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reputation and depends
Part of this reputation depends on the bands use of distorted guitar riffs on songs like " Whole Lotta Love " and " The Wanton Song ".
In a letter of 18 December 1819, Lingard wrote: "... my only chance of being read by Protestants depends upon my having the reputation of a temperate writer.
The number of his astronomical publications exceeds 150, but his reputation depends mainly on his earlier work at Greenwich and his two great star catalogues — the Cape catalogue for 1880 and the Radcliffe catalogue for 1890.
The success of soft power heavily depends on the actor's reputation within the international community, as well as the flow of information between actors.
Indeed, one has to pay careful attention to figure out just what it is that who is doing to whom in Three Days of the Condor and, if I understood it correctly, it's never as horrifying as the real thing ... The suspense of the film depends less on this kind of plausibility than on Mr. Redford's reputation ( in a movie we accept the fact that he can do anything ) and on the verve with which Mr. Pollack, the director, sets everything up.
The seriousness of this employer moral hazard depends on the extent to which effort can be monitored by outside auditors, so that firms cannot cheat, although reputation effects ( e. g. Lazear 1981 ) may be able to do the same job.
The selection of an independent contractor or consultant providing professional services usually depends on skill, knowledge, reputation, ethics, and creativity.
Furthermore Betty's love depends indirectly on the reputation the player has ( which in turn depends on several factors such as ratings ).
Justice Clark dissented, quoting a law review article that stated, " the very practice of psychiatry depends upon the reputation in the community that the psychiatrist will not tell.
The price depends on the reputation of the producer ( in Burgundy, vineyards are divided among multiple growers, and there can be substantial variation in quality ) and the vintage.

reputation and mainly
His reputation had spread throughout Europe and he was on friendly terms and in communication with most of the major artists including Raphael, Giovanni Bellini andmainly through Lorenzo di Credi — Leonardo da Vinci.
His reputation rests mainly on the first four of the novels published in his lifetime as by John Wyndham.
By the end of the 19th century, it was confined mainly to Pre-Raphaelite imitators, and it could not avoid being affected by the First World War, which damaged the reputation of chivalry and thus interest in its medieval manifestations and Arthur as chivalric role model.
Modern studies have mainly focused on Gregory's eschatology rather than his more dogmatic writings, and he has gained a reputation as an unconventional thinker whose thought arguably prefigures postmodernism.
Such watches have also had the reputation as unsightly and thus mainly geek toys.
According to Gomme, " it was a grandiose scheme for an Athenian general at the head of a mainly Peloponnesian army to march through the Peloponnese cocking a snook at Sparta when her reputation was at its lowest ".
The plastics industry, which is located mainly around the city of Oyonnax, is a highly productive branch of the economy and enjoys an excellent reputation.
The Royal Navy was initially reluctant to adopt the guns, mainly due to mistrust of the Carron Company, which had developed a reputation for incompetence and commercial sharp practice.
The area built up rapidly in the 19th century, mainly to accommodate immigrant workers and displaced London poor, and developed a reputation for poverty, overcrowding, violence and political dissent.
Bergk's literary activity was very great, but his reputation mainly rests upon his work in connection with Greek literature and the Greek lyric poets.
Especially since the strong 20th century rise in the reputation of Caravaggio, in non-specialist use the term is mainly used for strong chiaroscuro effects such as his, or Rembrandt's.
He contributed largely to periodicals, chiefly on classical subjects, but his reputation mainly rests upon his editions of the works of other scholars:
The work was mainly appreciated for its chapters on the analysis of the smelting of iron and copper, and it was this work which gave Swedenborg international reputation.
Dartington College of Arts was a specialist arts institution based at the hall from 1961 to 2008, with an international reputation for excellence, focusing mainly on the performance arts.
As the local spas attract tourists mainly from the middle east as well as from other parts of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Teplice has in the past been called Czech Republic's " Little Paris ", although rising crime and unemployment rates in the region have damaged that reputation.
Callwell ’ s 2 volume “ Life and Diaries ” in 1927 damaged Wilson ’ s reputation – the “ New Statesman ” thought they showed him to be “ the typically stupid militarist … fundamentally a fool ” Sir Charles Deedes, who had studied under him at Staff College and later served on his staff, commented that Wilson came across in the diaries as “ an ambitious, volatile and even fatuous character, an intriguer concerned mainly with his own career ” and that this was “ far from the truth ” – Deedes commented that Wilson ’ s ability to see both sides of a question and inability to make a decision and stick to it made him a poor corps commander but a “ patient, lucid and fair ” adviser.
This is mainly what led to his notorious reputation, since he, Williams, and other Crips felt an increasing need to steal food, money and clothing to survive in the poverty-stricken areas of South Central Los Angeles.
Due to their crude reputation, and hoping to allay Union suspicion, Hampton used Grace Piexotto's " The Big Brick House ", a prominent brothel located at 11 Fulton Street, to assure complete privacy for the Red Shirts ' meeting ground, which mainly served as campaign headquarters ( Jones 2006: 22-23 ).
The park has gained a reputation for being relatively dangerous at night, mainly due to a small number of attacks on students walking across the park at night.
Otter had the reputation of being something of a martinet-due mainly to his desire that the young Canadian Army should not show up badly when compared to British troops.
Zhang, an illiterate former bandit who had built a reputation mainly for ruthlessness, brutality, and colorful antics, ordered the fusion of six schools into a provincial Shandong University () in Jinan in 1926.
His reputation as a composer comes mainly from his chaconnes, passacaglias and unmeasured preludes.
Pitches here have earned a reputation of helping the quicks somewhat mainly because of the era gone by when West Indies used to have some of the fastest bowlers in cricket and hence the pitches appeared to be faster than they are.

reputation and on
We therefore leave the writer to the enjoyment of the unenvied reputation which the personal abuse he has heaped on us will entitle him to from the low and vulgar herd to which he belongs ''.
The orator of this period, in order to earn a reputation, had to pay close attention to the formal composition of his speech, judging how it would appear in print as well as the effect it would have on the audience that heard it.
On the whole, however, one must wonder at just what it is that forces a beloved artist to besmirch her own reputation as time marches inexorably on.
Lincoln's success depended on his reputation as a moderate on the slavery issue, and his strong support for Whiggish programs of internal improvements and the protective tariff.
: Both indirect reciprocity and costly signaling depend on the value of reputation and tend to make similar predictions.
The success of his children's books was to become a source of considerable annoyance to Milne, whose self-avowed aim was to write whatever he pleased and who had, until then, found a ready audience for each change of direction: he had freed pre-war Punch from its ponderous facetiousness ; he had made a considerable reputation as a playwright ( like his idol J. M. Barrie ) on both sides of the Atlantic ; he had produced a witty piece of detective writing in The Red House Mystery ( although this was severely criticised by Raymond Chandler for the implausibility of its plot ).
He began working as a general contractor, earning a reputation for being a hard working, honest man as well as having a working man's view on fiscal policy.
Based on his industry experience on Air Force missile projects, Mueller realized some skilled managers could be found among high-ranking officers in the US Air Force, so he got Webb's permission to recruit General Samuel C. Phillips, who gained a reputation for his effective management of the Minuteman program, as OMSF program controller.
Private lessons usually cost in a similar rate compared to private music lessons, depending on the reputation and available time of the teacher.
It could be said that Aalto's international reputation was sealed with his inclusion in the second edition of Sigfried Giedion's influential book on Modernist architecture, Space, Time and Architecture: The growth of a new tradition ( 1949 ), in which Aalto received more attention than any other Modernist architect, including Le Corbusier.
They had planned to sell this engine to motor manufacturers, but having heard that the Aston Martin car was no longer in production they realised that they could capitalise on the reputation of the Aston Martin name ( what we would now call the brand ) to give themselves a head start in the production of a completely new car.
When the others go in to dinner Nora stays behind for a few minutes and contemplates suicide to save her husband from the shame of the revelation of her crime and ( more importantly ) to pre-empt any gallant gesture on his part to save her reputation.
He established his reputation publishing as a private scholar and, on the strength and quality of his work, was appointed Professor of Latin at University College London and later, at Cambridge.
Last Bronx, a 1996 Sega game played on the bad reputation of the Bronx to lend its name to an alternate version of post-Japanese bubble Tokyo, where crime and gang warfare is rampant.
They increased the town's, and hence the bishop's, reputation, influence, and income from the taxes and duties on goods in Basel's expanding market.
With most Bolshevik leaders either supporting Bogdanov or undecided by mid-1908 when the differences became irreconcilable, Lenin concentrated on undermining Bogdanov's reputation as a philosopher.
Papadopoulos had a reputation as a hard-liner on reunification and based his stance on international law and human rights.
According to an anecdote preserved by Suetonius, Caesar did not deny that Catullus's lampoons left an indelible stain on his reputation, but when Catullus apologized, he invited the poet for dinner the very same day.
DeMille had a reputation for tyrannical behavior on the set, and he despised actors who were unwilling to take physical risks.
" Before this, he had published several works on the revocation of the Edict of Nantes and its consequences, but his literary capacity was mediocre, his style stiff and cold, and it was his personal character rather than his reputation as a writer that earned him the confidence of the elector.
In step with its remit, the channel became well received both by minority groups and the arts and cultural worlds during this period, especially under Isaacs, where the channel gained a reputation for programmes on the contemporary arts.

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