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sister and Carol
He had a sister, Carol, and the family lived in a modest apartment near the Atlantic Ocean, in Bensonhurst, a Brooklyn neighborhood.
Other regular collaborators include actor Robert Silverman, art director Carol Spier, sound editor Bryan Day, film editor Ronald Sanders, his sister, costume designer Denise Cronenberg, and, from 1979 until 1988, cinematographer Mark Irwin.
In the film, Arthur Lake and David Rollins play two eager young pilots at flight school who compete over their flight instructors aviatrix sister played by Sue Carol.
He has three siblings: two are older, brother William " Billy " Ritchie and sister Carol Ritchie ; and one is younger, sister Jill Ritchie who is an actress.
* Joyce Carol Oates ' short story In the Region of Ice contains the dialog between Claudio and his sister, and also parallels the same plea with the student, Allen Weinstein, and his teacher, Sister Irene.
Kaufman's real-life granddaughter, meanwhile, portrays the younger version of his sister, Carol, in the scenes showing his early life.
She was raised in a large Catholic family, and has three older brothers, Patrick, Kevin, and Tom, two older sisters, Cathy and Carol, and one younger sister, Mary.
Also, in 1958, Warwick, Myrna Utley, Carol Slade, and Warwick's sister Delia, who by this time had begun to be known professionally as Dee Dee Warwick, formed their own group, which they called " The Gospelaires.
Buddy has an older sister named Carol.
He had an older sister, Carol, and a younger half-brother, Daniel Lee, from his father's second marriage.
In April 2011, she was scheduled to begin a potentially recurring role on the CW drama series Gossip Girl as Lily's older sister, Carol, though Sheila Kelley replaced her as Carol due to scheduling conflicts.
Farrell is the daughter of Kay Carol Christine Bendickson and Edwin Francis Farrell, Jr. Later, her mother married David W. Grussendorf, who adopted Terry and her sister, Christine.
He was the first child of Gladstone and Sarah Anne Edwards and their only child to survive to adulthood, his younger sister Carol Anne dying in 1947 at the age of 14 weeks.
Edwards was buried at Dudley Cemetery five days later, alongside his sister Carol Anne.
She also guest starred on the CBS-TV interview program Person To Person ( with her sister Christine ) hosted by Charles Collingwood ; an episode of The Twilight Zone (" Cavender Is Coming "); and headlined, with British singer-actress Julie Andrews, a highly praised CBS-TV special called Julie and Carol At Carnegie Hall, which resulted in Burnett winning her second Emmy Award.
She was initially hired to play Burnett's kid sister in numerous " Carol and Sis " skits.
Bassist Red Wootten, who married Mary's sister Eva Summers, wrote his memories of playing at the Crescendo in Los Angeles with Mary, her sister Carol and her brother, Bob Summers:
So, later when I had married her sister ( Eva ), we worked with her other sister and Bob Summers ( her brother ) on guitar ( sounds like Les Paul too ) and Mary's other sister Carol.
The next day, Carol and son Dave ( Cory Danziger ) go to visit Carol's sister, leaving Ray free to explore the Klopeks ' backyard.

sister and said
She quoted his sister Avril that " he was essentially an aloof, undemonstrative person " and said herself of his friendship with the Buddicoms " I do not think he needed any other friends beyond the schoolfriend he occasionally and appreciatively referred to as ' CC '".
His sister Maria, who was said to have been epileptic, drowned in a river.
Jason was also said to have had a younger brother Promachus and a sister Hippolyte, who married Acastus ( see Astydameia ).
Dewsnap writes about Orton's agent Peggy Ramsay: "... At the scattering of Joe's and Kenneth's ashes, his sister took a handful from both urns and said, ' A little bit of Joe, and a little bit of Kenneth.
One thing on which they were said to disagree was Mary's younger sister Elizabeth, who later became Elizabeth I of England.
Conservative-turned-liberal writer David Brock, who worked for the Times sister publication Insight on the News, said in his 2002 book Blinded by the Right that the news writers at the Times were encouraged and rewarded for giving news stories a conservative slant.
Harding, in 1897, was said to have facilitated appointment of his sister as a teacher for the blind over supposedly more qualified candidates.
Virgil is said to have recited Books 2, 4 and 6 to Augustus ; the mention of her son, Marcellus, in book 6 apparently caused Augustus ' sister Octavia to faint.
Burton said later that his sister became " more mother to me than any mother could have ever been ...
* American Playwright Tennessee Williams's older sister Rose received a lobotomy which left her incapacitated for life ; the episode is said to have inspired characters and motifs in certain of his works.
" You seduced my sister ", King Henry said, " and when I discovered this, I gave her to you, against my will, to avoid scandal.
In an interview in 1958, Barker said, " My sister ran a kindergarten and I used to borrow her students for models.
His sister Marie said " Something awful sure must have happened to him in prison, because he wasn't the same person when he got out.
" When Henry learned that Angus would not be accompanying his sister to London he said, " Done like a Scot.
Miller identified said sister with the wife of Marco I Sanudo and mother of Angelo Sanudo.
Initially, McElwee thought the film would be a " synthesis of Backyard and Space Coast ," but the day after filming the Scottish games, his sister " said — somewhat seriously, somewhat joking —' You should use the camera as a way to meet women.
It was chosen because, it was said, it was Turner's favorite movie – it would also be the first program on sister channel Turner Classic Movies in 1994.
In some accounts he is said to have been married to Laonome, sister of Heracles.
Writing to his sister after the premiere, Britten said of his music, " I hope it'll make people think a bit.
She said that she knows that place, it is a nothing place ; then her sister will take her brother's book, and that's it.
Unfortunately his sister said he was too young to play with Bolden.
Oya is said to have a sister named Ayao who is received by some of her initiates.
Though prison was not something she would have chosen, she said, " It was still lovely to wake up in the morning and feel that one was lovely ," when she compared her lot to the other women incarcerated at Holloway ( Oswald Mosley later mentioned this to Diana's sister Nancy, who in turn included the line in her novel, Love in a Cold Climate ).
" In 1892 her sister Esther, one of her pupils, who became the second wife of Ira Bulkley, dictated for publication an article which appeared in the Elkland Journal, in which she said:

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