notable pupils include:
He then moved to St Aloysius ' College in Hornsey Lane, Highgate, London, whose former pupils include Peter Sellers and Joe Cole.
His own works, which circulated in manuscript in his lifetime, include brief works on the Procession of the Holy Ghost, and letters to his brothers, to L. Bruni, Guauni, Traversari, and to Pallas Strozzi, as well as two which were eventually printed, his Erotemata Civas Questiones which was the first basic Greek grammar in use in Western Europe, first published in 1484 and widely reprinted, and which enjoyed considerable success not only among his pupils in Florence, but also among later leading humanists, being immediately studied by Thomas Linacre at Oxford and by Desiderius Erasmus at Cambridge ; and Epistolæ tres de comparatione veteris et novæ Romæ ( Three Letters Comparing Ancient and Modern Rome ).
New enka singers, who debuted in the ' 70s, include Sayuri Ishikawa and Takashi Hosokawa who were both Michiya Mihashi's pupils.
During the 16th century the school educated writers including Ben Jonson and Richard Hakluyt ; in the seventeenth, the poet John Dryden, philosopher John Locke, scientist Robert Hooke, composer Henry Purcell and architect Christopher Wren were pupils ; and in the 18th century, philosopher Jeremy Bentham and several Whig Prime Ministers and other statesmen ; recent Old Westminsters include prominent politicians of all parties, and many members of the arts and media.
Former pupils include comedian Jasper Carrott and musician Bev Bevan of the Electric Light Orchestra.
These include having a larger eyeball, a larger lens, a larger optical aperture ( the pupils may expand to the physical limit of the eyelids ), more rods than cones ( or rods exclusively ) in the retina, and a tapetum lucidum.
Reflexes include pupillary response ( fixed pupils ), oculocephalic reflex, corneal reflex, no response to the caloric reflex test and no spontaneous respirations.

pupils and Carey
One of his notable pupils at the school was conductor Bruce Carey.
* Carey College a Primary, Secondary and College School located in Lagoon Drive, it offers Christian Education and offers Education for pupils from Year 1 to Year 13.
His pupils came from a variety of countries and included Bidú Sayão, Louise Edvina, Claire Croiza, Arthur Endrèze, Vladimir Rosing, Mafalda Salvatini, Clive Carey, Maggie Teyte and Miriam Licette.

pupils and Terry
* Terry Kilburn as John Colley, Peter Colley I, II and III, several generations of pupils from the same family taught by Mr. Chips

pupils and Pat
In 1976 Smike was staged by Bro Pat Taylor and his pupils at Mount Sion C. B. S.

pupils and Joe
In an interview, Green Day lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong recalled that he arrived at their house and saw Mike sitting on the floor with highly dilated pupils, holding his bass guitar.
At the age of 11, Coppell went to Quarry Bank Grammar School in South Liverpool, where musician John Lennon and footballer Joe Royle had previously been pupils.

pupils and Simon
Hofmann's pupils included Jean Behrend, Abram Chasins, Abbey Simon, Shura Cherkassky, Ezra Rachlin, Nadia Reisenberg ( see ),
The school aims to give pupils the best musical education possible, with internationally renowned teachers including Simon Fischer, Natalya Boyarskaya and Ruth Nye.
He was a popular teacher and his pupils were Abraham Begeyn, Johannes van der Bent, his son Nicolaes, Isaack Croonenbergh, Simon Dubois, Karel Dujardin, Johannes Glauber, Pieter de Hooch, Jacob van Huchtenburg, Justus van Huysum, Dirk Maas, Hendrick Mommers, Jacob Ochtervelt, and Willem Romeyn.
He gave private lessons in mathematics, and his pupils, including La Rochefoucauld, Simon Lhuilier, Pierre Prévost, were deeply impressed by his personality.
Historian Simon Schama would give advice to government to ensure that pupils learnt Britain ’ s " island story ".
Rugby union at Hampton School is of a high quality and former pupils include England sevens captain Simon Amor and Bath and England ' A ' player Andy Beattie.
Other pupils were Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester and Richard Holdsworth, and he supported both Abraham Wheelocke and Simon Birkbeck.
Other famous pupils of his include Simon Barere, Maria Yudina and Maria Grinberg.

pupils and Phillips
Newport RFC were formed in 1874 under the financial backing of the Phillips brewing family, and the playing talents of former pupils of Monmouth School, a public school which had adopted rugby union in 1873.

pupils and Roy
Pupils east of Roy Road are zoned to Pearland High School, while pupils west Roy Road are zoned to Glenda Dawson High School.
He directed the Music School Settlement ( Now Third Street Music School Settlement ) in NY from 1915-18 before moving to California, where his private pupils included the young Roy Harris.
Roy Hattersley has argued that there is an adverse psychological effect on pupils when considered failures at aged 11.

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